Definition of Radiation:

  1. The emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles which cause ionization.

  2. Divergence out from a central point, in particular evolution from an ancestral animal or plant group into a variety of new forms.

  3. Particulate emanation of unstable or split atomic nuclei, such as protons or helium nuclei (alpha radiation), high-energy electrons (beta radiation), and neutrons (from fission). It is the ionizing type of radiation that directly breaks down chemical bonds and is likely to be harmful.

  4. Direct transmission of heat or electromagnetic energy through space or another medium. It is the non-ionizing type of radiation that does not affect chemical bonds and thus is usually harmless. Also called radiant energy.

Synonyms of Radiation

X ray, Actinic ray, Actinism, Arc lighting, Asteroids, Atomic beam, Atomic ray, Attenuation, Aurora particles, Beam, Beam of light, Black and white, Blackout, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Chiaroscuro, Circumfusion, Contrast, Cosmic particles, Cosmic ray bombardment, Decorative lighting, Diffraction, Diffusion, Dilution, Direct lighting, Dispensation, Dispersal, Dispersion, Dissemination, Dissipation, Distribution, Divergence, Electric lighting, Emanation, Emission, Enlightenment, Evaporation, Expansion, Festoon lighting, Floodlighting, Fluorescent lighting, Fragmentation, Gamma ray, Gaslighting, Gleam, Glow lighting, Highlight, Highlights, Illumination, Incandescent lighting, Indirect lighting, Infrared ray, Intergalactic matter, Invisible radiation, Irradiance, Irradiancy, Irradiation, Leam, Light, Light and shade, Light source, Lighting, Luminous energy, Meteor dust impacts, Meteors, Overhead lighting, Patch, Pencil, Peppering, Photon, Photosensitivity, Propagation, Publication, Radiance, Radiancy, Radiant energy, Radiorays, Radius, Ray, Ray of light, Ribbon, Ribbon of light, Scattering, Scatterment, Shedding, Shotgun pattern, Sidelight, Solar rays, Sowing, Space bullets, Spattering, Splay, Spoke, Spot lighting, Spread, Spreading, Sprinkling, Stage lighting, Streak, Stream, Stream of light, Streamer, Strewing, Strip lighting, The bends, Tonality, Ultraviolet ray, Violet ray, Visible radiation, Volatilization, Weightlessness, Discharge, Release, Outpouring, Outflow, Outrush, Leak, Excretion, Secretion, Ejection

How to use Radiation in a sentence?

  1. After the accident in reactor plant, radiation from the core spread and burned down the entire compound in which the core was housed.
  2. When the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan there was a lot of radiation that killed people and caused all sorts of problems for the country.
  3. The warm light from the sun, the radio signal from your phone, and the microwaves in a microwave oven are all examples of the same electromagnetic RADIATION .
  4. Because it uses sound waves instead of radiation, ultrasound is safer than X-rays.
  5. Evolution is a process of radiation not progression.

Meaning of Radiation & Radiation Definition

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