Definition of Exacerbate:

  1. Make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.

  2. To make worse or more severe. Continually taunting your coworker about the error he made will only exacerbate his anger, and wont help him learn from his mistake..

Synonyms of Exacerbate

Aggravate, Make worse, Worsen, Inflame, Compound, Accelerate, Acerbate, Agent provocateur, Aggravate, Alienate, Amplify, Annoy, Antagonize, Augment, Beef up, Bitter, ■■■■ up, Build up, Chafe, Complicate, Concentrate, Condense, Consolidate, Damage, Deepen, Deteriorate, Dilapidate, Double, Embitter, Endamage, Enhance, Enlarge, Envenom, Estrange, Exaggerate, Exasperate, Feed the fire, Fret, Gall, Grate, Grate on, Gravel, Grit, Harm, Heat up, Heighten, Hop up, Hot up, Hurt, Impair, Increase, Inflame, Infuriate, Injure, Intensify, Irritate, Jazz up, Key up, Madden, Magnify, Make acute, Make complex, Make worse, Provoke, Put back, Ramify, Rasp, Redouble, Reinforce, Set against, Set at odds, Set on edge, Sharpen, Soup up, Sour, Step up, Strengthen, Triple, Weaken, Whet, Worsen

How to use Exacerbate in a sentence?

  1. the exorbitant cost of land in urban areas only exacerbated the problem.

Meaning of Exacerbate & Exacerbate Definition

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