Definition of Organization:

  1. The work of arranging things.

  2. A social unit of people that is organized and organized to meet a need or to achieve a common goal. All organizations have an administrative structure that defines the different activities and relationships between members and divides and assigns roles, responsibilities and authorities to perform different tasks. Organizations are open systems that are influenced by their environment.

  3. Organize groups of people with a specific purpose, mainly companies, communities, associations, etc.

Synonyms of Organization

Form, Workroom, Logistics, Piecing together, Frame, Strategic plan, Enterprise, Incorporation, Warp and woof, Wing, Administration, Company, Offshoot, Organism, Fashion, Methodology, Troop, Realization, Outfit, Microorganism, Work site, Schematism, Cohort, Program, Idea, Consortium, Assembly, Scheme of arrangement, Building, Denomination, Institution, Community, School, Train, Structure, Rank, Loft, Division, Inauguration, Butcher shop, Barbershop, Mixture, Weave, Symmetry, Setup, Composition, Mapping, System, Planning, Society, Establishment, Coordination, Synthesis, Routine, Party, Concern, League, Construction, Planning, Schema, Constitution, Parlor, Church, Deployment, Tissue, Genetic individual, Texture, Planning function, Harmony, Association, Brigade, Organic structure, Foundation, Schism, Strategy, Combine, Assemblage, Array, Zoon, Peace, Rationalization, Being, Sect, Makeup, Foresight, Working plan, Firm, Program of action, Regiment, Running, Configuration, Structuring, Ordination, Arrangement, Web, Tactical unit, Architectonics, Posse, Fabrication, Section, Communion, Garrison, Column, Graphing, Blueprinting, Categorization, Organic being, Proportion, Establishment, Guidelines, Confederation, Methodization, Organizing, Anaerobic organism, Design, Combination, Mold, Coalition, Build, Sectarism, Conception, Creation, Company, Manufacture, Systematization, Schematization, Flying column, Agency, Legion, Heterotrophic organism, Detail, Approach, Regulation, Affiliation, Intention, Adjustment, Materialization, Task force, Army group, Harmonization, Device, Federation, Tactics, Morphological individual, Sweatshop, Shop, Setting-up, Systematizing, Patterning, Persuasion, Organizing, Institution, Embodiment, Grouping, Junction, Plan, Detachment, Tectonics, Desk, Blueprint, Bench, Religious order, Phalanx, Making, Physiological individual, Body, Installation, Conglomerate, Scheme, Normalization, Procedure, Tactical plan, Syneresis, Compound, Marshaling, Pattern, Long-range plan, Working space, Confederacy, Concord, Conglomerate, Prearrangement, Anatomy, Platoon, Disposition, Squad, Master plan, Calculation, Maniple, Aerobic organism, Living being, Layout, The big picture, Consortium, Field army, Field train, Game, Putting together, Order, Quietude, Method, Make, Workbench, Figuring, Arrangement, Version, Individual, Charting, Operation, Beauty parlor, Confederation, Format, Effectuation, Shape, Assembling, Workshop, Tranquillity, The picture, Schedule, Zooid, Quiet, Living thing, Forethought, Codifying, Getup, Shaping, Attack, Fashioning, Way, Conformation, Federation, Formation, Body, Cadre, Routinization, KP, Branch, Inception, Firm, Uniformity, Coalition, Workplace, Molding, Army, Studio, Institute, Production, Kitchen police, Classifying, Alliance, Squadron, Classification, Ont, Microbe, Atelier, Categorizing, Society, Virus, Physique, Combat team, Concern, Segment, Corps, Syndicate, Architecture, Club, League, Battery, File, Operations research, Battle group, Agency, Combine, Coordination, Syndicate, Management, Autotrophic organism, Contrivance, Work space, Creature, Lineup, Worktable, Regularization, Unit, Movement, Disposal, Regularity, Faction, Network, Corporation, Group, Group, Variety, Envisagement, Forging, Fellowship, Facility, Combat command, Corporation, Codification, Framework, Fabric, Battalion, Workhouse, House, Ground plan, Structuring, Beauty shop, Buildup, Confederacy

How to use Organization in a sentence?

  1. It is always important that your company works as a strong organization so that everyone has the same opinion.
  2. A research organization.
  3. There are five pillars to success when I was in fourth grade and it is the most important organization.
  4. Organization of conferences and seminars.
  5. When starting a business, it is important to have strong leadership in the organization to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Meaning of Organization & Organization Definition

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Organization Definition:

Organization means, Arranging something in an orderly manner.

Meanings of Organization

  1. Organized by a group of people for a specific purpose, especially a company, society, association, etc.

  2. The process of creating something.

Synonyms of Organization

coordination , design , methodology , plan , management , alignment , unity , situation , structure , method , format , structuring , regulation , organism , standard , make-up , institution , system , whole , construction , configuration , grouping , standardization , formulation , pattern , framework , assembly , conformation , running , forming


How Do You Define Organization?

  1. Regular maintenance measures.

Meanings of Organization

  1. A group of people is organized for a specific purpose, for example, a company or a ministry.

  2. The process of organizing something.

Synonyms of Organization

development, set-up