Definition of Neglect:

  1. The state or fact of being uncared for.

  2. Fail to care for properly.

  3. Failure to give proper care or pay required attention, whether deliberate, inadvertent, or negligent.

Synonyms of Neglect

Disrepair, Dilapidation, Deterioration, Shabbiness, Disuse, Abandonment, Uncared for, Mistreated, Abandoned, Forsaken, Sisyphean labor, Abandon, Bad policy, Be caught napping, Be neglectful, Be negligent, Blink at, Brush off, Carelessness, Cold-shoulder, Contemn, Cut, Cut dead, Default, Delinquency, Dereliction, Disconformity, Discount, Disdain, Dismiss, Disregard, Disrespect, Elide, Endless task, Fail, Failing, Failure, Forget, Give the go-by, Gloss over, Heedlessness, Ignore, Impolicy, Inaction, Inactivity, Inadvertence, Inattention, Indifference, Inexecution, Inexpedience, Inexpediency, Inobservance, Lapse, Laxity, Laxness, Leave undone, Let go, Let pass, Let ride, Let slide, Let slip, Look right through, Loose ends, Lose sight of, Lose track of, Make little of, Maladministration, Malfeasance, Malpractice, Misadministration, Misconduct, Misdirection, Misfeasance, Misgovernment, Misguidance, Mishandling, Mismanagement, Misrule, Miss, Neglectfulness, Negligence, Nod, Nonaccomplishment, Nonachievement, Nonadherence, Noncompliance, Nonconformance, Nonconformity, Nonconsummation, Nondischarging, Nonexecution, Nonfeasance, Nonfulfillment, Nonobservance, Nonperformance, Not care for, Not get involved, Not heed, Not think, Omission, Omit, Overleap, Overlook, Overpass, Oversight, Pass, Pass by, Pass over, Pass up, Passiveness, Passivity, Pooh-pooh, Pretermit, Rebuff, Refuse to acknowledge, Refuse to recognize, Reject, Remissness, Rough edges, Scant, Scorn, Shirk, Shrug off, Slackness, Sleep, Slight, Slighting, Slur over, Spurn, Take for granted, Think little of, Unconcern, Unfulfillment, Unobservance, Work of Penelope, Wrongdoing

How to use Neglect in a sentence?

  1. When you are starting a new project it is important that you do not neglect the past things that you were working on.
  2. Animals dying through disease or neglect.
  3. The engineering team would have had plenty of time to fix the issue, but due to quality assurances neglect , they were never made aware of the bug in the software.
  4. The old churchyard has been sadly neglected.
  5. Its important for a parent to never neglect their kids because kids need parents that love them and take care of them.

Meaning of Neglect & Neglect Definition