Definition of Common:

  1. Lack of taste and softness.

  2. Shared together without separate features.

  3. (In the Christian Church) A type of service used for each program group.

  4. Land is open to the public, mainly in cities.

  5. They belong to the same group and share universal denominations.

  6. Ordinary, found or ordinary.

  7. Shared, initiated or created by more than one.

  8. (Crime) of relatively small importance.

  9. (Letter) can be short or long.

  10. (Latin and some other languages) D denotes the gender of a noun that is traditionally considered masculine or feminine as opposed to neutral.

Synonyms of Common

Greenyard, Ill-mannered, Trust, Pure, Conventional, Rude, Limitation, Easement, Cooperative, Oafish, Shabby, Communal, Cooperating, Ill-bred, Unimaginative, Secondary, Universally recognized, Overused, Of common occurrence, Harmonized, Besetting, Holding, Central, Relaxed, Coarse, Adequate, Second rank, Day-to-day, Kitschy, Humble, Cut-and-dried, International, Absolute interest, Scummy, Routine, Fusty, Commonplace, Public, Synergic, Spoken, Low-class, No great shakes, Commoners, Homespun, Two-for-a-penny, Proverbial, Socialistic, Sufficient, Habitual, Brutish, Base, Unrefined, Shabby-genteel, Unoriginal, Unsophisticated, Frequent, Tatty, Symbiotic, Tired, Ascetic, Wonted, Third rank, Predominating, Medium, Public, Poetryless, Bromidic, Rife, Generic, Low-camp, Median, Recurrent, Workday, Customary, Lowborn, Unromantic, Uneventful, Valueless, Typical, Unrefined, Unstudied, Bourgeois, Talked-of, Unfussy, Casual, Third string, Conjoint, Cheap, Plastic, Collective, Banal, Worn out, Plain-speaking, Current, Spartan, Dull, Ordinary, Low-pressure, Gaudy, Grassplot, Unaffected, Low-test, Severe, Classic, Shoddy, Mean, Coarse, Square, Simple-speaking, Attic, Intermediary, In common, Pop, Subaltern, Cockney, Substandard, Garden-variety, Good, Settlement, Frank, Pleasance, Plain-spoken, Stark, Musty, Lowbred, Contingent interest, Coacting, Prescriptive, Green, Unembellished, High-camp, Corny, Scurvy, Use, Commons, Predominant, Set, Equitable interest, Lowly, Social, Frequent, Babbittish, Unidealistic, Conversational, Commonage, Cooperant, Communist, Stock, Spare, Baseborn, Workaday, Paltry, Stereotyped, Savage, Pandemic, Bewhiskered, Second-class, In the shade, Primitive, Collective, Commensal, Down-to-earth, Usual, Subordinate, Universal, Cliched, Wretched, Mediocre, Reigning, Informal, Back-number, Many, Plaza, Twopenny, Bowling green, Tiresome, Trite, Regular, Undistinguished, Joint, Golf course, Plebeians, Concordant, Unliterary, Well-kenned, Prevalent, Grounds, Middling, Intermediate, Plain, Servile, Campy, Typical, Collaborative, Routine, Well-known, Nonclerical, Pleasure ground, Customary, Ornery, Rough, Uneducated, Noncompetitive, Below the salt, Worn, Third-class, Talked-about, Well-understood, Associated, Run-of-mine, Low, Astroturf, Unpoetical, Right of entry, Uninteresting, Corporate, Communitarian, Trumpery, Fairway, Unimpeachable, Breezy, Well-worn, Moth-eaten, Regulation, Prosy, Synergistic, Neat, Unladylike, Rude, Second-rate, Uncouth, Worn thin, Third-rate, Truistic, Rank and file, Collusive, Popular, Less, Familiar, Respective, Pure and simple, Oftentime, Shared, Uncompetitive, Contemptible, General, Unconstrained, Gimcracky, Unimpassioned, Part, Unexceptionable, Philistine, Sorry, Vile, Communal, Flat, Claim, Subservient, Rustic, Unvarnished, Sad, Ecumenic, Commutual, Community, Collectivist, Well-recognized, Ruling, Accustomed, Medial, Tolerable, Concurring, Ordinary, Homely, Modest, Scuzzy, Daily, Conniving, Oft-repeated, Underprivileged, Everyday, Satisfactory, Miserable, Supranational, Combined, Classical, Insipid, Unsavoury, Civic, Beneath contempt, Crummy, Familiar, Nonstandard, Unexceptional, Mutual, Scruffy, Seedy, Two-for-a-cent, Colloquial, Scrubby, Minor, Tacky, Regular, Defiled, Plebeian, Polluted, Hackney, Meretricious, Moderate, Public park, Bare, Ungenteel, People, Ungentlemanly, Widely known, Fourth-class, Interest, Despicable, Dry, Societal, Unadorned, Equity, Fellow, Timeworn, Unspectacular, Sub, Village green, Nondescript, Thick-coming, Cosmopolitan, Vulgar, Average, Commonly known, Vapid, Quotidian, Coactive, Lower, Standard, Unclean, Old hat, Coadjuvant, Subject, Hack, Philistine, Gross, Candid, Unnoteworthy, Coefficient, Junior, Two-way, All right, Hackneyed, Demeaning, Simple, Austere, Mickey Mouse, Title, Humdrum, Beggarly, Pitiful, Collectivistic, Punk, Park, Sober, Trashy, Community, Coadjutant, Unexciting, General, Boorish, Fade, Cheesy, Harmonious, Mundane, Third-estate, Low-quality, Straightforward, Populace, Disadvantaged, Prosaic, Prosing, Synergetic, Lean, Third estate, Middle-of-the-road, Bald, Matter-of-fact, Notorious, Garden, Platitudinous, Many times, Standard, Irregular, Conjunct, Pleasure garden, Low-grade, Worthless, Middle-class, Percentage, Warmed-over, Recurrent, Uncivilized, Stale, Pedestrian, Rampant, Infra dig, Repeated, Declasse, State, Paradise, Stake, Lesser, Communalist, Universally admitted, Direct, Impolite, Dominant, Inferior, Golf links, Normative, Tinny, Communistic, Household, Concerted, Civil, Reciprocal, Normal, Regnant, Poor, Estate, Artificial turf, Rubbishy, Second string, Repetitious, Twopenny-halfpenny, Run-of-the-mill, Strict settlement, Communalistic, Pitiable, Everyday, Habitual, Unreserved, Vulgar, Vested interest, Similar, Frequentative, Concurrent, Not rare, Suburban, Putting green, Right, Chaste, Prevailing, Natural, Open, Pathetic, Benefit, Popular, Proletarian, Vernacular, Like, Unremarkable, National, Second-best, Lawn, Unpoetic, Running, Epidemic, Sleazy, Usual, Threadbare

How to use Common in a sentence?

  1. This is very common.
  2. The common borders of the two republics.
  3. I have a lot in common with the new principal, in that we both attend the same school and college.
  4. It is unfortunate that our society humiliates people with mental illness and makes it difficult for them to understand that there is a problem and to ask for help, even though it is very common.
  5. Salt and pepper are two common spices.
  6. Joint attack
  7. We walked around town in the morning looking for flowers.
  8. I went to Baltimore last year and found that a lot of people have something in common.

Meaning of Common & Common Definition

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Usa flag meaning
Lose 20 pounds in 2 months
How to write a journal entry
How to find a leak in a pool
Primate evolution
How to start a farm
Gender roles in society
Facts about rabbits
Vietnam tattoo
Kitchen sink stopper
Plutchik's wheel of emotions
Top stitch
Use too in a sentence
How to remove watch links
Private security contractor
Conflict styles
Find the equation of the tangent line
What is java used for
How to download apps on vizio smart tv
What type of rock is limestone
Main verb
Is copd contagious
Are book titles underlined
How to create a budget in excel
Question of fact
Find the product
Gen ed classes
Which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia
Glass cooktop replacement
Study of cells
Types of heat
God has not given us a spirit of fear
Is no one one word
Columbarium definition
What are boyfriend jeans
Are hormones proteins
Wheel bearing replacement
How to make apple juice
Types of battery
How to improve social skills
Spanish 101
Team Player
Alright meaning
Signs your puppy is getting over parvo
Are audi's expensive to maintain
How to not be scared
Pre screening
Nauseous or nauseated
Basic solution
Positivist criminology
How to find something you lost
Union welder salary
How much are crystals worth
How to cut tempered glass
How to clean a pipe
Graphic content
Car won t start clicking noise
Rorschach inkblot test
Electric stove plug
What is an example of alliteration
Switch outlet combo wiring
A skateboard
What's an iep
How to refill propane tank
Pork Barrel
Research design example
Best match for capricorn woman
Eclectic therapy
How to put a battery in a car
Cat mouth ulcers
Character development
Ender 3 pro bed size
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Craving ice cream
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Iron door minecraft
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How to cast a fishing rod
Asl you re welcome
Alright or all right
What does life in prison mean
What is a bba degree
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Blood clot in foot pictures
Stress leave from work
Lack of empathy
Get rid of flies outside
Insect pollination
Makeup for round eyes
How to become a wedding officiant
One eye lower than the other
System of equations
Tattoo touch up
Shrimp shell
How to use a hair diffuser
Gabbro rock
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Heat conduction
Compare contrast essay
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As well as comma
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Optometric technician
College mathematics
Real gucci belt
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Why do my parents hate me
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Wiring generator to house
Is nickel magnetic
French paragraph
What is visual merchandising
Service business definition
Reoccurring or recurring
Gravity filtration
Stucco exterior wall
Social tourism
How to make strong coffee
Not found
Plural noun examples
Suppose vs supposed
Blood clot in brain symptoms
Clang vs gcc
Sulfuric acid ph
Addition method
Solution set for inequalities
Onto vs on to
Chinese scroll
How many years in college
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What is hemolysis
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Old work box
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Socialism for dummies
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Console someone
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It audit
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How to tell if a mushroom is poisonous
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Is carbon monoxide heavier than air?
Change decimal to fraction
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Types of unemployment
New smyrna beach sharks
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How to cut marble
Drywall and painting
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Prior restraint definition
What is prime factorization
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How to know if your dog is dying
Tattoo bubbling
Zoo veterinarian
Gray flowers
Bruised knuckles
We hold these truths to be self evident meaning
Medulla hair
Farsi alphabet
How to pop your lower back
How to be less sensitive
How To Get Skinny Fingers
Heparin vs warfarin
Parfocal Microscope
Orthodontic assistant
Compare two excel files
Building a lean to shed
Associate in arts jobs
Interpersonal conflict
Bacteremia vs sepsis
Itchy fingers meaning
Standard form of a linear equation
When can i eat solid food after tooth extraction
Muffin top belly
Cx meaning
Keratin treatment cost
How to get into acting
Vizio sound bar setup
Computer keeps freezing
How to make your eyes red
How to hang drywall on ceiling
Business communication
Blink my flashlight
How to change a circuit breaker
I before e exceptions
Cauliflower ear drain
Bce vs bc
Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its
Signs cat is sick
Key change
Knee feels like it needs to pop
Algebraic expression
Organic compounds
Rn element
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Volatility chemistry
Opposite of fear
Fiscal vs monetary policy
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Magsafe to usb c
Wan router
Tigers habitat
Traveling or travelling
How to not feel hungry
Agile epic
Delegative leadership
What is a wave
How to determine roof pitch
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Gaming monitor vs tv
Carbohydrates definition biology
Bruised toe
Cleaning acrylic paint brushes
Product branding
How to frame a house
Equity value formula
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Academic honesty
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Why pour salt down the drain
What is truth pilate
Market share definition
Team singular or plural
What is a radian
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Japanese date format
What are the components of blood
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Sources of light
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Credit hours
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Types of air pollution
Voltage measurement
What is an end user
Evidence of evolution
Psychological phenomena
Is swordfish kosher
Medical questions
How to shape a mustache
Why am i not good enough
Glassy eyes
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Dividing exponents
Canadian marble fox for sale
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How to find the equation of a tangent line
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Factors of 7
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Remove temporary tattoo
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One dime
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Nd degree
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Types of chemical bonds
Rph degree
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Pant size measurements
Mercedes key battery
Grizzly bear facts
How do i know if my dog has fleas
Zofran mechanism of action
Are dandelions poisonous
How to charge your crystals
What is gerontology
Perfect tense
Fbc fund
Stimulants examples
Roofs or rooves
Respect definition for kids
What is leukopenia
How much is a 3 carat diamond
How to catch crawfish
A beat
Tinder swipe left
Plaster anchors
What is leukocytosis
Ssh port
Bay window curtain ideas
Friend In Japanese
Covalent bond
How to factor by grouping
How to get rid of neck acne
How to curl hair with a straightener
Pediatric oncologist
How to cite lines from a poem
Mild neurocognitive disorder
Tandem garage
How to tape a broken toe
Gas dryer hookup
Thank You In Hawaiian
What does nnn mean
Pathological narcissism
Tendered to Delivery Service Provider?
Mepla hinges
Gamma 1 2
Ostomy definition
Board On Board Fence
Left hand thread
Types of instruments
Lower chest workout at home
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Drum circle
Third grade writing prompts
Fix garage door
Yes of course
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Chicago style writing
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Buffing a car
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Last month
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Buy guinea pig
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Limitations of research
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How to build deck stairs
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I have not given you a spirit of fear
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Guitar strumming
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Color of depression
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Arduino python
Building a wood fence
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How to stop wheezing
Parking lights
Can constipation cause fever
How to return to sender
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When to capitalize earth
Sweet 16 boy
Ensure For Kids
Sacred tradition
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Rehab house
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Ob nurse
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Trauma and stressor related disorders
Strong acids
Red violet hair color
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European style
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Simplify each expression
What is medication reconciliation
Behavioral psychology definition
Smoking rose petals
Much many
Changing acoustic guitar strings
What is a street address
Mailbox rule
Non sequitur fallacy
Extinction psychology
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Simplex method calculator
Summation notation
Chlorophyll function
Types of light
How to write a polynomial in standard form
How to weld aluminum
Sql schema
Pancytopenia definition
Empty walmart
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How to connect generator to house
How to take care of plants
Second shift
Mixed receptive expressive language disorder
Physician assistant programs in california
Motor development
Axolotl tank setup
General practice doctor
Cleaning mussels
How to get tired
Plural Of Roof
How to pop your knee
Mesh analysis
How to get security tag off clothing
How to become a radiologist technician
Emotionally immature parents
Great gatsby fashion
Cannot or can not
They are
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Small group
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Hamsters for adoption
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Plagiocephaly in adults
Invision or envision
Easiest way to put in contacts
Process analysis essay
How to clean screens
Bear with us
Cleanup or clean up
Sliding door roller replacement
I4 engine
Youtube view bot
Vouch for someone
Are Days Of The Week Capitalized
Factor out
How to read a hospital monitor
Poisonous berries
Shih Tzu Life Span
Cheeseburger in a can
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In it of itself
Sweet alcohol
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Chlorous acid
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B ukulele
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How to wear engagement ring and wedding band
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Step by step metal roof installation
Substitution method
Shale rock
How to tell if your cat is sick
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How to find your art style
Best hood movies
Replacing A Breaker
Pour salt down your drain
Light Switch Neutral Wire
Acyl group
How to reduce video size
Its possessive form
How to send mail envelope
Fix refrigerator
What Unit Is Energy Measured In
R value sleeping pad
Among vs amongst
Principled negotiation
How to separate laundry
Lean canvas
Uses of microwaves
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Boiling frozen shrimp
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Droopy eye dog
Master's degree in business administration
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Values definition
Please bare with me
Equity formula
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Level 6 Hair Color
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Types of corporations
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Hhhh meaning
Fungi food
Regex starts with
Minecraft Voice Chat
Building a table
What does rn mean
Phrases examples
How to clean air conditioner filter
Can cats be service animals
Hi There
Where to find geodes
Chemistry answers
How To Cut Vinyl Siding
How to dye hair white
Compass test
T bag
Why do dogs scratch the carpet
Virtual meeting
Noone or no one
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Bh3 Thf
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How to get a knot out of your back
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Polygamy vs polyamory
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How to get rid of mice naturally
How long does it take to put on braces
Spectrum internet slow
How to become a makeup artist
Coolant pouring out of bottom of car
How to lower chlorine in pool
Soil engineering
Mulch around trees
Adding exponents
Micro and macro economics
Color streak
Solid solution
How many years is life in prison
Hypertonic definition
Do eggs have carbs
My hero academia manga free
All religions
Anytime or any time
What is copper
Is this a pronoun
How to work for the fbi
How to clean a window air conditioner
How to become a counselor
Show respect
Standard light bulb base
What is are
Lead wire
Where to sign a check
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How to move to the uk
Woodwind instruments list
How To Use A Protractor
Learn shorthand
Muscle contraction
Visual perception
Small waist workout
The difference between socialism and communism
Diversity examples
Pokemon near me
Common stock on balance sheet
What is quartz used for
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Neurologist vs neurosurgeon
Read qr code from image
How to find a tracker on your car
Simplifying rational expressions
Toggle switch wiring
How to fix a jammed garbage disposal
Is milk gluten free
Stain over paint
Bulimia face
Monitor lizard pet
Key won t turn in ignition
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Armpit zit
Sign back of check
Scratched rims
The red thread
My Name In Japanese
Os system
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Types of planning
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What is a factor
Getting married in texas
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Dominican men
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How to speak russian
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Masters degree in business
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Statistical analysis methods
Esol meaning
Multiplying scientific notation
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Smell and taste
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Well Pump Pressure Tank Setup
How to acidify soil
What is a dns error
Scale definition
Mm dd yyyy format
Engine locked up
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Zoroastrianism god
Do Lions Eat Hyenas
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Reset Maytag Washer
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What is a petri dish
Functions of money
Storage solutions for small spaces
Free writing
Nrbc blood test
Bathtub p trap
How to multiply fractions with different denominators
What does god mean
However semicolon
How to build a door frame
Live life to the fullest
S in sign language
Tired of life
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Clean sink with baking soda
Marshall court
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Spf face spray
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Self supervised learning
People vs peoples
Parts of a book
Guitar names
Define transformation
Christian symbols and meanings
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Is fish seafood
Kaplan nursing entrance exam
Gender stereotyping definition
Lowes Water Heater Installation Cost
How to make your own stickers
Wiring a light fixture
Fraction in simplest form
White in french
Types of management
How to get a tick off a dog
Second world countries
Iv infiltration
The bronze bow
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Ac adapter for car
Is your blood type on your birth certificate
How to add fractions with the same denominator
Stardew hardwood
How to use a diffuser on curly hair
Chiral vs achiral
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Does losing weight increase size
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Types of bank
What is a semester
How to wear wedding rings
How long do pit bulls live
Hernia test
What to feed turtles
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Can you live without your pancreas
How to make a graph in word
Pet owl
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How does a transistor work
Boycott autism speaks
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Textile fabric
French bulldog blue eyes
Scale picture
Mini usb charger
Door hinge router
Flat organizational structure
How many sentences are in a paragraph
How to soak off nails
How to determine if a wall is load bearing
How to get rid of static electricity
How to use a wet stone
Is tofu gluten free
Baroque furniture
Is dad capitalized
What is ambient light
Dust motes
How to get rid of blood clot in eye
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Wildlife rehabilitator salary
Land turtle
Examples of stressors
Allocation method
Abstract noun
Different types of dinosaurs
Cath lab tech
Nail cleaner
How much do vet techs make
Type russian
Body dysmorphia quiz
Content of a book
Bce and ce
Distillation process
Timesing fractions
What's a compound word
Third-Party Payer
Transgenic organism
Tasc practice test
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How to get rid of mites
How to get a dog to eat
What are magnets made of
Did george washington sign the declaration of independence
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Nonischemic cardiomyopathy
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Vedas definition
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Curveball grip
Ge dishwasher not draining
How much do ferrets cost
Find the least common denominator
Beta waves
Density of diamond
When is the brain fully developed
Waking up with stomach pain
How to turn off your emotions
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
Breakthrough seizure
How to reduce swelling on face
Invalid partition table
Types of tone in writing
Future progressive tense
Wireless 3 way switch
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Leadership quotes
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Phlegm after eating
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Tudor family tree
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Signs my cat is dying
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White dove bird
Car accelerator
Code green hospital
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Daoism philosophy
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Inner join mysql
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Types of speech
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How to not be shy
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Family lawyer salary
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How to get rid of fleas in the house forever
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Product mix
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Er doctor
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How to become a race car driver
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Is lying a sin
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How To Replace Mercedes Key Battery
Are dolphins endangered
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Cat massage
Pediatric registered nurse
Blocked sweat gland
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How Much Does A Chihuahua Cost
Bathtub drain cleaner
How to fish for bass
How to set up voicemail on iphone
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Factoring monomials
What is microbiology
Hyaluron pen gone wrong
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Face blender
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Accounting bachelor degree salary
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Office for mac
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Atx motherboard
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Genovese basil
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Types of lilies
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Towhee bird
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Hair mist
Sodium phosphate
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Collagen for women
Synchrony bank savings
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Usb a vs usb c
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Where to get botox
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Samsung dryer heating element replacement
Internal control examples
Toyota race car
Start a petition
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Gas hot water heater not working
Whats my zodiac chart
Methylated spirits
Taurus compatibility
Youtube sound not working
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Windows memory diagnostic
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Natural bridal makeup
How to make thin hair thicker
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Etrade commercial
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Under eye color corrector
Light copper hair color
Aloe vera cream
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How to reduce acne redness
How to cut porcelain tile
Hebrew phrases
Tall white flowers
Home remedies to keep snakes away
Composite video
Annuals vs perennials
Blackhead cleaner
Best hair for box braids
Paintless dent removal
Step-Up In Basis
Do banks have notaries
Natural antiperspirant
Romex cable
Sat words
Jawline filler before and after
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Disney plus not working
Linux find
Top 10 most popular gift cards
Ge adora refrigerator
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Usb 4 port
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Executive recruiters
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Tiny wood bugs
Turn off phone
Agricultural commodity prices today
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Connect galaxy buds to pc
Router planing bit
Panel ready counter depth refrigerator
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Hair back
Modern southwest decor
Southern oregon wineries
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Cal king mattress dimensions
Chindo viburnum
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Weyerhaeuser stock price
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Value etf
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Queen mattress in a box
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Procreate free download
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Silk eye mask
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How much does it cost to replace a roof
Wholesale contract
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How do batteries work
How to solve limits
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Orange oil for termites
Ncr stock
Toptech thermostat
Best shampoo for fine oily hair
Commercial pilot
Standard plywood sizes
Citric acid for cleaning
Seabreeze hair
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Niacinamide and retinol
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Capricorn and capricorn compatibility
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Internet phone
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Patent troll
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Capricorn rising sign
How to measure windows for curtains
Honeysuckle flower
Roof joist
How to get rid of gnats outside
Ransomware protection
Underlayment plywood
Is vitamin d and d3 the same
Movies that make you cry
Zit under skin
Indigenous clothing
Fireplace curtain
Bluebell plant
Is whey protein gluten free
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Botox side effects pictures
Cal king size
California pine trees
Marine pay scale
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Last day to contribute to roth ira 2020
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Rust on plants
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Closet office ideas
Best vegan protein
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How to create a flowchart in word
How to treat whiteheads
Sand mix concrete
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