Definition of Hierarchy:

  1. Pyramid-like ranking of ideas, individuals, items, etc., where every level (except the top and the bottom ones) has one higher and one lower neighbor. Higher level means greater authority, importance, and influence.

  2. A system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

Synonyms of Hierarchy

Pecking order, Ranking, Grading, Ladder, Social order, Social stratum, Social scale, Class system, Absolute monarchy, Aedileship, Animal kingdom, Archbishopric, Archiepiscopacy, Archiepiscopate, Aristocracy, Autarchy, Autocracy, Autonomy, Bishopric, Bureaucracy, Caste, Chain of being, Chairmanship, Chancellery, Chancellorate, Chancellorship, Chiefery, Chiefry, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, Chieftainship, Class, Class structure, Coalition government, Colonialism, Commonwealth, Condition, Constitutional government, Constitutional monarchy, Consulate, Consulship, Continuity, Deanery, Degree, Democracy, Dictatorship, Dictature, Directorate, Directorship, Domain, Dominion rule, Duarchy, Duumvirate, Dyarchy, Echelon, Emirate, Episcopacy, Establishment, Federal government, Federation, Feudal system, Footing, Garrison state, Gerontocracy, Governorship, Gradation, Headship, Hegemony, Heteronomy, Hierocracy, Higher echelons, Higher-ups, Home rule, Kingdom, Leadership, Limited monarchy, Lordship, Magistracy, Magistrateship, Magistrature, Management, Martial law, Masterdom, Mastership, Mastery, Mayoralty, Mayorship, Meritocracy, Metropolitanate, Metropolitanship, Militarism, Military government, Mineral kingdom, Ministry, Mob rule, Mobocracy, Monarchy, Natural hierarchy, Neocolonialism, Nobility, Ochlocracy, Officialdom, Oligarchy, Order, Pantisocracy, Papacy, Pashadom, Pashalic, Patriarchate, Patriarchy, Pecking order, Place, Police state, Pontificality, Pontificate, Popedom, Popehood, Popeship, Position, Power structure, Precedence, Prefectship, Prefecture, Prelacy, Premiership, Presidency, Presidentship, Prime-ministership, Prime-ministry, Princedom, Princeship, Principality, Proconsulate, Proconsulship, Protectorate, Protectorship, Provostry, Provostship, Pure democracy, Pyramid, Rank, Rate, Rating, Realm, Rectorate, Rectorship, Regency, Regentship, Representative democracy, Representative government, Republic, Ruling class, Ruling classes, Seigniory, Self-determination, Self-government, Seneschalship, Seneschalsy, Sequence, Serial order, Sheikhdom, Sheriffalty, Sheriffcy, Sheriffdom, Shrievalty, Social democracy, Sphere, Stage, Standing, Station, Status, Stratocracy, Subordination, Supervisorship, Suzerainship, Suzerainty, Technocracy, The Establishment, The administration, The authorities, The ingroup, The interests, The people upstairs, The power elite, The power structure, The top, Thearchy, Them, Theocracy, They, Top brass, Totalitarian government, Totalitarian regime, Triarchy, Tribunate, Triumvirate, Tyranny, Vegetable kingdom, Vizierate, Viziership, Welfare state

How to use Hierarchy in a sentence?

  1. The initiative was with those lower down in the hierarchy.
  2. At most organizations, the CEO or President is at the top of the corporate hierarchy and maintenance staff is at the bottom.
  3. One of the most important first things you can learn working at a large corporation is that everything thing follows a strict hierarchy /chain-of-command.
  4. In this global society, there is a well defined and alarming hierarchy that exists, separating the high born from the lower born.

Meaning of Hierarchy & Hierarchy Definition