Definition of Supplement:

  1. Additional text, more complete than appendix.

  2. Hide a specific part of the ad separately from a newspaper.

Synonyms of Supplement

Back matter, Afterthought, Continuation, Happenstance, Adjunct, Additive, Sequitur, Codicil, Double take, Supplementation, Pendant, Parting shot, Epilogue, Postfix, Additum, Attachment, PS, Appurtenance, Follow-through, Complement, Accompaniment, Last words, Appendix, Accessory, Fortify, Concomitant, Reinforcement, Appurtenant, Secondary, Sequent, Chorus, Sequel, Conclusion, Tailpiece, Appanage, Mere chance, Auxiliary, Dying words, Inessential, Contingency, Addenda, Extra, Rider, Colophon, Subsidiary, Fixture, Refrain, Accidental, Augment, Suffix, Swan song, Additament, Adjuvant, Collateral, Appendage, Unessential, Sequelant, Other, Nonessential, Annex, Consequence, Accident, Second thought, Tag, Corollary, Annexation, Postscript, Extend, Appendant, Recruit, Incidental, Postface, Addendum, Side issue, Contingent, Parthian shot, Subscript, Undergirding, Addition, Superaddition, Accession, Coda, Increment, Sequelae, Additory, Add to, Extension, Augmentation, Insert, Side effect, Envoi, Not-self, Strengthen, Continuance, Extrapolation, Sequela, Postlude, Increase, Peroration, Reinforce, Follow-up, Offshoot

Meaning of Supplement & Supplement Definition