Definition of Occupation:

  1. Occupancy or period of occupation by act, state or military force.

  2. Physical property or housing or actual use of land. Work there is only possible if it is recognized and prisoners have enough control to avoid being harassed by strangers.

  3. The act or process of using a residence or building or other place.

  4. For example, an official position of an employee or an independent person. B. An architect, doctor, engineer or director.

  5. Profession or profession.

  6. Business, phone calls, trade or any casual or important job that a person does for a living.

Synonyms of Occupation

Calling, Conquest, Property, Management, Prescription, Tenure, Swing, Usurpation, De facto, Metier, Steering, Line of business, Lookout, Commerce, Handling, Working, Skill, Walk of life, Vocation, Line of work, Racket, Derivative title, Taking over, Possessing, Adverse possession, Suzerainty, Holding, Walk, Proprietary rights, Conduct, Knight service, Leasehold, Sojourning, Occupancy, Alodium, Inhabitation, Usucapion, Villeinhold, Lease, Situation, Craft, Position, Profession, Careerism, Appropriation, Fee simple, Take-over, Thing, Gavelkind, Functioning, Original title, Operancy, Tenancy, Fee simple determinable, Line, Staying, Exercise, Operations, Undertenancy, Practice, Habitation, Walk of life, Number, Burgage, Residence, Property rights, Action, Abiding, Feud, Praxis, Tenantry, Specialty, Commorancy, Job, Assumption, Squatting, Title, Residency, Undertaking, Bag, Running, Enterprise, Rule, Province, Service, Career, Frankalmoign, Abode, Tenure in chivalry, Activities, Fee position, Sublease, Handicraft, Subjugation, Occupancy, Legal claim, Employment, Stopping, Takeover, Adoption, Labor, Operation, Possession, Career building, Play, Fiefdom, Living in, Mystery, Fee fief, Fee simple conditional, Concernment, Post, Field, Bondage, Calling, Owning, Tenancy, Activity, Career, Day job, Business, Seizure, Living, Prepossession, Villenage, Underlease, Field, Mission, Residency, Colonization, Villein socage, Skill, Movements, Affair, Control, Execution, Lay fee, Preoccupancy, Acting, Trade, Position, Requisition, Situation, Enslavement, Claim, Socage, Fee simple absolute, Doing, Cohabitation, Inhabitation, Driving, De jure, Mandate, Free socage, Pursuit, Responsibility, Habitancy, M├ętier, Colony, Interest, Function, Legal possession, Job, Nesting, Freehold, Settlement, Specialization, Inhabiting, Performance, Employ, Activism, Arrogation, Affairs, Workings, Preoccupation, Lease, Tenure, Fee tail, Work, Hold, Work, Business, Having title to, Habitation, Preemption, Lifework, Dwelling, Game, Trade, Art, Appointment, Staying over, Employment, Inhabitancy, Residing, Fee simple defeasible, Oppression, Profession, Manipulation, Indent, Vocation, Concern, Act, Feodum, Dependency, Behavior, Residence, Craft, Direction, Seisin, Line of work, Performing, Post, Agency, Lodging, Matter, Subjection, Line of business

How to use Occupation in a sentence?

  1. Roman occupation of Britain.
  2. His official occupation is that of an architect, but his hobbies and interests include drawing, painting and playing the violin, which he is very fond of.
  3. As young adults, we must strive to continue our education because knowledge is the greatest means of improving our lives and moving beyond work, but also the work, the career in which we succeed during our years of work. Can be
  4. His main job as an editor is.
  5. Apprentice beekeepers are trained for years before using their profession without caring for bees.
  6. Property suitable for the elderly.

Meaning of Occupation & Occupation Definition