Definition of Imperative:

  1. Giving an authoritative command; peremptory.

  2. A verb or phrase in the imperative mood.

  3. Of vital importance; crucial.

  4. Absolutely necessary or crucial. It is imperative that the report is finished by Friday, so we can send it to the client..

  5. An order or command. The workers were left with the imperative from their boss to work hard and try your best..

  6. An essential or urgent thing.

Synonyms of Imperative

Peremptory, Commanding, Imperious, Authoritative, Masterful, Lordly, Magisterial, Autocratic, Dictatorial, Domineering, Overbearing, Assertive, Firm, Insistent, Bossy, High-handed, Overweening, Vitally important, Of vital importance, All-important, Vital, Crucial, Critical, Essential, Of the essence, A matter of life and death, Of great consequence, Necessary, Indispensable, Exigent, Pressing, Urgent, Absolute, Absolutist, Absolutistic, Acid, Acute, Allegiance, Arbitrary, Aristocratic, Arrogant, Ascendant, Assigned task, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Authorized, Autocratic, Basic, Behest, Bidding, Binding, Biting, Bossy, Bounden duty, Burden, Burning, Business, Call of duty, Canon, Case of need, Charge, Choiceless, Claimed, Clamant, Clamorous, Clothed with authority, Coactive, Code, Command, Commanding, Commandment, Commitment, Compelling, Competent, Compulsatory, Compulsive, Compulsory, Conclusive, Conditional, Consequential, Considerable, Constraining, Controlling, Convention, Corrosive, Critical, Crucial, Crying, Cutting, De rigueur, Decisive, Decretal, Decretive, Decretory, Dedication, Deference, Demanded, Despotic, Devoir, Devotion, Dictate, Dictated, Dictating, Dictation, Dictatorial, Dictum, Dire necessity, Direct order, Directive, Dogmatic, Dominant, Domineering, Driving, Duly constituted, Duties and responsibilities, Duty, Effective, Eminent, Empowered, Entailed, Essential, Ethics, Ex officio, Exigence, Exigency, Exigent, Fealty, Feudal, Final, Forceful, Forcible, Form, Formula, Fundamental, General principle, Golden rule, Governing, Great, Grinding, Guideline, Guiding principle, Gutsy, Hard-and-fast, Harsh, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, Hest, High-handed, High-pressure, High-priority, Homage, Immediacy, Imperativeness, Imperial, Imperious, Important, Importunate, Imposed, Impressive, Incisive, Indicative, Indispensable, Inevitable, Influential, Insistent, Instant, Instructive, Involuntary, Irresistible, Irrevocable, Jussive, Law, Leading, Line of duty, Lordly, Loyalty, Magisterial, Magistral, Mandated, Mandating, Mandatory, Masterful, Matter of necessity, Maxim, Mighty, Mission, Mitzvah, Mode, Momentous, Monocratic, Mood, Moral, Mordant, Must, Necessary, Necessitous, Nervous, Norm, Obligating, Obligation, Obligative, Obligatory, Official, Onus, Oppressive, Optative, Order, Ordering, Ordinance, Ought, Overbearing, Overruling, Penetrating, Peremptory, Permissive, Piercing, Pivotal, Place, Pleasure, Poignant, Potent, Potential, Powerful, Preceptive, Predicament, Preeminent, Prerequisite, Prescript, Prescriptive, Pressing, Pressingness, Pressure, Prestigious, Principium, Principle, Prominent, Puissant, Punchy, Ranking, Regulation, Repressive, Required, Requisite, Respect, Restraining, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Say-so, Self-imposed duty, Senior, Sensational, Settled principle, Severe, Sinewed, Sinewy, Slashing, Special order, Standard, Stern, Strict, Striking, Strong, Subjunctive, Substantial, Superior, Suppressive, Supreme, Telling, Tenet, Totalitarian, Trenchant, Tyrannical, Tyrannous, Ultimate, Urgency, Urgent, Urgent need, Vigorous, Vital, Weighty, Will, Without appeal, Without choice, Word, Word of command, Working principle, Working rule, Necessary condition, Precondition, Condition, Essential, Requirement, Requisite, Necessity, Proviso, Qualification, Imperative, Basic, Rudiment, Obligation, Duty

How to use Imperative in a sentence?

  1. Free movement of labor was an economic imperative.
  2. Noteworthy in this meditation is the use of imperatives and action verbs, which are meant to activate the believer.
  3. The bell pealed again, a final imperative call.
  4. The dentist told me that unless I wanted my tooth to fall apart, it was imperative that I get a root canal, and get it soon.
  5. Kants moral theory comes down to what is called the moral imperative , which states that one ought not perform an action unless one feels it is permissible for everyone to perform that same action.
  6. It is imperative that he lock the door behind him, there have been numerous thefts in the last few weeks alone.
  7. Immediate action was imperative.

Meaning of Imperative & Imperative Definition