Definition of Common:

  1. Lack of taste and softness.

  2. Shared together without separate features.

  3. (In the Christian Church) A type of service used for each program group.

  4. Land is open to the public, mainly in cities.

  5. They belong to the same group and share universal denominations.

  6. Ordinary, found or ordinary.

  7. Shared, initiated or created by more than one.

  8. (Crime) of relatively small importance.

  9. (Letter) can be short or long.

  10. (Latin and some other languages) D denotes the gender of a noun that is traditionally considered masculine or feminine as opposed to neutral.

Synonyms of Common

Greenyard, Ill-mannered, Trust, Pure, Conventional, Rude, Limitation, Easement, Cooperative, Oafish, Shabby, Communal, Cooperating, Ill-bred, Unimaginative, Secondary, Universally recognized, Overused, Of common occurrence, Harmonized, Besetting, Holding, Central, Relaxed, Coarse, Adequate, Second rank, Day-to-day, Kitschy, Humble, Cut-and-dried, International, Absolute interest, Scummy, Routine, Fusty, Commonplace, Public, Synergic, Spoken, Low-class, No great shakes, Commoners, Homespun, Two-for-a-penny, Proverbial, Socialistic, Sufficient, Habitual, Brutish, Base, Unrefined, Shabby-genteel, Unoriginal, Unsophisticated, Frequent, Tatty, Symbiotic, Tired, Ascetic, Wonted, Third rank, Predominating, Medium, Public, Poetryless, Bromidic, Rife, Generic, Low-camp, Median, Recurrent, Workday, Customary, Lowborn, Unromantic, Uneventful, Valueless, Typical, Unrefined, Unstudied, Bourgeois, Talked-of, Unfussy, Casual, Third string, Conjoint, Cheap, Plastic, Collective, Banal, Worn out, Plain-speaking, Current, Spartan, Dull, Ordinary, Low-pressure, Gaudy, Grassplot, Unaffected, Low-test, Severe, Classic, Shoddy, Mean, Coarse, Square, Simple-speaking, Attic, Intermediary, In common, Pop, Subaltern, Cockney, Substandard, Garden-variety, Good, Settlement, Frank, Pleasance, Plain-spoken, Stark, Musty, Lowbred, Contingent interest, Coacting, Prescriptive, Green, Unembellished, High-camp, Corny, Scurvy, Use, Commons, Predominant, Set, Equitable interest, Lowly, Social, Frequent, Babbittish, Unidealistic, Conversational, Commonage, Cooperant, Communist, Stock, Spare, Baseborn, Workaday, Paltry, Stereotyped, Savage, Pandemic, Bewhiskered, Second-class, In the shade, Primitive, Collective, Commensal, Down-to-earth, Usual, Subordinate, Universal, Cliched, Wretched, Mediocre, Reigning, Informal, Back-number, Many, Plaza, Twopenny, Bowling green, Tiresome, Trite, Regular, Undistinguished, Joint, Golf course, Plebeians, Concordant, Unliterary, Well-kenned, Prevalent, Grounds, Middling, Intermediate, Plain, Servile, Campy, Typical, Collaborative, Routine, Well-known, Nonclerical, Pleasure ground, Customary, Ornery, Rough, Uneducated, Noncompetitive, Below the salt, Worn, Third-class, Talked-about, Well-understood, Associated, Run-of-mine, Low, Astroturf, Unpoetical, Right of entry, Uninteresting, Corporate, Communitarian, Trumpery, Fairway, Unimpeachable, Breezy, Well-worn, Moth-eaten, Regulation, Prosy, Synergistic, Neat, Unladylike, Rude, Second-rate, Uncouth, Worn thin, Third-rate, Truistic, Rank and file, Collusive, Popular, Less, Familiar, Respective, Pure and simple, Oftentime, Shared, Uncompetitive, Contemptible, General, Unconstrained, Gimcracky, Unimpassioned, Part, Unexceptionable, Philistine, Sorry, Vile, Communal, Flat, Claim, Subservient, Rustic, Unvarnished, Sad, Ecumenic, Commutual, Community, Collectivist, Well-recognized, Ruling, Accustomed, Medial, Tolerable, Concurring, Ordinary, Homely, Modest, Scuzzy, Daily, Conniving, Oft-repeated, Underprivileged, Everyday, Satisfactory, Miserable, Supranational, Combined, Classical, Insipid, Unsavoury, Civic, Beneath contempt, Crummy, Familiar, Nonstandard, Unexceptional, Mutual, Scruffy, Seedy, Two-for-a-cent, Colloquial, Scrubby, Minor, Tacky, Regular, Defiled, Plebeian, Polluted, Hackney, Meretricious, Moderate, Public park, Bare, Ungenteel, People, Ungentlemanly, Widely known, Fourth-class, Interest, Despicable, Dry, Societal, Unadorned, Equity, Fellow, Timeworn, Unspectacular, Sub, Village green, Nondescript, Thick-coming, Cosmopolitan, Vulgar, Average, Commonly known, Vapid, Quotidian, Coactive, Lower, Standard, Unclean, Old hat, Coadjuvant, Subject, Hack, Philistine, Gross, Candid, Unnoteworthy, Coefficient, Junior, Two-way, All right, Hackneyed, Demeaning, Simple, Austere, Mickey Mouse, Title, Humdrum, Beggarly, Pitiful, Collectivistic, Punk, Park, Sober, Trashy, Community, Coadjutant, Unexciting, General, Boorish, Fade, Cheesy, Harmonious, Mundane, Third-estate, Low-quality, Straightforward, Populace, Disadvantaged, Prosaic, Prosing, Synergetic, Lean, Third estate, Middle-of-the-road, Bald, Matter-of-fact, Notorious, Garden, Platitudinous, Many times, Standard, Irregular, Conjunct, Pleasure garden, Low-grade, Worthless, Middle-class, Percentage, Warmed-over, Recurrent, Uncivilized, Stale, Pedestrian, Rampant, Infra dig, Repeated, Declasse, State, Paradise, Stake, Lesser, Communalist, Universally admitted, Direct, Impolite, Dominant, Inferior, Golf links, Normative, Tinny, Communistic, Household, Concerted, Civil, Reciprocal, Normal, Regnant, Poor, Estate, Artificial turf, Rubbishy, Second string, Repetitious, Twopenny-halfpenny, Run-of-the-mill, Strict settlement, Communalistic, Pitiable, Everyday, Habitual, Unreserved, Vulgar, Vested interest, Similar, Frequentative, Concurrent, Not rare, Suburban, Putting green, Right, Chaste, Prevailing, Natural, Open, Pathetic, Benefit, Popular, Proletarian, Vernacular, Like, Unremarkable, National, Second-best, Lawn, Unpoetic, Running, Epidemic, Sleazy, Usual, Threadbare

How to use Common in a sentence?

  1. This is very common.
  2. The common borders of the two republics.
  3. I have a lot in common with the new principal, in that we both attend the same school and college.
  4. It is unfortunate that our society humiliates people with mental illness and makes it difficult for them to understand that there is a problem and to ask for help, even though it is very common.
  5. Salt and pepper are two common spices.
  6. Joint attack
  7. We walked around town in the morning looking for flowers.
  8. I went to Baltimore last year and found that a lot of people have something in common.

Meaning of Common & Common Definition