Farmer Tan

What is Farmer tan? The visible tan lines by working outside in a t-shirt and shorts are known as a farmer’s tan. This will result in browned skin on exposed parts, such as the lower legs, lower arms, face, and pale white skin when worn.

Farmer Tanh

How to Get Rid of Farmers Tan

Summer is a fantastic time to work at the barn for long periods. Nothing beats a bright, sunny day for riding outside. There is, however, one disadvantage to spending time at the barn during the summer. The dreadful farmer’s tan has plagued many equestrians.

Though it may appear OK at the barn, it becomes less than acceptable as you leave.

How to Fix and Fade Out Farmers Tan

:small_blue_diamond: Farmers’ tans might occur if you neglect to apply sunscreen or if it’s too hot to wear a long-sleeved shirt. If you obtain a farmer’s tan, you can do a few basic things to help treat it and a few things you should avoid.

:small_blue_diamond: We realize you’ve come here for beauty advice on how to get rid of a farmer’s tan. We’re going to make it. But first, let’s clear something up: Tanlines do not signify sin. People come to demand tanned, golden skin from each other all year, with no evidence that they spend time in the sun while wearing a shirt, halfway between middle and high school.

:small_blue_diamond: The idea that to be handsome, one must be tanned is absurd and unnatural. And there were no tan lines to be seen? C’mon. You begin to dress in public. We recognize the magnitude of public pressure. Farmers’ tans frequently extend beyond bikini lines, as well.

:small_blue_diamond: Who doesn’t recall Kim Kardashian’s amusing tan/burn on her face after a vacation nap? You might end up with some unsightly tan lines if you spend much too much time in the sun while establishing a butterfly conservatory wearing somewhat high socks or a more oversized, loose T-shirt.

Use Kitchen Essentials

:small_blue_diamond: If your farmer’s tan has turned blazing red, you can discover some calming treatments right in your kitchen. In the shower, rubbing a lemon on your skin can help break down necrosis and speed up the healing process.

:small_blue_diamond: Potatoes are high in vitamin C and can help to both soothe and heal sunburns. The afflicted skin can be treated with raw potatoes that have been ground into a paste. Using a food processor or blender, make a paste out of raw, peeled potatoes that can be readily applied.

Aloe Vera

:small_blue_diamond: Aloe vera is a tried-and-true remedy for hurting sunburns. It usually comes in a gel or lotion, although it can also be pulped directly from the plant.

:small_blue_diamond: It not only aids in the healing of your skin, but it also soothes and relieves irritating, stinging burns. It aids in the healing process, which means your farmer’s tan will fade much more quickly.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

:small_blue_diamond: Exfoliating is a crucial step in getting rid of undesirable tan lines. It aids in the removal of necrosis from your tan, allowing it to fade more quickly.

:small_blue_diamond: To hasten the healing process, exfoliating should be done daily. It would be best if you moisturized after every exfoliation. The lotion will aid to soothe and protect your skin from drying out.

Avoid Tanning Beds and Spray Tans

:small_blue_diamond: To smooth out your farmer’s tan, it may be tempting to visit a tanning bed or get a spray tan. This, however, is not a good idea because it will almost certainly worsen the situation.

:small_blue_diamond: Spray tans can be challenging to master, particularly if you already have a farmer’s tan. They might work out well, but there’s a strong possibility you’ll exacerbate the problem. You can end up looking orange and blotchy, which isn’t ideal.


Scrub your skin gently and exfoliate the areas where the tan lines are the most evident. Use a mixture of lemon juice and honey. Use Aloe Vera Gel of Good Quality. Coconut Oil is a type of oil that comes from the coconut Sunless Tanner of High Quality. Baking Soda is a type of baking soda. Well-thought-out makeup application.

Ways to Prevent Farmer’s Tan

The most effective approach to avoid getting a farmer’s tan is to avoid getting one in the first place. You may avoid this fashion faux pas by following a few simple measures.

Wear Sunscreen

:small_blue_diamond: Yes, you’ve undoubtedly heard it a million times, but in the summer, you should always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen not only protects you from sunburn and farmers tan, but it can also help reduce your risk of skin cancer.

:small_blue_diamond: Keeping a bottle of sunscreen in your grooming kit and applying it before brushing and tacking up your horse is a good idea. This will allow your skin to absorb the product before you ride outside.

Cover Up

:small_blue_diamond: Wearing a long-sleeved shirt or lightweight jacket to protect yourself against sunburns is a decent alternative if the weather isn’t too hot where you are. Long pants and a long shirt will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays.

:small_blue_diamond: It’s better to wear a loose top with a densely woven fabric. Dark-coloured clothing is preferable since it absorbs UV rays better than light-coloured clothing. Even UPF labels on clothing indicate how much protection it provides from the sun’s rays.

:small_blue_diamond: Sun visors can also be attached to your helmet to help keep the sun off your face while riding.


If your farmer’s tan has turned blazing red, you can discover some calming treatments right in your kitchen. Aloe vera is a tried-and-true remedy for hurting sunburns. Moisturize and exfoliate. Spray tans and tanning beds should be avoided. Apply sunscreen to your skin. Cover up.

A Plan for Farmers Tan

:small_blue_diamond: Take adequate precautions, like using sunscreen or wearing protective clothing, avoiding it in the first place.

:small_blue_diamond: If you do have undesirable tan lines, you can take a few simple actions to assist speed up the healing process. Just keep in mind that a trip to the tanning salon isn’t the answer to achieving an even skin tone.

Profile of Farmers Tan

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Age group (yr) N % N % (no. yr in school) N % N %
<31 27 8.7 66 20.7 Did not attend 7 2.2 30 9.3
31-40 100 32.2 121 37.9 school
41-50 67 21.5 58 18.2 1-5 170 54.7 176 54.8
51-60 57 18.3 38 11.9 6-9 73 23.5 90 28.0
61-70 45 14.5 31 9.7 10-12 59 19.0 25 7.8
>70 15 4.8 5 1.6 16 years 2 0.6 0 0.0

How Skin Tans

The sun emits UV light, which causes skin damage. UV rays ■■■■■■■■■ the epidermis, causing damage that can trigger an immunological response.

To protect the skin from the sun, the skin creates more melanin cells that provide pigmentation, resulting in the typical darker colour caused by tanning. A suntan is more than just a blemish on the skin’s surface that can be wiped away. It’s a skin reaction that can take weeks to fade completely.

Skin Care

:small_blue_diamond: There are various things you can do to hasten your skin’s healing and lessen the look of a tan. To avoid further tanning, stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen. Exfoliate your skin regularly.

:small_blue_diamond: This aids in the removal of necrosis and may diminish the tan’s lifespan. To avoid the leathery, dry appearance that typically comes with a farmer’s tan, moisturize your skin daily. Lemon juice may help hasten the healing process by assisting in the breakdown of necrosis. In the shower, massage your skin with fresh lemon juice.

:small_blue_diamond: If you leave lemon juice on your skin for an extended amount of time, it can irritate it and cause burning if it gets into your eyes. According to “The Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies,” vitamin E may also help skin healing.

:small_blue_diamond: Consult your doctor about taking a vitamin E supplement or immediately applying a vitamin E capsule that has been popped open to the skin.

Covering the Tan

:small_blue_diamond: Consider using a spray tanning bed for a more even colour if you need to get rid of the tan for a specific event. Spray tanning is significantly safer than UV tanning since pigments are applied to the top layer of the skin.

:small_blue_diamond: Spray tanning does not remove the tan; it simply conceals it. If you’re worried about spray tanning leaving an uneven tint, you only have two options: cover the tan with clothing or conceal it with cosmetics. Although body makeup can conceal skin discolouration, it is difficult and time-consuming to apply.

:small_blue_diamond: The simplest technique to hide a tan is to wear the appropriate apparel. Wear loose clothes that cover tan lines throughout the hot summer months. Wearing short sleeves instead of sleeveless blouses, and wearing long skirts or pants to cover lines on the legs, are examples of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to Farmer Tan.

1. Why do they call it a farmers tan?

A “farmer’s tan” (also known as a “golfer’s tan” or a “tennis tan”) is the tan line that forms from regular outdoor activity while wearing a short-sleeve shirt. The farmer’s tan typically begins with a suntan that covers the exposed areas of the arms and neck.

2. Does a farmers tan go away?

The farmer’s tans typically last two weeks and fade at the same rate as your natural tan. Getting a spray tan from a professional might be pricey. Before you go out and get one, think about how much it will cost.

3. What’s wrong with a farmers tan?

The presence of a tan indicates that the skin has already been harmed. UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun causes the damage. If your job requires you to be outside for long periods, your skin may be exposed to more sun than healthy. UV exposure could pose a threat to farmworkers in particular.

4. How long does a tan last?

While no tan is permanent, you can extend the longevity of your tan by a few days with careful care. Tans typically last 7 to 10 days before the skin begins to exfoliate and repair on its own.

5. Can sunscreen prevent tanning?

You can dramatically minimize your risk of developing skin cancer by adequately applying sunscreen. And, if you’re asking if there is a “best” sunscreen for tanning, the answer is no, sunscreen should not completely prevent tanning.

6. Do tan lines ever go away?

Without assistance, a suntan will fade in a few weeks, and tan lines will become less evident until they are no longer visible. This is due to the body’s natural shedding of old skin cells and replacing them with new ones. As the skin renews itself, a tan from tanning products fades with time.

7. How can I remove tan from my arms?

  • Combine equal parts of freshly squeezed potato and lemon juice in a mixing bowl.

  • Mix with 1 tsp rose water well.

  • Apply liberally to the tanned parts of your hands and arms with a cotton pad.

  • Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before washing it off.

8. Why won’t my tan lines go away?

Melanin is a pigment that helps our skin protect itself from UV damage. When skin is exposed to the sun, it darkens naturally as a reaction. When the tan fades, though, the skin returns to its natural colour; however, permanent discolouration results when the cells are destroyed by pigment.

9. Can you get tan in 30 minutes?

If you don’t apply sunscreen with SPF, you could burn or tan in as little as 10 minutes (sun protection factor). Within a few hours, the majority of people will have developed a tan. It’s possible that you won’t notice a tan immediately away. The skin develops melanin in reaction to sun exposure, which takes time.

10. How can I remove tan from my face in one day?

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and mix it with some honey. Apply the mixture to your skin and leave it on for 30 minutes before removing it with a gentle cleanser. To make a scrub, combine the lemon juice with some sugar. This will slough off necrosis from the surface as well as remove tan.


:small_blue_diamond: The best option is to use a self-tanner. You may discover more about How to Get Rid of a Farmer’s Tan Using a Self-Tanner. Just remember to put it to the test first. Choosing the wrong tanner can make the difference between looking like a cheese puff and looking like a sun-kissed queen.

:small_blue_diamond: Your best bet is to go with one of the progressive alternatives, such as Jergens’. Every day, apply the lotion to the pale regions of your skin and then reassess in the evening to see how well it matches. Once you’ve levelled out naturally, this will help you cover the farmer’s tan.

Read Also

What is Farmer Tan? The visible typical lines that got onto the body because of working outside the house are known as farmer tan. It usually happens because of wearing shorts, sleeveless or half sleeves when you go to do any outdoor activity.

what is farmer tan

What is the Tan line?

:small_orange_diamond: The tan line is a clear distinction on human skin between the light-colored areas compared to other areas exposed to sunlight due to higher exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Radiation sources can be the sun or synthetic UV sources such as flashlights.

:small_orange_diamond: Tan lines are often the unintended consequence of a workplace or recreational area, but sometimes intentionally. Many people consider tan lines pretty annoying and want to avoid tan lines that will appear when wearing casual clothes. Because it makes you look weird among other people.

Types of tans or tan lines

There are certain types of tan lines and are associated with different occupations and outdoor activities. They all are clearly visible to the skin and difficult to get rid of. Some of the types that are linked with different occupations are as follows:

  • Farmers tan

  • Drivers tan

  • Sandal tan

  • Bikini tan

  • Bikers tan

  • Goggle tan

  • Golfer’s tan

Farmer’s tan

:small_orange_diamond: “Farmer’s tan” which is also named as “golfer’s tan” or “tennis tan” refers to regular tan lines developed for normal outdoor activity when wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Farmer’s tan usually begins with a sunburn that covers the exposed parts of the arms and neck. It differs in that the shoulders, the chest, and the back are often unaffected by the sun.

:small_orange_diamond: These are different on different people. The individual who is more exposed to sun rays or UV rays will definitely have more visible tan lines and will be more in numbers compared to other persons. Similarly, it varies with the occupation. Several players of different games have these tan lines different from each other because of the variation in exposed parts of the body to sun rays.

:small_orange_diamond: Similarly, if we talk about the cricketers, we often would have noticed that they mostly have tan lines on their arms and is more visible when they came back right after the game. But if we talk about the tennis players or golf players then we would notice that they have way more tan lines than other players on their legs because they wear shorts and socks for a longer period of time.

:small_orange_diamond: The “Texas tan” is the same, except that the shoulders are also affected by the sun, which is caused by working outside while wearing a sleeveless shirt.

Common tan lines

Some of the common tan lines associated with a farmer’s tan include:

  • Elbows mostly because of wearing short or sleeveless shirts

  • Neck from wearing shirt collar

  • Pumpkins if shorts are worn

  • Ankles from socks, only if exposed

  • On the forehead when the hat is worn

  • Wrist when the watch is worn

  • Eyes when sunglasses are worn


There is not a thing to worry about the tan lines. These are not harmful to one’s health. The main reason for their formation body is the extreme exposure of the body to sun rays for a longer period of time.

Driver’s tan

:small_orange_diamond: “Driver’s tan” (or similar terms such as “trucker’s tan” or “taxi driver’s arm”) is a tread pattern where one arm from the sleeve to the bottom is tucked more than the other arm, due to heavy driving with the window down. The best way to protect your skin and stop red spots is not to get it when you go out in the sun to wear SPF 30 or higher.

Even after you have noticed the effects of the sun on your skin, continue to use sunscreen to keep your tan lines from getting darker.

Sandal’s ta

:small_orange_diamond: This is the issue that is commonly faced by women because they mostly have to wear sandals with formal dress. So when they are exposed to sun rays for a longer period of time wearing sandals, it is very likely that they will get tan lines unless they have applied any sunblock.

:small_orange_diamond: The “sandal tan” is a set of distinct red stripes on the feet, caused by the straps of sandals worn throughout the summer by various functions such as guards and monks.

Bikini tan

:small_orange_diamond: Wearing a bikini in the sun causes the bare skin to be exposed to the sun and creates a “bikini tan”. These red stripes separate pale chest, crotches, and buttocks from tanned skin in another way. “Race lines” may refer to the part of a bikini line that is displayed when wearing one-piece swimwear.

:small_orange_diamond: The “biker’s tan” is a red line that forms a third at the top of each leg, where bike shorts usually begin to cover. Depending on the function, the inner side of the arms may be lighter than the outer side. Unless a cyclist uses bicycle gloves designed to allow for scratching, the area behind each hand will usually not be scratched.

Goggle tan

:small_orange_diamond: Red raccoon-red stripes can appear near the eyes after wearing glasses, which is common among industrial workers (wearing safety glasses), swimmers, glaciers, and swimmers.

Golfer’s tan

:small_orange_diamond: Tans for golfers are usually tan on the back of the shaved or bald head that you wear when wearing a baseball cap. There is a semicircle-shaped tan that forms from the belt that adjusts the size of the hat. Between 3 and 5 hours spent on a course in direct sunlight, sunburn, less severe lines and heat exhaustion are common occurrences for the unprepared golfer.

Ways to fix tan lines

There is nothing better than wearing a unique, popular swimsuit for your holiday in the sun. Sadly, the red stripes of these suits left their mark. Fortunately, you have a few options if you want them to go!

Make them go away as soon as you find out on your body by exfoliating and applying aloe Vera gel


:small_orange_diamond: Is there a major issue that you can fix? Grab your favorite body or beat your own if you are smart and give your body down. Use a sponge, loofah, or hand to rub the body by moving a circle from your neck to your feet. You can also relax your face but go by rubbing a gentle face on that part.

:small_orange_diamond: This procedure will reduce off skin cells and help lighten your skin from top to bottom. If you travel this route, please use sunscreen or avoid the sun shortly thereafter! Newly exposed skin is more prone to sunburn and sun damage, so exercise caution.

Application of Aloe Vera Gel

:small_orange_diamond: This cooling gel is not just for sunburn. It turns out that it can also help with red lines. Also, it sounds really good on exposed skin. Win, win! Aloe Vera softens your skin and its healing properties help restore your skin’s natural color quickly, thereby reducing your redness.

Camouflage them with your utmost care by using your favorite bronzer and letting it sit after applying it with the help of a spray fixer

Get your favorite Bronzer

:small_orange_diamond: Ideally, you will use both liquid bronzer and powder bronzer to apply it. Apply liquid bronzer to your red lines, and rub it on the pale parts of your skin to make it look like your tan. You may need help reaching the red lines on your back. When you are satisfied with the liquid bronzer, use a cosmetic brush to gently brush the powder bronzer over it.

Lastly, spray your work with a set sprayer to make sure your craft is always ready from morning till night.

Letting it sit

:small_orange_diamond: Let your bronze and spray set last a few minutes before dressing. The only attraction is the tan bronzer strap on your bridal gown.

Ways to avoid future tan lines

The best way to deal with unpleasant red lines is to avoid them at first. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent tan lines.

Swap out swimsuits styles on a daily basis

:small_orange_diamond: Yes, this means that you will have to wear a different beautiful suit every day for your vacation. By wearing different styles and cuts, you will produce different skin every day and prevent shiny lines.

Always wear sunscreen

:small_orange_diamond: Tan may look good but by the end of the day, it is still the damage caused by the sun. Protect your skin with ointment and re-apply sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. If you are consistent and careful, your skin will not be hot or red at least, not too much and your red lines will be more visible.

Opt for strapless swimsuits

:small_orange_diamond: The most obvious tan lines are usually near your neck, so why not completely abandon the belts? Wear belts if you need them and take them off if you don’t need them. Ideal for stunning beachwear and casual, tan lines.


The red line is a clear distinction on human skin between the light-colored areas compared to other areas exposed to sunlight due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Radiation sources can be the sun or synthetic UV sources such as flashlights.

Frequently asked questions

Following are some of the questions asked by people about what is Farmer’s Tan:

1. How long does it take a farmer’s tan to fade away?

These types of tan can last for about two weeks and should last for the same amount as your natural tan. Paying an expert to give you a spray can be expensive. Consider the cost before going out to get it.

2. Is farmer’s tan bad for your skin?

Excessive sun exposure is harmful to your skin. Tan is a sign that the skin is already damaged. Damage is caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight. Farmworkers, in particular, may be exposed to UV.

3. How can you fix tan lines?

According to Artesian Tan, sodium bicarbonate which is also known as baking soda can also correct that bad tan. Just add something to a glass of water until it sticks. Apply to tan lines and wash off after 15 minutes. The lines should be slightly visible within a few days. Although there are other methods too this one is effective the most.

4. For how much time does, farmer’s tan last?

Typically, tans will last for 7 to 10 days before the skin begins to shed naturally and regenerate. If you exfoliate before tanning, use a tan extender, and keep the skin moist and your tan may last longer than you expected.

5. Can tanning happen with sunscreen?

Sun protection may prevent some degree of friction. Wearing chemical or physical sunscreen may help to prevent sunburn from causing photosynthesis and skin cancer. You may still be a little darker, even if you wear sunscreen. However, no deliberate skin tanning is considered safe. It is what it is.


Talking about what is Farmer’s tan we can simply conclude that farmer’s tan is something that not everyone worries about. But there are people out there too who are really sensitive regarding these types of issues on their skin. It does not have any harmful effect on your health but it does make your complexion darker. The more you are exposed to sun rays, the more you will get tan lines.