Definition of Option:

  1. An agreement under which a company temporarily participates in a project and although it has the right to continue its participation, has no obligation.

  2. There is an agreement to keep the offer open for a specified period during which the provider cannot withdraw the offer.

  3. Alternative term for alternative.

  4. Employee stock options, where key employees have the option to buy company stock at a special price.

  5. Buy or sell options on (some).

  6. Something to choose from.

  7. Aggressive game where the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, pass or play late.

  8. The formal agreement between the seller (optional) and the buyer (option holder) is the right (but not the obligation) to buy and sell (or buy and sell) a particular property or quantity. Create an item, currency or value at a fixed price (known as strike price) or up to a certain date (known as expiration date). Owners pay only a fraction of the total value of the contract (called a cash premium or option), which allows them to take advantage of the investment leverage. When the price is expected to increase, the call option (called the call option) is purchased; when the price is expected to decrease, a pop option (called option option) is purchased. More than) if the price is likely to increase. The most popular types of options are the US option (can be used every day until a certain date) and the European option (can only be made on a fixed date). Unused options are automatically revoked and the option holder loses the reward. In practice, only a few options were used before the maturity date, and the majority were bought or sold to other options or option holders. Because the options are legally binding, they have an intrinsic value and are traded freely on futures exchanges. On the other hand, futures contracts do not expire and must be sold or the principal asset received by the holder before the expiration date. As an option contract.

Synonyms of Option

Possibility, Chance, Selection, First option, Call, Pleasure, Straddle, Say, Preemption, Alternate choice, Put, Free decision, Right of emption, Spread, Choice, Say-so, Optionality, Alternative, Way out, Election, Choice, Druthers, Strip, First refusal, Alternative, Will and pleasure, Recourse, Possible choice, Right of preemption, Right, Free choice, Full consent, Discretion, Opportunity, Stock option, Refusal, Recourse, Free will, Privilege, Noncontingent free will, Course of action, Emption, Preference, Strap, Put and call, Prerogative

How to use Option in a sentence?

  1. Your second script has been selected while reading.
  2. Sometimes, when you want to accept an order, you may need to sign an option, but you are not fully prepared to do so.
  3. When things are not going well and you need to change your path, you should always give yourself options as a path.
  4. I decided to choose the third option given to me by my parents and take my younger brother out for gifts or presents, because I didn't want to do my homework.
  5. Choose the cheapest power supply option.

Meaning of Option & Option Definition