Definition of Legend:

  1. A traditional story that is sometimes seen as historical, but not authentic.

  2. An inscription, especially on a coin or medal.

  3. Especially a very famous or well-known person in a particular field.

  4. Restrictions on the sale or transfer of ordinary shares are found in private companies. The caption warns the public not to resell the shares and asks the issuers to convert the shares into shares without a caption.

  5. A title is a statement on a stock certificate indicating a ban on the transfer of shares. This is usually due to the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for non-securities. Depending on state law, the caption on the certificate itself may be required by law.

  6. Famous

  7. A brief description of the symbols used in graphs, maps, maps, maps, tables, etc. Titles are usually prominently presented in tabular form.

Synonyms of Legend

Meridian, Parallel, Fable, Shocker, Personage, Undying fame, Chronicles, Subtitle, Longitude, Western, Celestial chart, Marchen, Folklore, Fabliau, Memorabilia, Representative fraction, Photogrammetrist, Epic, Road map, Genius, Biographical sketch, General reference map, Fortunes, Atlas, Diary, Mapper, Device, Screamer, Hagiology, Mythology, Transportation map, Folk story, Martyrology, Inscription, Record, Cartography, Conic projection, Weather map, Latitude, Memoir, Celebrity, Life, Polyconic projection, Banner, Archetypal myth, Grid line, Subheading, Space opera, Cartographer, Thematic map, Colophon, Map, Whodunit, Gest, Folk tale, Archetypal pattern, Obituary, Celebrity, Globe, Sunna, Mythos, Horse opera, Science fiction, Title, Memory, Azimuthal projection, Fairyism, Adventures, Index, Drop head, Layer tint, Folktale, Relief map, Code, Hanger, Memorials, Slogan, Dropline, Photobiography, Title, Fairy tale, Miller projection, Map projection, Immortality, Phototopography, Head, Isoline, Common law, Wonder, Mystery story, Annals, Somebody, Mythicism, Running head, Parable, Aeronautical chart, Love story, Custom, Confessions, Jump head, Motto, Streamer, Traditionalism, Thriller, Gnomonic projection, Apologue, Spreadhead, Suspense story, Headline, Story, Famous person, Dedication, Mythical lore, Hachure, Photogrammetry, Westerner, Folk story, Chorographer, Terrain map, Weather chart, Contour map, Key, Photomap, Chronology, Inscription, Rubric, Immemorial usage, Fairy lore, Cylindrical projection, Historiography, Mercator projection, Topography, Traditionality, Caption, Ancient wisdom, Fairy tale, Motto, Special map, Luminary, Luminary, Narrative, Topographic chart, Myth, Bedtime story, Saga, Heading, Narrative, Celestial globe, Sinusoidal projection, Heroic legend, Life story, Icon, Heading, Wording, Phenomenon, Star, Case history, Overline, Astronomical chart, Traditional story, Detective story, Adventure story, Azimuthal equidistant projection, Allegory, Immortal name, Tradition, Chorography, Spiritus Mundi, Projection, Clio, Chart, Tale, Curriculum vitae, Romance, Phenomenon, Work of fiction, Hydrographic chart, Theory of history, Physical map, Superscription, Western story, History, Slogan, Map maker, Memoirs, Banner head, Fable, Scale, Subheading, Lore, Big name, Terrestrial globe, Muse of history, Spread, Myth, Political map, Biography, Racial memory, Necrology, Mishnah, Running title, Talmud, Chronicle, Hagiography, Remembrance, Saga, Fiction, Profile, Great, Epic, Head, Superstar, Rubric, Story, Life and letters, Fantasy, Nursery tale, Topographer, Caption, Contour line, Folk motif, Title page, Autobiography, Ghost story, Memorial, Epigraph, Graphic scale, Heliographic chart, Resume, Space fiction, Mystery, Subhead, Romance, Experiences, Lambert conformal projection, Climatic chart, Subtitle, Giant, Scarehead, Journal

How to use Legend in a sentence?

  1. Sarstat with the Aryan symbol and the history of the time when it rings on the fronts of all sects.
  2. This person is a living story.
  3. Legends of King Arthur.

Meaning of Legend & Legend Definition