Definition of Procedure:

  1. A definite step-by-step sequence of activities or action plans (explained with starting and ending points) as well as the sequence to be followed to complete a task successfully. The repetitive procedure is called a routine. See also this method.

  2. An established or official way of working.

Synonyms of Procedure

Working plan, Mode of procedure, Strategy, Motions, Ways, Master plan, Line of action, Process, Program of action, Behavioral norm, Prearrangement, Means, Calculation, Manner of working, Planning function, System, Lineup, SOP, Game, Guiding principles, Way, Ways and means, Rationalization, Affectation, Measure, Guidelines, Organization, Standard operating procedure, Activity, Guise, Agenda, Modus operandi, Motion, Plan of action, Routine, Long-range plan, Standing orders, Course of action, Presence, System, Measure, Setup, Comportment, Mapping, Device, Social science, Schema, Bearing, Goings-on, Operations research, Contrivance, Scheme, Style, Technique, Series of steps, Manners, Operation, Tactics, Schedule, Tone, Process, Practice, Methodology, Modus operandi, Way, Action, Principles, Air, Operation, Blueprinting, Step, Disposition, Foresight, Modus vivendi, Port, Rule, Way of life, Manner, Standard operating procedure, Culture pattern, Ground plan, Arrangement, Strategy, Stratagem, Charting, Conception, Layout, Figuring, Position paper, Maneuver, Intention, Planning, Approach, Lines, The way of, Strategic plan, Act, Proceeding, Program, Prescribed form, Course of action, Demeanor, Attack, Platform, Line of action, MO, Approach, Idea, Graphing, Common practice, Praxis, Pose, Methodology, MO, Plan, Scheme of arrangement, Policy, Plan, Set form, Blueprint, Technique, Method, Mien, Doing, Address, Course, Acts, Fashion, Posture, Mode of operation, Methods, Enterprise, Schematism, Observable behavior, Form, Moves, Design, Drill, Behavior pattern, Doings, The drill, Move, Actions, Maintien, Tactical plan, Behavioral science, Movements, Algorithm, Means, Envisagement, Creed, Wise, Tack, Proceeding, Order, SOP, Gestures, Schematization, Line, Behavior, Polity, Wont, Pattern, Carriage, Policy, Custom, Matter of course, Systematization, Deportment, Tradition, Folkway, Plan of action, Poise, Mechanism, The big picture, The picture, Mode, Forethought, The how, Conduct, Method, Formula

How to use Procedure in a sentence?

  1. In workplaces with complex interactions between employees, it is important to establish and implement basic procedures.
  2. Insurance companies provide step-by-step guidance to all policyholders on litigation and claims procedures.
  3. Police are currently reviewing the procedure.
  4. The doctor surprised me when he told me that he had used a new method to heal the broken tendon in my leg.

Meaning of Procedure & Procedure Definition

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