Definition of Progress:

  1. Progress or advancement in time or space.

  2. The rate of progress or motivation towards the completion of a task, program or project or the achievement of a goal.

  3. Move forward or towards a goal.

Synonyms of Progress

Leeway, Driftage, In operation, Brownian movement, Rolling on, Onward course, Make a success, Pleasure trip, Sinking, Rubberneck tour, Nonviolent change, Proceed, Straight course, Grow, Mend, Proceeding, Get on swimmingly, Enrichment, Persistence, Change place, Euthenics, Enhancement, Burgeon, Excursion, Make a breakthrough, Endurance, Go, Move on, Trend, Make head against, Back up, Hie, Encouragement, Prolongation, Grow better, Move over, Regress, Junket, Travel, Advance, Burgeoning, Amelioration, Driftway, Blossoming, In progress, Round trip, Push forward, Go along, Mature, Go far, Journeying, Ongoing, Go round, Alchemy, Reduction, Betterment, Amend, Meliorate, Going on, Unremittingness, Succeed, Resolution, Forward movement, Commute, Gradual change, Amplification, Take off, Turn out well, Ascent, Angular motion, Re-formation, Get ahead, Make good, Conversion, Ameliorate, Great Leap Forward, Rise, Accomplishment, Going, Wane, Make progress, Voyage, March, At work, Improve, Becoming, Fetch, Be a success, Wayfare, Career, Mellow, Taking place, Go on, Mount, Flux, Perk up, Make progress against, Develop, Make strides, Make progress, Gain ground, Forward motion, Go-ahead, Make headway, Stir, Traveling, Gait, Lift, Soaring, Farewell, Climb, Jaunt, Developmental change, Prosper, Evolve, Being done, Descent, Arrive, Gain ground, Uninterrupted course, Spin, Reconversion, Sashay, Roll, Expedition, Sink, Have it made, Anabasis, Do well, Locomotion, Come through, Press on, Amendment, In the works, Retrogression, Globe-trotting, Plunge, Flip-flop, Backward motion, Gang, Cover ground, Lengthening, Move, Evolving, Outing, Peregrination, Assimilation, Explication, About-face, Forge ahead, Pass on, Volte-face, Make up leeway, Flowering, Budge, Revival, Campaign, Pick up, Downward motion, Go ahead, Commutation, Move along, Upping, Forwarding, Circle, Expand, Transit, Gain, Move forward, Continualness, Journey, Traject, Stride, Reversal, Sternway, Safari, Show improvement, Forge ahead, Radial motion, Make it, Stream, Protraction, Upswing, Extend, Eugenics, Repetition, Pursuance, Turning into, Recovery, Preferment, Boost, Bloom, Subsiding, Rate, Descending, Shoot, Rising, Go forward, Under way, Wend, Set, Go, Trip, Mending, Movement, Go on, Ascend, Advancement, Flower, Enjoy prosperity, Get on well, Ripening, Evolutionary change, Tread, Switch, Promotion, Look up, Transformation, Elevation, Way, Pickup, Get along, Restoration, Proceed, Motion, Get over, Ascending, Ebb, Evolute, Run, Backflowing, Random motion, Gyrate, Fare forth, Gather head, Progression, Flit, Evolution, Pilgrimage, Oblique motion, Wax, Uptrend, Current, Refluence, Bear fruit, Stem, Headway, Grand tour, Make the scene, Course, Stalk, Progression, Fare, Descend, Flow, Furthering, Continue, Cut a swath, Pass along, Flight, Ebbing, Go ahead, Get better, Trek, Broaden, Maturate, Natural growth, Maintenance, Gather way, Extension, Work ones way, Upgrowth, Reflowing, Back, Moving, Melioration, Steerageway, Pass, Shape up, Advance, Circuit, Growth, Make headway, Unfolding, Go places, Development, Sideward motion, Staying power, Advance, Rotate, Rush, Broadening, Go well, Progressiveness, Occurring, Furtherance, Spread, Amplify, Pace, Get there, Upward mobility, Retrogress, Tourism, Enlargement, Turn, Upward motion, Transition, Drift, Expansion, Go sideways, Regression, Trajet, Switch-over, Perseverance, Naturalization, Break through, Enlarge, Move, Elaboration, Move forward, Achieve success, Evolvement, Continue, Get on, Ripen, Passage, Axial motion, Change, Go fast, Advancing, Graduate, Mounting, Passage, Skyrocket, Go forward, Upgrade, Continuity, Forwardal, Natural development, Touristry, Backing, Upbeat, Get well, Whirl, Uplift, Lapse, Rolling, Roll on, Make ones way, Continuance, Bettering, Sustained action, Happening, Sally, Perpetuation, Tour, Subside, Maturation, Onrush, Onward movement, Climbing, Continuation, Lick, Shift, Sustenance, Step forward, Package tour, Plunging, Change-over, Go around, Come on, Step, Come along, Make good time, Improvement, Headway, Increase, Clip, Advancement, Proficiency, Blossom, Reflux, Crossing, Assumption

How to use Progress in a sentence?

  1. Often, people expect progress in the gym very soon. Unfortunately, it takes time and determination before you can see tangible results.
  2. Your company should always strive to grow in the future in order to increase profits.
  3. It is important to keep moving forward in your company so that other companies do not pass you by.
  4. Darkness did not stop me.
  5. The quality of binoculars has improved during this century.

Meaning of Progress & Progress Definition