Definition of Profile:

  1. A brief description of the characteristics of something or someone.

  2. Describe (a person or organization, especially a public figure) in a short article.

  3. A graphical or other representation of information relating to particular characteristics of something, recorded in quantified form.

  4. A short article giving a description of a person or organization.

  5. The extent to which a person or organization attracts public notice.

  6. An outline of something, especially a persons face, as seen from one side.

  7. Represent in outline from one side.

Synonyms of Profile

Describe, Write about, Write an article about, Give an account of, Characterize, Portray, Depict, Outline, Sketch, Clio, Muse of history, Adventures, Analysis, Annals, Autobiography, Bank, Beam, Biographical sketch, Biography, Blueprint, Border, Broad lines, Broadside, Brouillon, Cameo, Cartoon, Case history, Catalog, Cataloging, Character, Character sketch, Characterization, Chart, Cheek, Chop, Chronicle, Chronicles, Chronology, Coast, Confessions, Configuration, Contour, Copy, Curriculum vitae, Delineate, Delineation, Depiction, Describe, Description, Design, Details, Diagram, Diary, Draft, Draw, Drawing, Ebauche, Elevation, Esquisse, Evocation, Examination, Experiences, Features, Figuration, Figure, Flank, Fortunes, Framework, Galbe, Gestalt, Graph, Graphic account, Ground plan, Hagiography, Hagiology, Hand, Handedness, Haunch, Head, Hip, Historiography, History, House plan, Ichnography, Image, Imagery, Impression, Itemization, Journal, Jowl, Laterality, Legend, Life, Life and letters, Life story, Limn, Limning, Line, Lineaments, Lineation, Lines, List, Main features, Many-sidedness, Martyrology, Memoir, Memoirs, Memorabilia, Memorial, Memorials, Miniature, Multilaterality, Necrology, Obituary, Outline, Particularization, Pattern, Photobiography, Photograph, Picture, Planking, Plot, Portrait, Portraiture, Portrayal, Projection, Quarter, Record, Relief, Rendering, Rendition, Representation, Resume, Rough, Shapes, Shore, Side, Siding, Silhouette, Skeleton, Sketch, Specification, Statistics, Story, Study, Survey, Table, Temple, Theory of history, Tournure, Unilaterality, Vignette, Vivid description, Word painting, Working drawing, Side view, Outline, Silhouette, Contour, Shape, Form, Figure, Lines, Description, Account, Study, Portrait, Portrayal, Depiction, Rundown, Sketch, Outline

How to use Profile in a sentence?

  1. He was to profile each candidate.
  2. The blood profiles of cancer patients.
  3. The man turned and she caught his profile.
  4. A profile of a Texas tycoon.
  5. Raising the profile of women in industry.

Meaning of Profile & Profile Definition

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