Definition of Aid:

  1. Help, typically of a practical nature.

  2. Help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.

  3. Foreign official development assistance. For the donee country, it represents the net inflow of foreign funds. For the donor country, it represents the gross outflow of public funds.

Synonyms of Aid

Samaritan, A leg up, Abet, Acolyte, Adjutant, Agent, Aide, Aide-de-camp, Aider, Alimony, Alleviate, Alleviation, Allotment, Allowance, Alterative, Analeptic, Ancilla, Annuity, Assist, Assistance, Assistant, Assister, Assuagement, Attendant, Auxiliary, Avail, Backer, Backing, Bail out, Balm, Balsam, Bear a hand, Befriend, Befriender, Benefactor, Benefactress, Benefit, Benefiter, Best man, Bounty, Carriage, Carrying, Clear the way, Coadjutant, Coadjutor, Coadjutress, Coadjutrix, Comfort, Corrective, Cure, Depletion allowance, Deputy, Do for, Do good, Doctor, Dole, Ease, Executive officer, Expedite, Explain, Facilitate, Favor, Fellowship, Finance, Financial assistance, Fund, Give a boost, Give a hand, Give a lift, Give help, Good Samaritan, Good person, Grant, Grant-in-aid, Grease, Grease the ways, Grease the wheels, Guaranteed annual income, Hand, Hasten, Healing agent, Healing quality, Help, Help along, Help out, Helper, Helping hand, Helpmate, Helpmeet, Jack-at-a-pinch, Lend a hand, Lend one aid, Lieutenant, Lift, Lighten, Loose, Lubricate, Maintenance, Make clear, Make way for, Ministering angel, Ministrant, Mitigate, Mitigation, Moral support, Oil, Old-age insurance, Open the way, Open up, Paranymph, Paraprofessional, Patron, Pave the way, Pay the bills, Pecuniary aid, Pension, Pension off, Prepare the way, Prescription, Price support, Proffer aid, Protect, Psychological support, Public assistance, Public welfare, Quicken, Rally, Receipt, Recipe, Reclaim, Redeem, Reliance, Relief, Relieve, Remedial measure, Remedy, Remove friction, Render assistance, Rescue, Restorative, Restore, Resuscitate, Retirement benefits, Revive, Run interference for, Save, Scholarship, Second, Security blanket, Servant, Set up, Sideman, Simplify, Smooth, Smooth the way, Soap the ways, Sovereign remedy, Specific, Specific remedy, Speed, Stead, Stipend, Striker, Subsidization, Subsidize, Subsidy, Subvention, Succor, Succorer, Support, Supporting actor, Supporting instrumentalist, Supportive relationship, Supportive therapy, Sustaining, Sustainment, Sustenance, Sustentation, Take in tow, Tax benefit, Unbar, Unblock, Unclog, Unjam, Upholding, Upkeep, Welfare, Welfare aid, Welfare payments, Help, Assist, Abet, Come to the aid of, Give assistance to, Lend a hand to, Be of service to, Assistance, Support

How to use Aid in a sentence?

  1. Women were aided in childbirth by midwives.
  2. He saw the pilot slumped in his cockpit and went to his aid.

Meaning of Aid & Aid Definition

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