Definition of Activity:

  1. Project management: Smallest unit of work having four characteristics: (1) definite duration, (2) logic relationships with other activities in the project, (3) resource consumption, and (4) an associated cost. Often used as an alternative term for task.

  2. A thing that a person or group does or has done.

  3. The condition in which things are happening or being done.

  4. A thermodynamic quantity representing the effective concentration of a particular component in a solution or other system, equal to its concentration multiplied by an activity coefficient.

  5. General: Measurable amount of work performed to convert inputs into outputs.

  6. Activity based costing (ABC): Aggregations of actions performed in an organization which are useful for ABC computations.

Synonyms of Activity

Act, Acting, Action, Actions, Activism, Activities, Acts, Actuation, Address, Affair, Affairs, Affectation, Air, Animation, Ardor, Artificial radioactivity, Bag, Bearing, Behavior, Behavior pattern, Behavioral norm, Behavioral science, Brio, Briskness, Business, Bustle, Campaign, Carriage, Cause, Commerce, Commitment, Comportment, Concern, Concernment, Conduct, Contamination, Crusade, Culture pattern, Curiage, Custom, Decontamination, Demeanor, Deportment, Doing, Doings, Drive, Dynamics, Elan, Employ, Employment, Endeavor, Energy, Enterprise, Enthusiasm, Exercise, Exercising, Exertion, Faith, Fallout, Folkway, Function, Functioning, Gestures, Glow, Going, Goings-on, Great cause, Guise, Gusto, Half-life, Impetuosity, Impetus, Interest, Issue, Job, Joie de vivre, Kinematics, Kinesipathy, Kinesis, Kinesitherapy, Kinetics, Labor, Life, Lifework, Liveliness, Lookout, Lustiness, Maintien, Manner, Manners, Mass movement, Matter, Method, Methodology, Methods, Mettle, Mien, Mobilization, Modus vivendi, Motion, Motions, Motivation, Move, Movement, Movements, Moves, Moving, Natural radioactivity, Nuclear radiation, Observable behavior, Occupation, Operation, Operations, Pattern, Perkiness, Pertness, Play, Poise, Port, Pose, Posture, Practice, Praxis, Presence, Principle, Procedure, Proceeding, Project, Pursuit, Radiant energy, Radiation, Radioactive radiation, Radioactivity, Radiocarbon dating, Radiolucency, Radiopacity, Radiosensibility, Radiosensitivity, Reason for being, Restlessness, Robustness, Running, Saturation point, Service, Social science, Specific activity, Spirit, Spiritedness, Stir, Stirring, Style, Swing, Tactics, Thing, Tone, Undertaking, Unrest, Velocity, Venture, Vigor, Vim, Vivacity, Vocation, Warmth, Way, Way of life, Ways, Work, Working, Workings, Zest, Zestfulness, Pursuit, Occupation, Venture, Undertaking, Enterprise, Project, Scheme, Business, Job, Affair, Task, Campaign

How to use Activity in a sentence?

  1. There has been a sustained level of activity in the economy.
  2. The firms marketing activities.

Meaning of Activity & Activity Definition

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