Definition of Formal:

  1. This is done in accordance with conventions or rules of etiquette relating to or representing an official or important event or event.

  2. Restrictions or officially recognized.

  3. Appearances or appearances or references, especially one that differs from the material or substance.

  4. Night dress

  5. According to the generally accepted standard, comfortable contrast.

    Generally accepted formal standards indicate professionalism, while lack or absence of quality is occasionally observed. For example, work jackets, ties, button-down shirts, dark pants, socks, work shoes, and elegant, clean-looking men's clothing are considered formal. Similarly, a formal letter will have many different features than an informal email, such as: B header, greeting, closing and standard format.

Synonyms of Formal

Morphotic, Sacramentarian, Thoughtful, Edificial, Valid, Substantive, Orderly, Cramped, Regalia, Stylized, Religious ceremony, Pompous, Organismal, Orthodox, Copulative, In hand, Old-fashioned, Strict, So-called, Authorized, Ceremonial, Architectonic, Reserved, Self-called, Baccalaureate service, Participial, Staid, Celebration, Gallant, Admitted, Approved, Tectonic, Sacramental, Old-world, Honorific, Function, Pro forma, Unbending, Harmonious, Structural, Formulary, Exercise, Precise, Pretended, Weighty, Ceremonious, Fixed, Serious, Official, Quasi, Rite, Accepted, Starched, Office, Empty formality, Superficial, Exact, Liturgic, Habitual, Recognized, Stone-faced, Fixed, Dress uniform, Established, Stiff, Distant, Meet, Conformable, Recognized, Authorized, Comme il faut, Regular, Commencement, Adverbial, Hypocoristic, Correct, Ritualistic, Impersonal, Tagmemic, Frowning, Byname, Liturgy, Rigid, Strait-laced, Received, Rite of passage, Standard, Right, Gassy, Professed, Dignified, Ceremonial, Initiation, Elephantine, Conjunctive, Square, Inflexible, Full dress, Conventionalized, Legalistic, Prescribed, Limited, Endorsed, Inauguration, Exercises, Lumbering, Legal, Adjectival, Seemly, Steady, Cumbrous, Swollen, Orthodox, Conventional, Linking, Legitimate, Liturgistic, Bombastic, Explicit, Accepted, Knightly, Prepositional, Morphological, Bona fide, Graduation, De rigueur, Symmetrical, Well-ordered, Decorous, Somber, High-Church, Demure, Formalist, Formalized, Solemnization, Verbal, Pro forma, Intransitive, Would-be, Pronominal, Superstructural, Chivalric, Modal, Sobersided, Inflated, Transitive, Constructional, Proper, Stately, Straight-faced, Conventional, Bloated, Chivalrous, Confining, Long-faced, Customary, Organic, Usual, Glossematic, Unsmiling, Conditional, Self-styled, Straitened, Formality, Forced, Routine, Tumid, Sesquipedalian, Grim-faced, Exacting, Lawful, Stuffy, Official, Outward, Paschal, Set, Soi-disant, Extrinsic, Formular, Grim-visaged, Validated, Sober, Syntactic, Proper, Ceremonious, Arranged, Inkhorn, Pontifical, Turgid, Ritualistic, Uniform, Formalistic, Licensed, Traditional, Ceremony, Epithetic, Pedantic, Unwieldy, Unchanging, Service, Authoritative, Cognominal, Architectural, Normal, Being done, Leaden, Systematic, Functional, Guinde, Attributive, Surface, Rite de passage, Tails, Eucharistic, Solemn, Nominative, Methodical, Diminutive, Formational, Performance, Anatomic, In name only, Ritual, Ponderous, Grammatic, Solemnity, Awkward, Formal dress, Sanctioned, Express, Self-christened, Approved, Postpositional, Punctilious, Prim, Labored, Baptismal, Documented, Convocation, Definite, Prescribed, Latinate, Supposed, Lawful, Titular, Halting, Set, Ordered, Self-important, Ostensible, Prescribed, Textural, Acknowledged, Grandiloquent, Businesslike, Heavy, Certified, Sober-minded, Plastic, Stilted, Well-regulated, Verified, Formative, Purported, Graduation exercises, Formulaic, Mummery, Decent, Grave, Observance, Earnest, Tuxedo, Legal, Courtly, Straight, Grim, Ritual, Flatulent, Sedate, Evening dress, Substructural, Nominal, Inaugural, Traditional

How to use Formal in a sentence?

  1. It was a formal night, which meant everyone had to dress and behave in the best way possible.
  2. Government complaint.
  3. Her clothes were less formal than the other animals at the party and she felt like a tramp.
  4. I don't know enough art to fully appreciate formal features.
  5. The school offers a formal dance in which all students are required to wear pants and a shirt or button suit for boys / girls.
  6. Cocktails every night for women to show off their formality.
  7. Formal dinner

Meaning of Formal & Formal Definition