Definition of Change:

  1. Hard silver coins

  2. Coins for notes.

  3. Take or use something as an alternative.

  4. Do or be different.

  5. A place to find merchants to do business.

  6. Do something else

  7. The act or matter of doing or changing something.

  8. Ring of the bell.

Synonyms of Change

Trade, Reversal, Become, Commute, Agency, Modify, Back and fill, Render, Swap, Difference, Slip on, Refit, Succedaneum, Conversion, Turn, Degenerate, Coins, Third string, Changeling, Dress in, Analysis, Reform, Stir, Sport, Shuffle the cards, Fill-in, Volte-face, Vacillate, Denature, Small change, Avatar, Give place to, Worsen, Assumption, Ameliorate, Segregate, Separate, Ghostwriter, Makeshift, Remake, Ascend, Sign, Chop and change, Wane, Toll, Respond, Translate, Dummy, Change-over, Rise, Atomize, Deform, Quid pro quo, Truck, Back up, Gold, Stand-in, Geld, Secondary, Transformation, Variegate, Buy and sell, Agent, Meliorate, Switch, Turning into, Deputation, Transmutation, Be renewed, Personnel, Supplantment, Distinguish, Next best thing, Vicar, Mitigate, Atomization, Backup, Replacement, Get on, Renew, Turn aside, Shift with, Variety, Revamp, Ring the changes, Sub, Bottom out, Novelty, Distinguishment, Separation, Circle, Revive, Switch over, Change, Make over, Counterchange, Spin, Tergiversate, Sounding, Adapt, Get into, Segregation, Make way for, Token, Turn the tide, Back, Set off, Diversify, Barter, Put up with, Transubstantiate, Counterfeit, Substitute, Return the compliment, Go round, Ghost, Change for, Substitution, Bandy, Chop, Equal, Accommodate, Soar, Metamorphosis, Deviate, Mount, Analogy, Imitation, Reserves, Discrimination, Bring to, Reciprocate, Individualize, Symbol, Overthrow, Inverse, Put on, Transform, Run, Flow, Division, Phony, Neuter, Adjust, Reconversion, Swap horses, Pay back, Turn back, Convert, Reverse, Transition, Whirl, Supplantation, Pendulate, Permute, Progress, Be converted into, Go sideways, Understudy, Budge, Relief, Invert, Totter, Redesign, Trade sight unseen, Diversification, Double, Personalization, Break up, Equivocate, Aberration, Give in exchange, Alter, Tolling, Flop, Fluctuate, Chime, Spares, Better, Tit for tat, Set apart, Disequalize, Silver, Convert, Distinction, Transpose, Metonymy, Reshape, Dub in, Shift the scene, Climb, Realign, Modulate, Knell, Disjunction, Pinch hitter, Coin, Displacement, Change, Turn the corner, Metaphor, Naturalization, Reduction, Do over, Sever, Change into, Surrogate, Pocket money, Mutilate, Waver, Coins, Sink, Deputyship, Mark, Revolution, Coinage, Unsex, Modulation, Individuation, Be changed, Refashion, Silver, Subside, Trade off, Offer in exchange, Deal, Divide, Deviation, Make, Hard cash, Redeem, Boom, Go around, Re-formation, Supersedure, Vary, Superseding, Improve, Reduce to, Refine a distinction, Resounding, Desynonymize, Checker, Swerve, Naturalize, Ring, Retaliate, Don, Requite, Alchemy, Comparison, Compensate, Come about, Locum tenens, Alternate, About-face, Interchange, Turn the scale, Mutation, Mutate, Disjoin, Modification, Innovation, Severalization, Vicissitude, Stream, Anatomization, Revert, Divergence, Assimilate to, Transmogrify, Fit, Sound, Regress, Rotate, Resolution, Differentiate, Delegation, Advance, Substituent, Carillon, Particularize, Small change, Supersession, Touch, Transfigure, Anatomize, Fake, Ringing, Work a change, Copy, Permutation, Utility player, Reverberation, Passage, Petty cash, Transplace, Turn the tables, Give and take, Ersatz, Coin of the realm, Loose change, Horse-trade, Cash, Logroll, Severance, Dither, Come round, Alternative, Warp, Proxy, Gyrate, Petty cash, Growth, Transit, Supplanting, Ringer, Supersedence, Clang, Re-create, Metamorphose, Reconvert, Haul around, Deputy, Split hairs, Discriminate, Transform, Go, Get back at, Plunge, Teeter, Switch-over, Shilly-shally, Do business, Specialization, Veer, Individuate, Lapse, Travel, Move over, Ring in, Resolve into, Make a distinction, Coppers, Turn into, Get over, Make do with, Trade in, Mark out, Take a turn, Compound for, Turn upside down, Personalize, Subvert, Shift, Spending money, Vice-president, Come around, Transmute, Diverge, Return, Take in exchange, Representative, Specialize, Death knell, Copper, Pin money, Analyze, Jibe, Supplanter, Becoming, Chop logic, Move, Change over, Break, Particularization, Equivalent, Retrogress, Rebuild, Deteriorate, Alteration, Flip-flop, Variation, Differentiation, Representation, Differencing, Vicariousness, Severalize, Be quits with, Oscillate, Exchange, Castrate, Second string, Replace, Qualify, Subrogation, Make, Commutation, Assimilation, Reconstruct, Synecdoche, Assume, Demarcation, Superseder, Disequalization, Get even with, Fix, Mark off, Ebb, Tack, Individualization, Power of attorney, Descend, Undergo a change, Vice-regent, Desexualize, Change place, Cooperate, Wobble, Restructure, Desynonymization, Hard cash

How to use Change in a sentence?

  1. Ringing the bell is a good exercise for the mind and body, the bell is too loud and callers need to remember these changes.
  2. Change from nomadic society to agrarian society.
  3. Proposal to change the law.
  4. Many things can change and slow down your sales and you should be able to adjust as soon as possible.
  5. There have been big changes with the team this year, as their third base has been left and they have some new players.
  6. A handful of changes.
  7. He decided to change his name.
  8. At first, change is necessary and invasive, but later growth is necessary for growth.

Meaning of Change & Change Definition

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Animate picture
Vertical line equation
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Who are the titans
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Why do bad things happen to good people
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