Definition of Adequate:

  1. Satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.

  2. Good enough, although not necessarily the most or the best; sufficient. Her skills were adequate for the job, but we hired a more qualified candidate..

Synonyms of Adequate

Sufficient, Enough, Ample, Requisite, Apposite, Appropriate, Suitable, OK, Able, Acceptable, Admissible, All right, Ample, Average, Barely sufficient, Better than nothing, Capable, Comfortable, Commensurate, Common, Competent, Corresponding, Decent, Due, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Enough, Equal, Equal to, Fair, Fair to middling, Fairish, Fit, ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ Good, Good enough, Goodish, Middling, Minimal, Minimum, Moderate, No great shakes, Not amiss, Not bad, Not half bad, Not so bad, Okay, Passable, Plenty, Plenty good enough, Presentable, Pretty good, Productive, Proficient, Proper, Proportionable, Proportionate, Qualified, Respectable, Satisfactory, Satisfying, So so, Substantial, Sufficient, Sufficient for, Sufficing, Suitable, Suited, Tidy, Tolerable, Unexceptionable, Unexceptional, Unimpeachable, Unobjectionable, Up, Up to, Up to snuff, Workmanlike

How to use Adequate in a sentence?

  1. This office is perfectly adequate for my needs.
  2. Bradleys teacher told his parents that he was an adequate student, but she felt he had the potential to be an exceptional one.
  3. Benjamin was never a star algebra student because, although he never failed tests or assignments in math class, his grades were merely adequate .
  4. By applying herself with focus and care, in spite of her shortcomings, she was able to generate an adequate essay for the English assignment.

Meaning of Adequate & Adequate Definition

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