What is the Linkedin Carousel Post?

What is a Linkedin Carousel Post? A document that is shared on your linkedin feed is known as the LinkedIn Carousel post. Like a presentation users can scroll through the document. Furthermore, since they don’t need to leave the platform to do so, that keeps LinkedIn cheerful. Since carousel posts are intuitive and outwardly alluring, they stand apart from the newsfeed. They’re likewise a splendid method to share your skill outwardly and engagingly.

Linkedin Carousel Post

:small_blue_diamond: With 261 million monthly active users, 40% of whom access it every day, LinkedIn is an utmost media platform for experts. Of all the sorts of post kinds, LinkedIn carousel posts are an underused – yet compelling – way to expand your LinkedIn engagement.

:small_blue_diamond: Carousel posts are frequently an advertisement type, where you’re utilizing LinkedIn carousel ads to a lead generation form or a presentation page. Another well known post type is the LinkedIn picture carousel, which can urge individuals to visit your LinkedIn profile or page.

:small_blue_diamond: From uploading a PDF or power-point directly into a post some of the best LinkedIn carousel examples are made. As the post permits individuals to read the full document without leaving their feed, you can enjoy enhanced exposure to your favorite target audience.

How to post the carousels on linkedin?

Follow the following steps for posting the carousels on linkedin:

:small_blue_diamond: Step 1. Start a new linkedin post: From your newsfeed or toolbar, snap to make a post, as you would do in case you were posting a standard update. You’ll see on the base line, LinkedIn furnishes you with the option to post an image, a video, or a document.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 2. Select the document you want to share: Tapping on the document symbol will open your records, and permit you to pick the report you need to share. You can likewise decide to upload a document from Dropbox or Google Drive if you prefer.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 3. Give your document a descriptive title: Keep in mind that the title should be attractive enough to urge individuals to pause and peruse – so ensure it’s just about as descriptive and tempting as possible.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 4. Talk about it: Presently you should simply write compelling introductory text.

Follow these steps, and your PDF or Power-point will be changed into an engaging LinkedIn carousel slideshow.

A shared document on your linkedin feed is called linkedin carousel post. To expand the linkedin engagement linkedin carousel posts are the best. To post the carousels on linkedin follow the following steps:

  1. Start a new linkedin post
  2. Select the document you want to share
  3. Give your document a descriptive title
  4. Talk about it

Why linkedin carousel post is used?

:small_blue_diamond: With a short time and energy, you can alter a static post into an engaging series of carousel cards that assist drive awareness for your organization page. Suddenly, you have a method of drawing in a lot of eyes that are prepared to engage with your material.

:small_blue_diamond: Similarly as with any utilizing of the platform, you can utilize a document to enhance engagement and snaps without having to cash on advertisements. They’re also a best way to stand out – carousel posts take up a huge amount of real estate on the newsfeed. Besides, as opposed to individuals being essentially wary, as they may be for a LinkedIn advertisement, they’re more disposed to peruse the record.

:small_blue_diamond: Finally, in contrast to a video promotion, you’ll see that a carousel post is altogether available. Thus, we’ll cover some best practice with regards to carousel specs, above all, we should investigate how to make your first carousel card.

Linkedin Carousel Specs

:small_blue_diamond: While it’s simple enough to build the post, there are certainly a few things worth remembering to ensure it looks as good as possible.

Four things to remember:

  • Your document size should be under 100 MB

  • There’s a constraint of 300 pages

  • LinkedIn acknowledges the following documents: PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX and PDF

  • You can’t alter a post or change it once you’ve posted it

Tips for Creating Carousel Post

  • Start with an incredible first slide that will catch attention.

  • Keep the content substance light.

  • Avoid having an excessive number of slides – I think 6 – 10 is sufficient.

  • Add significant hashtags to your post (close to 3).

  • Respond to any remarks on your carousel post to expand engagement.

Designing Principles

:small_blue_diamond: Ensure your design components are attractive – for the right reason. It’s possible that somebody will peruse a mass of unformatted text, however there are better ways to advocate for your brand.

:small_blue_diamond: While it may take a little becoming used to, the good news is that with apps like Canva, you can without much effort make attractive PDFs that could be your next, best lead-machine.

  • Keep your marking steady - your carousel post functions as an incredible calling card, so you need to ensure individuals perceive your work without any problem.

  • Uploading your document as a pdf guarantees you get the best visual quality, and your pictures will not end up grainy or pixilated.

  • Don’t be hesitant to adjust documents to add graphics and color - this will assist your post with standing apart from the plain content of a regular LinkedIn post

  • Keep in mind that this format generally works best on mobile, so attempt and keep your font size relatively huge however your overall amount of text to a minimum.

What are the best practices for the linkedin carousel post?

:small_blue_diamond: ZenGrowth’s Marta Olszewska said that three kinds of posts work progress admirably:

  • Posts with photographs of your group and friends culture
  • Downloadable packs cheat sheets and assets
  • Slideshow posts

:small_blue_diamond: Everything relies upon your overall engagement as an individual or as a company and in case you’re adding the value to the conversation.

Here are some extra best practices.

Best Practice-1: Start with a strong first slide

:small_blue_diamond: You can’t anticipate that your audience should be interested just by words, for example your title or presentation is frequently insufficient. You need to attract them with an amazing visual that grabs the attention. Just like everything in marketing, the AIDA standard likewise applies to LinkedIn Carousel Slides. The abbreviation AIDA is a convenient instrument for guaranteeing your design and your duplicate grab the attention of your audience.

The acronym stands for:

  • Attention: (or Attraction): Create an amazing first slide that urges individuals to click through. You can catch attention by utilizing incredible colors that stand apart from the LinkedIn feed or visuals of genuine individuals additionally function admirably.

  • Interest: Once you caught the attention of your audience you need to keep them engaged. A question on the subsequent slide can function admirably to get individuals interest in your subject.

  • Desire: Let’s say you’re hoping to construct78 your own brand on LinkedIn, individuals need to know how they can best apply the abilities illustrated in your document to their own lives.

  • Action: Finally, you need individuals to accomplish something: “Download an eBook, plan a call, start a trial, and etc”

Your first slide must be “Wooooowwww”. Think of it as a video thumbnail: you’re telling part of the entire story in only one frame, so pick carefully and be bold.

Best Practice-2: Don’t utilize videos or other animations

:small_blue_diamond: LinkedIn’s record sharing feature doesn’t support animations or recordings inside your slides. It will just show static pictures instead, so remember that.

Best Practice-3: Optimize For the Mobile and Create Micro-Conversions

:small_blue_diamond: On LinkedIn, a Like, Comment and Share can go far. If possible, you need to make a design that urges individuals to follow up on those.

Dennis Brown, once more, does this pleasantly

:small_blue_diamond: He then also calls individuals to like, remark, share or save the post. Visual signals are particularly imperative to mobile users. As indicated by the most recent LinkedIn marketing details, there are 62-63 million unique users on a mobile - every month. Mobile is blasting and the number is climbing each month. Make it simple for them to swipe, click, remark, follow or turn on post notifications.

:small_blue_diamond: You certainly need to incorporate a portion of these components into your design. At the minimum, a simple “Swipe for additional” with a thumb connection or something like this.

Best Practice-4: Cut the Fluff and make it easy

:small_blue_diamond: Nobody truly reads long slides. LinkedIn carousel posts are not really made for huge-form text content. As indicated by Nielsen Norman Group, individuals examine through content in a F-Shape design. This implies that the primary line of text on a page gets a larger number of views than resulting lines of text. The first few words on the left of each line get more fixation than resulting words.

What does that mean for the design?

:small_blue_diamond: Keep your headlines strong & bold and maintain visual hierarchy to guide individual through your content.

Linkedin carousel posts are used because with a short time and energy you can alter a static post into an engaging series of carousel cards. Document size should be 100 MB. 6-10 slides are sufficient. Add significant hashtags. Follow some best practices for linkedin carousel post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding what is Linkedin Carousel Post:

Q1. Can you do a carousel post on LinkedIn?

We’re thrilled to declare carousel for Sponsored Content, another method to tell your brand story and collaborate with your desired audience on LinkedIn. This contribution permits you to add texture to your stories by highlighting numerous visuals that individuals can horizontally swipe through while on the LinkedIn feed.

Q2. Can you post a carousel on twitter?

Twitter declared another addition to its advertisement design choices: Carousels. With the dispatch of Twitter’s new Carousels design, advertisers would now be able to add up to six pictures or videos in an ad.

Q3. What is actually the best time to post on LinkedIn?

As per SproutSocial. If you truly want to increase your engagements, the best time to post on LinkedIn would be anywhere between 8 am to 3 pm. Notwithstanding, in view of examination the maximum number of engagement that you can get is on Wednesdays from 9-10 am, and the lunch break at noon.

Q4. What is an Instagram Carousel?

An Instagram carousel is a post with numerous photographs or recordings that can be seen by swiping or clicking left. Up to 9-10 pictures or recordings can be included and shared as a solitary post on the feed.

Q5. What kind of posts work on LinkedIn?

Timely, relevant substance is always best for LinkedIn post ideas. Share the new blog posts, stories from industry diaries or whatever you track down that’s in the moment and of concern to possibly you, your industry, or the organization of adherents you’ve amassed.

Q6. How do I upload a PowerPoint to LinkedIn?

  • To upload a file to your homepage follow the followings steps :
  • Click Start a post.
  • Click the Document symbol.
  • Click Choose file to select a file from your PC.
  • Select the file that you need to upload (pick one).
  • Add a title to your file.
  • Add a depiction to the post. You can utilize hashtags or @ mention somebody.
  • Then click Post

Q7. Can you post multiple photos on LinkedIn?

You would now be able to choose numerous photographs to include in a single post on LinkedIn. With this new trait, you can share more than one view on the experience you need to impart to your organization. … The capacity to add numerous photographs is accessible now on iOS, and is coming soon to Android and desktop.

Q8. Why can’t I create a photo carousel on Facebook?

There are some specific pixels or resolution for the pictures or videos that you will use for the carousel on your Facebook page. That should be 1080p video or the pictures ought to be 1080*1080 pixels in resolution.

Q9. Do carousels perform better on Instagram 2021?

A Social Insider study indicated that Instagram carousel posts arrived at higher engagement levels per post, up to 5.12% more than one-picture or one-video posts, and got a lot more likes. Carousel posts have an average post engagement rate of 1.83%, contrasted with 1.63% for pictures and 1.46% for videos.

Q10. What should you not post on LinkedIn?

Here’s a glance at certain rules to follow with regards to content you should avoid posting on LinkedIn:

  • Try not to post complaints s about your current or previous chief, associates, or organization.
  • Post nothing with spelling mistakes.
  • Try not to publicize your job research.
  • Anything inconsequential to job is better left off LinkedIn.


What is a Linkedin Carousel Post? LinkedIn Carousel post is the shared document on your linkedin feed. Carousel posts are frequently an ad type. Like a presentation users can scroll through the file. Steps for how to post the carousels on linkedin are following:

  • Start a new linkedin post
  • Select the file you need to share
  • Give your document a descriptive title
  • Talk about it

Linkedin carousel posts are used because with a short time and energy, you can alter a static post into an engaging series of carousel cards that assist drive awareness for your organization page. Document size should be under 100 MB and there’s a limit of 300 pages.

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