Definition of Consistent:

  1. Stable without changes. For example, anyone who gets to work exactly 5 minutes early every day is always on time or on time.

  2. Follow a set of rules, guidelines or guidelines. For example, television stations must comply with FCC regulations for live broadcasts.

  3. Organized according to logic and / or the same model. For example, a seller's growth is usually based on its operating income.

  4. Do or do the same from time to time, especially fair or correct.

Synonyms of Consistent

Sound, Persistent, At one, Unchanging, Self-consistent, Affirmative, Sequential, Consonant, Unisonant, Undifferentiated, Binding, Valid, Of one mind, Coherent, In rapport, Uninterrupted, En rapport, Cooperating, Unvarying, Steady, Correspondent, Coexisting, Definite, Coinciding, In synchronization, Serial, True, Consentaneous, Translucent, Answerable, Unchangeable, True-blue, Perspicuous, Distinct, Faithful, Clear-cut, Predictable, Of like mind, Undeviating, Methodic, Unvaried, Positive, Well-defined, Coexistent, Accordant, Unmistakable, Cogent, Like-minded, Synchronized, Unconfused, Sufficient, Sequent, Marble-constant, Commensurate, Luminous, Connected, Crystal-clear, Flat, Sympathetic, Automatic, Plain, Cooperative, Crisp, Just, Smooth, Clear as day, Unswerving, Conformable, In agreement, Ordered, Transparent, Explicit, Robotlike, Constant, Direct, Consentient, Synchronous, Univocal, Joined, Even, Systematic, Tight, Logical, Reconcilable, Agreeing, Symbiotic, Authoritative, Mechanical, Well-founded, Unequivocal, Congruous, Coincident, Equal, Unambiguous, Corresponding, Undiversified, Clear as crystal, Orderly, Equable, Regular, Of a piece, Crystalline, Continuous, Straightforward, Inharmony, In harmony, Lucid, Clean-cut, Simple, Loud and clear, Solid, Inaccordance, Loyal, Unchanged, Consecutive, Homogeneous, Invariable, Firm, Legal, In sync, Legitimate, Well-grounded, On all fours, Proportionate, Devoted, Unbroken, Uniform, In keeping, Harmonious, Measured, Dependable, Concurring, Level, Pellucid, Defined, Stable, Balanced, Good, Weighty, Steadfast, Monolithic, Unfailing, Unanimous, Equivalent, Unruffled, Alike, Congenial, Unisonous, Congruent, Transpicuous, Staunch, Conforming, Limpid, In accord, Express, Concordant, Compatible, Lawful, Immutable, Substantial, Agreeable, Clear

How to use Consistent in a sentence?

  1. The Kansas City Royals baseball team had a consistent mood with their playoffs last year and reached the final as a result.
  2. The parental response was consistent and stable.
  3. In order to continue to maximize profits, it is important to maintain a consistent business model when things are going well.
  4. Maria's boyfriend often hurts her feelings easily, so not recognizing the birthday is similar to her other selfish behavior.

Meaning of Consistent & Consistent Definition

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