Definition of Liquid:

  1. Its consistency is like water or oil, meaning it flows freely, but it has a constant amount.

  2. A letter that is formed by the passage of air around the tongue and can be extended like a head (usually a wave).

  3. Clean, pure and fluid and harmonious.

  4. Cash or assets can be converted into cash easily and quickly.

  5. (Assets) are kept in cash or can be easily converted into cash.

  6. (From a satire, usually a wave) which is done by allowing the flow of air to circulate around the tongue and spread like a head.

  7. A substance that flows freely, but has a constant volume and consistency like water or oil.

Synonyms of Liquid

Juicy, Limpid, Unaccented, Muted, Rounded, Flat, Solvent, Negotiable, Fluxible, Clear, Plashy, Alveolar, Velar, Voiceless, Sappy, Liquefied, Pharyngealized, Voicing, Cacuminal, Consonant, Thick, Profitable, Unstressed, Syllabic, Strong, Mellow, Disposable, Triphthong, Splashy, Glide, Tonic, Epenthetic vowel, Aqueous, Labiovelar, Shake, Pure, Broad, Explosive, Fluxile, Soda pop, Morphophoneme, Open, Parasitic vowel, Latex, Barytone, Fluent, Hydraulic, Narrow, Nasalized, Pharyngealization, Stop, Flowing, Apical, Bilabial, Liquidy, Guttural, Fluid extract, Solution, Stopped, Distinct, Aquatic, Vowel, Watery, Dissimilation, Voiced sound, Milk, Palatalized, Intonated, Occlusive, Fluxional, Allophone, Usable, Twangy, Retroflex, Convertible, Monophthongal, Oxytone, Beverage, Speech sound, Pitch, Cerebral, Apico-alveolar, Juice, Potation, Pop, Running, Central, Apico-dental, Mellifluent, Frosted shake, Negotiable, Dental, Water, Phonetic, Prothetic vowel, Heavy, Running, Fluxionary, Hydraulics, Consonantal, Hydrogeology, Pharyngeal, Clear, Fluidic, Runny, Articulated, Sonority, Vocalic, Fluid mechanics, Diphthong, Flowing, Honeyed, Dissimilated, Brilliant, Malt, Drink, Vowellike, Manner of articulation, Voiced, Fluid, High, Dorsal, Accented, Blood, Aspiration, Vocable, Sonant, Potable, Tonal, Continuant, Obtainable, Phonemic, Transparent, Glossal, Hard, Labiodental, Hydrous, Phonic, Lateral, Soda, Monophthong, Modification, Vocoid, Drinkable, Phone, Labialization, Lax, Soda water, Liquor, Sap, Posttonic, Assimilated, Voice, Syllable, Labial, Back, Whey, Assimilation, Close, Convertible, Smooth, Syllabic peak, Bright, Succulent, Swashy, Mute, Sloppy, Waterish, Palatal, Glottal, Fluid, Segmental phoneme, Lingual, Soft, Light, Voiceless sound, Fluid, Mid, Liquid extract, Melted, Fluent, Front, Pitched, Laryngeal, Spendable, Glottalization, Phoneme, Frosted, Stressed, Checked, Wide, Tense, Translucent, Plosive, Low, Soft drink, Peak, Realizable, Transition sound, Weak, Alcoholic drink, Articulation, Hydrated, Throaty, Molten, Golden, Fluidal, Clarion, Unrounded, Nasal, Syllabic nucleus, Shining, Semiliquid, Surd, Semivowel, Check

How to use Liquid in a sentence?

  1. These are all highly liquid short-term assets that can be easily converted into cash and used as currency.
  2. The song of the liquid birds.
  3. Liquid fertilizer
  4. Get plenty of fluids.

Meaning of Liquid & Liquid Definition