Definition of Probably:

  1. Almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell.

  2. More than likely; with a high degree of probability. We will probably be signing the deal tomorrow, unless some unforeseen circumstances prevent it..

Synonyms of Probably

After a time, After a while, Afterward, Afterwards, All things considered, Anon, Assumably, Before long, By all odds, By and by, By destiny, Dollars to doughnuts, Doubtless, Doubtlessly, Fatally, Hopefully, Imminently, In aftertime, In all likelihood, In all probability, In the future, Indubitably, Later, Like enough, Likely, Most likely, No doubt, Perhaps, Possibly, Predictably, Presumably, Presumptively, Proximo, Quite, Soon, Ten to one, Tomorrow, Undoubtedly, Unquestionably, Very like, Very likely, In all likelihood, In all probability, As likely as not, Very likely, Most likely, Likely, As like as not, Ten to one, The chances are, Doubtless, No doubt, All things considered, Taking all things into consideration, All things being equal, Possibly, Perhaps, Maybe, It may be, Presumably, On the face of it, Apparently

How to use Probably in a sentence?

  1. She would probably never see him again.

Meaning of Probably & Probably Definition