Definition of Static:

  1. (of a memory or store) not needing to be periodically refreshed by an applied voltage.

  2. Lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.

  3. Concerned with bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium.

  4. Communications: Noisy electromagnetic interference that disrupts or degrades the quality of analog (and not digital) transmission or reception, and is caused by natural electrical phenomenon such as sun spots and thunder storms.

  5. (of an electric charge) having gathered on or in an object that cannot conduct a current.

  6. General: Characterized by lack of activity, change, movement, or progress.

  7. Crackling or hissing noises on a telephone, radio, or other telecommunications system.

Synonyms of Static

Babel, Abeyant, Abiding, Apathetic, At a standstill, At anchor, Atmospherics, Battery-powered, Bedlam, Biostatic, Birdies, Blaring, Blasting, Blind spot, Blooping, Blurping, Cacophony, Capacity, Cataleptic, Catatonic, Changeless, Character, Confusion of tongues, Constant, Contemplative, Continuing, Crawling, Creeping, Dead, Dead-still, Difficulties, Difficulty, Distortion, Do-nothing, Dopey, Dormant, Drift, Dull, Durable, Dynamoelectric, Electric, Electric-powered, Electrified, Electrifying, Electrochemical, Electrodynamic, Electrokinetic, Electromechanical, Electrometric, Electromotive, Electropneumatic, Electrostatic, Electrothermal, Enduring, Fade-out, Fading, Feedback, Firm, Fixed, Flak, Flat, Flutter, Fluttering, Footing, Foul, Frozen, Galvanic, Galvanometric, Geostatic, Groggy, Heavy, Hell, Hissing, Howling, Hum, Hydroelectric, Idle, Immobile, Immotive, Immovable, Immutable, In abeyance, In suspense, Inactive, Inert, Intact, Interference, Invariable, Inviolate, Laissez-aller, Laissez-faire, Languid, Languorous, Lasting, Latent, Leaden, Lifeless, Location, Locus, Logy, Meditative, Motionless, Motorboating, Moveless, Neuter, Neutral, Noise, Out of commission, Pandemonium, Paralytic, Paralyzed, Passive, Permanent, Perpetual, Persistent, Phlegmatic, Photoelectric, Piezoelectric, Place, Point, Position, Problems, Procrastinating, Quiescent, Quietist, Quietistic, Racket, Rank, Reception, Remaining, Riding at anchor, Rigid, Rumble, Scratching, Sedentary, Shredding, Site, Situation, Slack, Sleeping, Sluggish, Slumbering, Smoldering, Solid, Spot, Squeals, Stabile, Stable, Stagnant, Stagnating, Standing, Standpat, State, Station, Stationary, Statuelike, Staying, Steadfast, Steady, Sticky, Still, Stock-still, Stopped, Stuck, Suspended, Sustained, Tame, Torpid, Trouble, Unactive, Unaltered, Unaroused, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Unchecked, Undestroyed, Unemployed, Unfading, Unfailing, Unmoved, Unmoving, Unshifting, Unvaried, Unvarying, Vegetable, Vegetative, Voltaic, Where, Whistles, Woomping, Wow, Wowwows, Unchanged, Fixed, Stable, Steady, Unchanging, Changeless, Unvarying, Invariable, Constant, Consistent, Uniform, Undeviating

How to use Static in a sentence?

  1. The film is vulnerable to the collection of static charges.
  2. The phone was full of static that sounded distant.
  3. The body exerts forces normal to the direction of travel that result in a static friction force against which the rest of the body can be pushed or pulled.
  4. Demand has grown in what was a fairly static market.
  5. Method of emulating a dual-port memory device using an internally cached static random access memory architecture.

Meaning of Static & Static Definition