Definition of Deal:

  1. The process of distributing cards to players in a game of cards.

  2. Mutually beneficial transactions.

  3. Participate in trade negotiations for some products.

  4. Deals (cards) to players of a game or round in regular circulation.

  5. Working (someone or something), basically with the intention of fixing something.

  6. The amount of something important, but uncertain

  7. (Blow) for (something or something).

  8. Agreements made for the mutual benefit of two or more parties, especially in a commercial or political context.

Synonyms of Deal

Lap, Take care of, Take in hand, Deal a blow, Slam, Clutch, Bit, Sort out, Trade in, Give in exchange, Allowance, Clout, Measure, Punch, Accord, Protocol, Align, Coldcock, Lobbyism, Settlement, Mutual concession, Knock out, Bat, Siding, Wham, Fetch, Fate, Effort, Pour, Stick of wood, Great deal, Mete out, Hard bargain, Slip, Compromise, Arrangement, Covenant of salt, Dose, Pact, Dispense, Undertaking, Fetch a blow, Disperse, Meed, Behave, Amount, Offer, Dish out, Extent, Crack, Vouchsafe, Hand out, Peel, Wad, Allotment, Pile, Count, Bestow on, Allocate, Compose, Handle, Lathwork, Sheathing board, Belt, Good deal, Trade-in, Gift with, Surrender, Firewood, Bond, Give, Array, Snow, Plyboard, Give, Ironclad agreement, Consortium, Group, Let have it, Laminated glass, Loads, Convention, Cartel, Covering, Hunk, Ploys, Place, Venture, Gob, Pane, Helping, Whop, Clap, Barter, Commercial transaction, Business, Do business in, Horse trade, Boarding, Truck, Take charge of, Jab, Assign, Laminated wood, Strike at, Promise, Allot, Accommodation, Smack, Clump, Small share, Trade in, Issue, Covenant, Yielding, Feuille, Ration, Grant, Puncheon, Allow, Composition, Membrane, Quota, Disk, Legal contract, Stock, Gobs, Pass out, Piece, Lobbying, Pass round, Take in exchange, Partition, Parcel, Treat, Reckon with, Bonk, Fork out, Allot, Stake, Batch, Backstairs influence, Sight, Cope with, Line up, Equal share, Desertion of principle, Accord, Spate, Games, Sock, Knock cold, Swipe, Pot, Plunk, Dicker, Large amount, Billet, Pack, Trade off, Affair, Attend to, Disburse, Concordat, Considerable, Film, Scads, Distribute, Slews, Tackle, Participate, Half, Flap, Adjustment, Slug, Stipulation, Help to, Employment contract, Yerk, Give freely, Engagement, Compact, Exchange, Handle, Deliver, Pay out, Lumber, Stovewood, Inflict, Sheet, Grapple with, Rasher, Clip, Whole slew, Valid contract, Legal agreement, Post, Deliver, Gift, Weatherboard, Lathing, Thwack, Understanding, Heap, Slice, Agreement, Protocol, Wires, Lamina, Table, Compromise, Dispose, Two-by-four, Enterprise, Hit, Take on, Commitment, Percentage, Task, Hit a clip, Dispense, Smite, Afford, Rally, Biff, Wage contract, Wads, Accommodation, Paste, Oodles, Chunk, Apportion, Contingent, Transaction, Raft, Render, Confer, Traffic, Bargain, Heaps, Fold, Slew, Patina, Business deal, Trade, Buy and sell, Plating, Negotiation, Collop, Plate, Present, Destiny, Give out, Lots, Beam, Panel, Divide, Lavish, Attempt, Sideboard, Proportion, Coating, Clobber, Space, Extend, Settlement, Swat, Evasion of responsibility, Cut, Manage, Piles, Sum, Stave, Softwood, Share, Shingle, Allocate, Bestow, Splat, Safety glass, Abatement of differences, Plan, Budget, Union contract, Coat, Wallop, Shower, Halver, Lashings, Yield, Program, Give out, Number, Bunch, Distribute, Log, Skin, Marshal, Veneer, Do business, Divvy, Dividend, Take care of, Administer, Apportion, Planking, Parcel out, Bite, Deal with, Collective agreement, Mete out, Snap, Modicum, Timberwork, Buy and sell, Dash, Treaty, Deals, Compact, Hand out, Segment, Timber, Dole out, Horse-trade, Slab, Sheeting, Tender, Slog, Divide out, Dole out, Give-and-take, Formal agreement, Obligation, Ropes, Project, Knock down, Serve, Soak, Schemes, Part, Negotiation, Proposition, Hardwood, Turn, Swap, Agreement, Pass around, Big end, Bang, Act, Spoon out, Driftwood, Rake-off, Cord, Donate, Be engaged in trading, Operation, Strike, Contract, Paction, Blind bargain, Administer, Byzantine intrigues, Quantity, Ply, Poke, Impose, Cop-out, Mess, Share out, Portion out, Plait, Act on, Lot, Sheathing, Tidy sum, Range, Interest, Pole, Thump, Board, Deal out, Moiety, Panelwork, Change, Understanding, Influence peddling, Leaf, Connections, Partake, Three-by-four, Collocate, Stick, Plank, Arrangement, Covenant, Commission, Contract, Knock, Rain, Deck, Work, Quantum, Package deal, Proffer, See to, Wafer, Mete, Paneling, Shell out, Stack, Small amount, Cordwood, Swap horses, Quite a little, Wire-pulling, Switch, Rafts, Peck, Stacks, Set out, Dole, Lamella, Wood, Plywood, Divide up, Shake, Portion, Interchange, Line, Fix, Bash, Trade sight unseen, Tablet, Bigger half, Measure out, Impart, See to, Panelboard, Regiment, Mutual agreement, Let have, Be concerned with trading, Bargain, Binding agreement, Dispense, Attend to, Pellicle, Communicate, End, Entente, Giving way, Foil, Pact, Intrigues, Slat, Mint, Whack, Engage in, Concession, Scum, Inflict, Timbering, Bestow, Strings, Award, Lath, Clapboard

How to use Deal in a sentence?

  1. Hopes for economic recovery were another blow.
  2. The group signed a major recording agreement.
  3. The government failed to overcome the economic crisis.
  4. After the deal, the A and B players left.
  5. He ate a lot of blood.
  6. Directors are prohibited from trading in company shares.
  7. Cards are dealt in the last hand.

Meaning of Deal & Deal Definition