Definition of Magnitude:

  1. The degree of brightness of a star. The magnitude of an astronomical object is now reckoned as the negative logarithm of the brightness; a decrease of one magnitude represents an increase in brightness of 2.512 times. A star with an apparent magnitude of six is barely visible to the naked eye.

  2. Relative size of something. The scientists attempt to calculate the magnitude of an earthquake, and then categorize it using the Richter scale. See also order of magnitude.

  3. Size.

  4. The great size or extent of something.

Synonyms of Magnitude

Immensity, Vastness, Hugeness, Enormity, Enormousness, Expanse, Size, Extent, Measure, Proportions, Dimensions, Breadth, Volume, Weight, Quantity, Mass, Bulk, Beehive, Cepheid variable, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, Hyades, Messier catalog, NGC, Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Absolute magnitude, Amount, Ampleness, Amplitude, Area, Bigness, Binary star, Black hole, Body, Boundlessness, Breadth, Bulk, Caliber, Consequence, Coverage, Depth, Diameter, Dimension, Dimensions, Double star, Dwarf star, Enormity, Enormousness, Expanse, Expansion, Extension, Extent, Fixed star, Force, Formidableness, Fullness, Gauge, Giant star, Gigantism, Girth, Globular cluster, Grandeur, Grandness, Gravity star, Great scope, Greatness, Height, Hugeness, Immensity, Import, Importance, Infinity, Intensity, Largeness, Length, Main sequence star, Mass, Mass-luminosity law, Matter, Measure, Measurement, Might, Mightiness, Moment, Momentousness, Muchness, Neighborhood, Neutron star, Note, Nova, Numbers, Open cluster, Order, Pith, Plenitude, Populations, Power, Prodigiousness, Proportion, Proportions, Pulsar, Quantity, Quantum, Quasar, Quasi-stellar radio source, Radio star, Radius, Range, Reach, Red giant star, Relative magnitude, Scale, Scope, Significance, Signification, Size, Sky atlas, Spectrum-luminosity diagram, Spread, Star, Star catalog, Star chart, Star cloud, Star cluster, Stellar magnitude, Strength, Stupendousness, Substance, Sum, Supernova, Tour de force, Tremendousness, Tune, Variable star, Vastness, Vicinity, Volume, Weight, Weightiness, White dwarf star, Whole, Width, Brightness, Brilliance, Radiance, Luminosity

How to use Magnitude in a sentence?

  1. Electorates of less than average magnitude.
  2. The brightest stars have the lowest magnitudes.
  3. They may feel discouraged at the magnitude of the task before them.

Meaning of Magnitude & Magnitude Definition