Definition of Error:

  1. Law: Specific miscalculation or flaw in the basis, procedure, judgment, or execution of a court action, wording of a document, or recording of a statement.

  2. Statistics: Deviation from a model, norm, specification, or standard that is not due to a lack of knowledge.

  3. General: Belief or mental state that does not conform to objective reality; where what is correct is actually incorrect and what is incorrect is actually correct. Often used interchangeably with mistake.

Synonyms of Error

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Meaning of Error & Error Definition

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How Do You Define Error?

  • Error means: An act that deviates from what should be done, careless deviation, pointless mistakes or errors.

  • Invalid items or collection errors that may require additional information.

Meanings of Error

  1. malfunction

Synonyms of Error

delinquency , misstep , misdeed , misconception , slipup , inaccuracy , falsehood , offense , trespass , glitch , flaw , fallacy , mismanagement , solecism , bad job , blunder , wrongdoing , slight , howler , boo-boo , failure , omission , misbelief


Error means,

  • Error can be defined as, An action that deviates from what should be done without thinking, deviation, mistake or omission.

  • Wrong items or errors in the deposit that may require additional information.

Synonyms of Error

misreckoning, slip-up


What Does Error Mean?

  1. You can define Error as, Incorrect items in the deposit or errors that may require additional information.

Sentences of Error

  1. Typing