Definition of Exposure:

  1. The process by which a photographic film is exposed to light or other radiation.

  2. Advertising: The extent to which the public (readers, listeners, viewers, website visitors) receive advertising messages.

  3. Occupational Safety: Terms of exposure to occupational hazards through contact, inhalation, consumption or other.

  4. General: Unsecured state or condition and risk of loss, danger, uncertainty or uncertainty in transactions.

  5. The direction of the building in view.

  6. Disclosure of identities or facts, especially those that are hidden or can be an illegitimate cause.

  7. Bank: (1) Unsecured loan amount (2) Loan amount to creditors of individual, group, industry or country (3) Possible losses due to devaluation, valuation or fluctuation of currency.

  8. The state belongs to something.

Synonyms of Exposure

Jeopardy, Outcrop, Incarnation, Defenselessness, Public report, Divulging, Demonstration, Nonimmunity, Fix, Exposure meter, Desquamation, Pilotage, Publicity, Enactment, Visibility, Arising, Distinguishment, Discovering, Spotting, F-stop, Write-up, Issuance, Expose, Serendipity, Coming, Bearing, Denudation, Dead reckoning, Redargution, Trouvaille, Bringing to light, Film speed, Nakedness, Attitude, Removing the veil, Vulnerability, Avatar, Communicating, DIN number, Disproving, ASA exposure index, Rising, Theophany, Retrospective, Recognition, Acquaintance, Treasure trove, Puff, Disproof, Hazard, Experience, Showing forth, Line of position, Currency, Leaking, Espial, Publishing, Public eye, Lucky strike, Openness, Endangerment, Laying open, Divestment, Finding out, Imperilment, Unfoldment, Patefaction, Eclat, PR, Realization, Manifestation, Show, Find, Disclosure, Discovery, Stripping, Unfolding, Visibleness, Showing, Apocalypse, Set, Position line, Production, Public relations, Reclame, Observability, Disclosing, Azimuth, Radio bearing, Frontage, Time exposure, Strike, Familiarity, Leak, Showing, Excavation, Opening, Outlook, Appearing, Orientation, Unmasking, Outcropping, Exhibit, Revelation, Subjection, Unearthing, Direction, Liability, Invalidation, Baring, Display, Materializing, Lens opening, Exhibitionism, Reductio ad absurdum, Exhumation, Submission, The seen, Hoopla, The visible, Uncovering, Famousness, Projection, Cry, Disconfirmation, Appearance, View, Publication, Uncovering, Report, Danger, Susceptibility, Coming-forth, Presentment, Fame, Laying bare, Disclosure, Communication, Performance, Showing up, Uncloaking, Bright light, Risk, Unveiling, Epiphany, Laying open, Publicity story, Finding, Daylight, Apparition, Exfoliation, Explosion, Vernissage, Revealment, Casual discovery, Rise, Representation, Determining, Notoriety, Publicness, Maximum dissemination, Chance discovery, Emergence, Spotlight, Seeableness, Light meter, Public knowledge, Lay, Celebrity, Outlook, Celestial navigation, Shutter speed, Peril, Setting, Aspect, Detection, Presentation, Exhibition, Plug, Unmasking, Lie, Position, Vulnerability, Helplessness, Unprotection, Visuality, What is revealed, Negation, Revelation, Blurb, Susceptivity, Press notice, Ballyhoo, Excoriation, Rediscovery, Direction, Aspect, Showup, Location, Ostentation, Limelight, Film rating, Bearings, Revealing, Exposition, Removal, Varnishing day, Forthcoming, Catching, Materialization, Indecent exposure, Invention, Coming into being, Contact, Knowledge, Perceptibility, Occurrence, Trove, Airing, View, Disproval, Frontage, Exhibition, Locating, Display, Manifestation, Glare, Common knowledge, Unveiling, Unwrapping, Determination, Discernibleness, Hue and cry

How to use Exposure in a sentence?

  1. The singer will need more visibility with the producers so that they can see his talents and hopefully recruit him.
  2. We decided to keep our risks as low as possible because we could not handle the fluctuations.
  3. When you are trying to reduce your losses, the best thing to do is to try to choose a company that has less money.
  4. A camera that exposes immediately. Provides an icon later.
  5. Risk of asbestos exposure.
  6. He committed suicide for fear of being caught as a spy.
  7. The lighting is perfect: Slightly southwest.

Meaning of Exposure & Exposure Definition


Exposure: What is the Meaning of Exposure?

  1. The condition of loss due to risk or uncertainty is also used as a measure for this rating unit or as a basis for risk premium.

  2. A simple definition of Exposure is: If you haven't paid attention, there are many different meanings of words in the insurance world that you can see in your daily life. The exposure of the term is no different.

    In insurance, risk refers to the various losses or risks that a person, company or entity may face in life or in the course of business.

    Basically, it is caused by your accidents or other types of damage such as crime, fire, earthquake, etc. The higher the potential risk, the higher the premium, because the insurance company has to charge more to make a profitable insurance. You.

    From the insurance company's point of view, these insured units can also be called risk positions. In fact, whatever policy he issues or every person he insures represents a potential loss, which means that the insured runs the risk of paying for the loss.

    Insurance companies generally consider four different types of risk in their policies. These include:

    • Exhibition: The basic unit on which insurance premiums are paid.

    • Achieved Engagement: A unit of work that actually incurs losses over a specified period of time.

    • Enforce Exposure: The exposure unit actually suffers damage at a certain time.

    • Written Promises: Units of policy exposure over a specified period.

  3. Definition of Exposure: Potential damage.

  4. The risk of loss usually expressed in dollars or units.

  5. The potential cost of an insured event, such as a flood, for insurers.

  6. Exposure can be defined as, That portion of an investment portfolio in a particular industry or asset class.

  7. Possible damage. Insurers set prices based on risk.

  8. Exposure means, The term may refer to terms where there is a measure of risk or risk level in terms of salaries, revenue, zones or other criteria.

Meanings of Exposure

  1. The state of being related to something.

  2. Disclosure of identities or facts, especially those that are hidden or disliked.

  3. Exhibition of photographic film on light image or other radiation

  4. The direction facing the building in view.

Sentences of Exposure

  1. Dangers of asbestos exposure

  2. A camera that takes pictures immediately after being exposed

  3. The exhibition is perfect: a slight slope to the southwest


Exposure means,

  1. Definition of Exposure: Risk or potential loss through your policyholder's insurers in order to receive the premium.

  2. Exposure refers to 1. Conditions in which damage may occur. 2. Risk measurement. 3. Possible damage to insured property due to environment.

  3. Yes, and to the extent that insurers suffer because of certain risks.

  4. Any condition or situation that presents the possibility of harm.


What Does Exposure Mean?

  • Risk of potential damage.

  • The degree of risk due to external or internal physical conditions.

  • Exposure means, The degree of risk due to external or internal physical conditions.

  • Exposure can be defined as,

    Exposure is one of the disadvantages you can suffer. For example, if your car is involved in an accident, in the worst case the cost of your car, the cost of several other cars, and the cost of an injury may include you or someone else. A classroom will determine the risk of an accident and make a financial estimate of the cost. A policy usually sets limits for different types of risk.