Definition of Error:

  1. Law: Specific miscalculation or flaw in the basis, procedure, judgment, or execution of a court action, wording of a document, or recording of a statement.

  2. Statistics: Deviation from a model, norm, specification, or standard that is not due to a lack of knowledge.

  3. General: Belief or mental state that does not conform to objective reality; where what is correct is actually incorrect and what is incorrect is actually correct. Often used interchangeably with mistake.

Synonyms of Error

ALGOL, Albigensianism, Arianism, COBOL, Catharism, Ebionitism, Erastianism, FORTRAN, Gnosticism, Jovinianism, Lollardy, Manichaeanism, Manichaeism, Monophysism, Monophysitism, Pelagianism, Waldensianism, Wyclifism, Abomination, Abuse of terms, Alphabetic data, Alphanumeric code, Angular data, Antinomianism, Assembler, At fault, Atrocity, Bad, Bad job, Bevue, Binary digit, Binary scale, Binary system, Bit, Bloomer, Blooper, Blunder, Bobble, Boggle, Bonehead play, Boner, Boo-boo, Boob, Botch, Breach, Bug, Bull, Bungle, Byte, Catachresis, Clanger, Clerical error, Clumsy performance, Command pulses, Commands, Compiler, Computer code, Computer language, Computer program, Contorting, Control signals, Controlled quantity, Correcting signals, Corrigendum, Crime, Crime against humanity, Data, Deadly sin, Delinquency, Delusion, Dereliction, Disgrace, Distortion, Eisegesis, Emanatism, Enormity, Erratum, Erroneously, Erroneousness, Error in judgment, Error signals, Etourderie, Evil, Failure, Fallaciousness, Fallacy, False doctrine, Falsehood, Falseness, Falsity, Fault, Faute, Faux pas, Feedback pulses, Feedback signals, Felony, Film data, Flagitiousness, Flaw, Flub, Fluff, Foozle, Foul-up, Fumble, Gaffe, Garbling, Gaucherie, Genocide, Gloss, Goof, Guilty act, Hash, Heavy sin, Heresy, Hexadecimal system, Howler, Human error, Hylotheism, Illusion, Impropriety, In error, Inaccuracy, Incorrect, Incorrectly, Indecorum, Indiscretion, Inexpiable sin, Infamy, Information, Iniquity, Injudiciousness, Injury, Injustice, Input data, Input quantity, Instructions, Knavery, Lapse, Literal, Machine language, Malefaction, Malentendu, Malfeasance, Malobservation, Malum, Mess, Message, Minor wrong, Misapplication, Misappreciation, Misapprehension, Misbelief, Miscalculation, Miscarriage, Miscitation, Miscomputation, Misconception, Misconduct, Misconjecture, Misconstruction, Miscount, Miscue, Misdeal, Misdeed, Misdemeanor, Misdoing, Misestimation, Misevaluation, Misexplanation, Misexplication, Misexposition, Misfeasance, Misidentification, Misintelligence, Misinterpretation, Misjudgment, Misplay, Misprint, Misquotation, Misreading, Misrendering, Misreport, Miss, Misstatement, Misstep, Mistake, Mistaken, Mistakenly, Mistranslation, Misunderstanding, Misuse, Misuse of words, Misvaluation, Mortal sin, Muff, Multiple messages, Near-miss, Noise, Nonfeasance, Numeric data, Obliquity, Octal system, Off day, Offense, Omission, Oscillograph data, Output data, Output quantity, Outrage, Oversight, Pantheism, Peccadillo, Peccancy, Perversion, Play, Polar data, Poor judgment, Punch-card data, Random data, Rectangular data, Reference quantity, Reprobacy, Rock, Ruly English, Sad work, Scandal, Screamer, Shame, Signals, Sin, Sin of commission, Sin of omission, Sinful act, Single messages, Skewed judgment, Slip, Slipup, Solecism, Squeezing, Stumble, Tort, Torturing, Transgression, Trespass, Trip, Twisting, Typo, Typographical error, Unorganized data, Untruth, Unutterable sin, Venial sin, Villainy, Visible-speech data, Wickedness, Wrenching, Wrong, Wrong construction, Wrong impression, Wrongdoing

Meaning of Error & Error Definition