Definition of Expert:

  1. A person who has complete knowledge or skills and is competent in a particular field.

  2. Professionals who have acquired knowledge and skills over the years through study and practice in a particular field or theme may find their opinion helpful in investigating, resolving or understanding a problem. See also expert definition.

  3. Get or add official knowledge.

Synonyms of Expert

Graceful, Master of, Arbiter elegantiarum, Featured, Guide, Acquainted with, Diplomatic, Politician, Wizard, Schooled, Preceptist, Cute, Collector, Qualified, Consummate, Gourmand, Confidant, Cognoscente, Crack shot, Good judge, Dabster, Proficient, Mentor, Scientist, Slick, No mean, Pro, Dab, Skilled, Aficionado, Admirable Crichton, Intellectual, Feature, Some, Pundit, Championship, Matured, Dead shot, Bravura, At home in, Experienced, Artistic, Skillful, Fine, Excellent, Technician, Swell, Connoisseur, Learned, Professional, The complete, Finished, Talented, Proficient in, Maven, Deft, Masterful, Dexterous, Au fait, Up on, Confined, Judge, Professor, Freak, Teacher, Nestor, Mature, Technical, Technical adviser, Critic, Nut, Master, Informed in, Archetypical, Expert consultant, Quite some, Doyen, Masterly, Technologist, Fancy, Crack, Specialized, Scholar, Counsel, Handy, Cordon bleu, Good at, Well-read in, Apt, Authority, Classic, Daedalian, Dilettante, Conversant with, Journeyman, Artisan, Buttinsky, Sharp, Arbiter, Coordinated, Wonderful, Whiz, Epicure, Dextrous, Neat, Diplomat, Specialist, Specialistic, Cunning, Buff, Trained, Clever, Stylish, Practical scientist, Virtuoso, The compleat, Instructor, Intimate with, Brilliant, At home with, Politic, Experimental scientist, Fan, Adept, No slouch, Refined palate, Crackerjack, Versed in, Model, Statesmanlike, Polished, Fully developed, Quick, Graduate, Authority, Skilled, Exemplary, Skilful, Ready, Counselor, Ace, Accomplished, Daedal, Meddler, Ripe, Arbiter of taste, Good, Epicurean, Resource person, Technical expert, Well-versed, Quintessential, Kibitzer, Artist, Connaisseur, Well-done, Adept in, Familiar with, Authoritative, Restricted, Top-notch, Handy man, Superior, Ingenious, Adept, Strong in, Backseat driver, Past master, Ripened, Amateur, Statesman, Limited, Diplomatist, Consultant, Orienter, Adroit, Experienced hand, Gourmet, Bon vivant, Marksman, Tactful, Darb, Skilled in, Clean, Pundit, Savant, Monitor, Accomplished, Workmanlike, Perfected, Magisterial, First-rate, Handy at, Shark, Man of science, Developed, Knowledgeable, Admonisher, Resourceful, Adviser, Specialist, Superb, Goodish, Dutch uncle, Refined, Well up on, Craftsman, Artiste, Polonius, Expert at, Elder statesman, Oracle, Attache

How to use Expert in a sentence?

  1. If you have a problem, you will need to consult a specialist to get the best opinion.
  2. A financial expert
  3. Psychologists were called in to hear the case of the man who killed his family but called the defense insane.
  4. He sought scientific advice from experts.
  5. The Department of Research and Development is looking for a new and young gym, because after twenty years in robotics, he is considered an expert in his field.

Meaning of Expert & Expert Definition


Expert Definition:

  • A person who has the training, skills, experience or specialized knowledge to qualify for a government opinion in a specific scientific, technical or professional field.

Sentences of Expert

  1. Obtained educational advice from experts