Definition of Record:

  1. Writing for future reference in written form or in some other permanent form, especially formally.

  2. Change to permanent format (sound or show) for later playback.

  3. Something that is evidence of the past, especially written records or some other permanent form.

  4. Number of past actions or achievements of a person or organization, people or things, behavior or past achievements.

  5. A thin plastic disc that transmits recorded sound, especially music, to play on any record player in any channel.

  6. The best performance (especially in sports) or the most outstanding program of its kind is officially measured and rated.

  7. All documentary information, regardless of its features, media, physical appearance and the way it is recorded or stored. These records include accounts, agreements, books, photographs, letters, magnetic / optical discs, notes, microscopic images, etc. In general, notes serve as proof of activity, while documents serve as proof of intent.

  8. Documents that carry out activities, events, results received or statements made and provide objective evidence. Records are created / received by the organization in its day to day business or in accordance with its legal obligations. A data record can contain two or more documents.

Synonyms of Record

Biographical sketch, In confidence, Memoir, Daybook, Enroll, Memorials, Wax, Power, Chalk, Jot down, Push the pen, The record, Make out, Census report, Life history, Track record, Life, Note, Make a note, Information, File, Lordship, Case history, Memorandum, Annual, Paramountcy, Hegemony, Previous accomplishments, Historify, Memorabilia, Calendar, Recense, Directorship, Dominion, Put on paper, Privately, Type, Imperium, Accounting, Memorial, Files, Take down, Accomplishments, Time sheet, Inscribe, Pen, Leadership, Extreme, Pencil, Souvenir, Journal, Kingship, Engrave, Memento, Make a memorandum, Document, Life and letters, Put down, Memoirs, Previous conduct, Edit, Track record, Historiography, Previous performance, New high, Command, Authorization, Supremacy, Tape, Insert, Past, Rewrite, Reputation, Ne plus ultra, Single, Deeds, Time schedule, Election returns, Information, Unofficially, Time scale, Diary, Profile, Brief, Report, Most, Previous achievements, Biographize, Tape recording, Obituary, Say, Secretly, Annals, Album, Itemize, Maximum, Confessions, Write up, Yearbook, Adventures, Set down, Proceedings, Commit to paper, Biograph, Documentation, Grave, Evidence, Life story, Off the record, Tape cassette, Hagiography, Chronicles, Write, Top spot, Catalogue, Sway, Take down, Championship, Album, Scrive, First place, Acta, Dossiers, Cut, Narrate, Catalog, Cassette, Enumerate, Palms, Highest achievement, Engross, Document, Highest, Date slip, Registry, Relate, Clio, Fortunes, Rule, Account, Post up, Muse of history, Make a record of, Time book, Mark, Hagiology, Draw up, Monument, Make a note of, Disc, Spill ink, Story, Headship, Enface, Dossier, Make a recension, Effectiveness, Revise, Curriculum vitae, Accomplishment, Recount, Note down, Account rendered, Biography, Make an entry, Electrical transcription, Carve, Sovereignty, Tabulate, Minutes, Copy out, Transactions, Log, History, Scribe, Documentation, Copy, Minute, Check in, Autobiography, Notation, Transcribe, Dossier, Resume, Book, Distance, Time, Write down, Reports, Martyrology, Docket, Management, Reduce to writing, Not for publication, CD, Platter, Tape, Data, Post, Jot down, Chalk up, Acme, Put on tape, Impanel, Put in writing, Recording, Put down on paper, Mastership, Mastery, Legend, Index, Tally, Background, History, File, Primacy, Data, Put in writing, Fill out, Control, Accounts, Draft, Matriculate, Recite, Clock card, Scroll, Mark down, Evidence, Theory of history, Time study, First prize, Register, Star performance, Be-all and end-all, Bulletin, Archives, Confidentially, Write in, Enscroll, Incise, Note, Transcription, Wire recording, Set down, Cartridge, Chronicle, Tape-record, Videotape, Best performance, Poll, Statement, Enter, Presidency, Account, Chronology, Influence, Release, Zenith, Tape cartridge, Documents, Write down, Place upon record, List, Phonograph record, Put down, Datebook, Read, Timetable, Authority, Indicate, Jurisdiction, Height, Career to date, Superscribe, Make a recording of, Experiences, Sub rosa, Returns, Timecard, Trace, Necrology, Write out, Photobiography, Spoil paper, Time chart, Blue ribbon, Tape-record, Report, Check sheet

How to use Record in a sentence?

  1. We analyze the records to get all the information related to the transaction as it contains important statistics.
  2. You should keep a written record.
  3. Little did I know that the record store was completely out of the record I wanted to buy and it bothered me more than crazy.
  4. He records guitar concerts.
  5. If you have good notes on important events, you can remember them well and remember them from time to time.
  6. He has set a world record for more than a decade.
  7. Airport security files.
  8. I listen to the recording in my room.
  9. They were asked to keep a diary and record what they ate and drank.

Meaning of Record & Record Definition