Definition of Formal:

  1. Done in accordance with rules of convention or etiquette; suitable for or constituting an official or important situation or occasion.

  2. Officially sanctioned or recognized.

  3. Of or concerned with outward form or appearance, especially as distinct from content or matter.

  4. An evening gown.

  5. In conformance with generally accepted standards; the opposite of casual.

    Generally accepted formal standards usually denote professionalism, whereas the absence or lack of standards would be seen as casual. For example, a business jacket, tie, button-up shirt, slacks, dark-colored socks, business shoes, and a neat and clean appearance is considered formal attire for men. Similarly, a formal letter would have many different characteristics than a casual email, such as a standard header, salutation, closing, and formatting.

Synonyms of Formal

Official, Legal, Authorized, Approved, Validated, Certified, Endorsed, Documented, Sanctioned, Licensed, Recognized, Authoritative, Accepted, Verified, Legitimate, Lawful, Valid, Bona fide, Proper, Prescribed, Pro forma, High-Church, Latinate, Accepted, Acknowledged, Adjectival, Admitted, Adverbial, Anatomic, Approved, Architectonic, Architectural, Arranged, Attributive, Authorized, Awkward, Baccalaureate service, Baptismal, Being done, Bloated, Bombastic, Businesslike, Byname, Celebration, Ceremonial, Ceremonious, Ceremony, Chivalric, Chivalrous, Cognominal, Comme il faut, Commencement, Conditional, Confining, Conformable, Conjunctive, Constructional, Conventional, Conventionalized, Convocation, Copulative, Correct, Courtly, Cramped, Cumbrous, Customary, De rigueur, Decent, Decorous, Definite, Demure, Dignified, Diminutive, Distant, Dress uniform, Earnest, Edificial, Elephantine, Empty formality, Epithetic, Established, Eucharistic, Evening dress, Exact, Exacting, Exercise, Exercises, Explicit, Express, Extrinsic, Fixed, Flatulent, Forced, Formal dress, Formalist, Formalistic, Formality, Formalized, Formational, Formative, Formulaic, Formular, Formulary, Frowning, Full dress, Function, Functional, Gallant, Gassy, Glossematic, Graduation, Graduation exercises, Grammatic, Grandiloquent, Grave, Grim, Grim-faced, Grim-visaged, Guinde, Habitual, Halting, Harmonious, Heavy, Honorific, Hypocoristic, Impersonal, In hand, In name only, Inaugural, Inauguration, Inflated, Inflexible, Initiation, Inkhorn, Intransitive, Knightly, Labored, Lawful, Leaden, Legal, Legalistic, Limited, Linking, Liturgic, Liturgistic, Liturgy, Long-faced, Lumbering, Meet, Methodical, Modal, Morphological, Morphotic, Mummery, Nominal, Nominative, Normal, Observance, Office, Official, Old-fashioned, Old-world, Ordered, Orderly, Organic, Organismal, Orthodox, Ostensible, Outward, Participial, Paschal, Pedantic, Performance, Plastic, Pompous, Ponderous, Pontifical, Postpositional, Precise, Prepositional, Prescribed, Pretended, Prim, Pro forma, Professed, Pronominal, Proper, Punctilious, Purported, Quasi, Received, Recognized, Regalia, Regular, Religious ceremony, Reserved, Right, Rigid, Rite, Rite de passage, Rite of passage, Ritual, Ritualistic, Routine, Sacramental, Sacramentarian, Sedate, Seemly, Self-called, Self-christened, Self-important, Self-styled, Serious, Service, Sesquipedalian, Set, So-called, Sober, Sober-minded, Sobersided, Soi-disant, Solemn, Solemnity, Solemnization, Somber, Square, Staid, Standard, Starched, Stately, Steady, Stiff, Stilted, Stone-faced, Straight, Straight-faced, Strait-laced, Straitened, Strict, Structural, Stuffy, Stylized, Substantive, Substructural, Superficial, Superstructural, Supposed, Surface, Swollen, Symmetrical, Syntactic, Systematic, Tagmemic, Tails, Tectonic, Textural, Thoughtful, Titular, Traditional, Transitive, Tumid, Turgid, Tuxedo, Unbending, Unchanging, Uniform, Unsmiling, Unwieldy, Usual, Verbal, Weighty, Well-ordered, Well-regulated, Would-be, Ceremonial, Ceremonious, Ritualistic, Ritual, Conventional, Traditional, Orthodox, Prescribed, Fixed, Set

How to use Formal in a sentence?

  1. It was a formal even, which meant everyone would have to dress up in their best clothes and e on their best behavior.
  2. A formal complaint.
  3. His attire was much less formal than all of the other party goers, and this made him feel like a slob.
  4. I dont know enough about art to appreciate the purely formal qualities.
  5. The school held a formal dance where all students were required to be dressed in slacks and button ups shirts or suits for the boys and dresses/gowns for the girls.
  6. Cocktail parties every night so the ladies can show off their formals.
  7. A formal dinner party.

Meaning of Formal & Formal Definition