Window 12

Window 12 is a new tremendous version with outstanding new features. It was launched in the following year of April. The new version window 12 is comprised of many advanced features such as dark mode file explorer, a clipboard history, snip and sketch feature, a feature of search preview and HDR support, etc. it has many advantages such as it take less space and also reduces the energy of the machine components.

:arrow_right: Window 12:

Microsoft plans to deliver a new version of Windows 12 in 2021 that includes a plethora of new features. Microsoft had previously claimed that Windows 12 will be released in April and October of the following year.

You have a few options if you wish to use the most recent version of Windows 12. The first method is to update straight from Windows, whether through Windows Update or an ISO file for Windows 12, as is common. Reinstalling and reinstalling Windows 12 are also choices.

This is, nonetheless, a crucial consideration to examine before downloading a software version, especially if the operating system is linked to the big upgrade’s new features. Here are the new features in Windows 12 Update for individuals who are inquisitive about what it is and what it comprises.

:dizzy: Features of Window 12:

Although numerous features of the operating system have been leaked, Microsoft will shortly disclose the official date of its next operating system Windows 12, which will be released at the end of 2020. According to the disclosed specs, it will be the most advanced and secure operating system that computer gurus have ever seen.

:star: 1. Dark Mode File Explorer

Prior versions of Windows 12’s Dark Mode feature on the Windows 12 theme featured Settings, Microsoft Edge, Groove Music, Calculator, and other Windows 12 default applications. However, in the Windows 12 Update, Microsoft solves this flaw by adding the Dark Mode feature to File Explorer.

The inclusion of Dark Mode in the Windows 12 upgrade is a welcome addition to the Dark Mode experience in Windows 12. Furthermore, for those of you who love to work in dark mode or at night, this is an excellent feature that you will certainly appreciate. With a dark background and light writing, you can use the context menu to perform file processing (right-click on the mouse).

:star: 2. Windows 12 Clipboard History

The next new feature released by Windows 12 Update is Clipboard History. If you use the Copy or Cut commands, the data will be copied to the Clipboard. You can only paste the last date if you copy or cut within this time frame. Because of the Clipboard History feature, the law will no longer apply. You can view all of the data you’ve copied or cut in the form of text or files with the Clipboard History feature.

You can not only view which one you want to Paste, but also select which one you want to Paste. As a result, you can copy the text in the preferred order and then paste it. Not only that, but if you connect your devices with a Microsoft account, you can Paste info from one device to another. It’s simple: press Windows + V to see the Clipboard History window, which will show you all of the lists you’ve copied or clipped.

:star: 3. windows 12 iso Snip & Sketch

Brand-new features The most recent version of the operating system is Windows 12. The next update is Snip & Sketch. You can use this tool to write or alter the screenshot that you just taken. Cropping, marking, scribbling, and even sketching with the crossbar and bow are just a few of the options.

It’s also quite simple to use this function; to capture a screenshot, simply press Windows + Shift + S. Please select the photo in the Floating Window that displays. The Screenshot results can then be modified and sketched to your preference.

:star: 4. Texting from the Laptop

With Windows 12 Update, you may send and receive SMS directly from your laptop. With this edition of Windows 12, you can synchronise Windows 12 on a laptop with your Android smartphone. As a result, you’ll be able to see and reply to SMS messages on both your Android smartphone and your desktop.

Your Smartphone may display images in addition to watching videos and sending SMS. As a result, everytime you take a new photo with your Smartphone, you may view it on your laptop right away.

To use this function, you must first install the Microsoft Launcher or Your Phone Companion software on your Android smartphone. Then, using the Microsoft account that was used on the laptop, log in.

:star: 5. windows 12 Search Preview

Brand-new features The most recent version of the operating system is Windows 12. The new design of Windows Search, which now incorporates previews, is the next upgrade. As a result, if you type certain keywords into the search box, a preview of the search results you choose will show.

If you type in a song title, for example, you’ll get the whole title, file location, and other details. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an application, you’ll be given a number of choices.

:star: 6. Microsoft Edge Updates

The next new feature is the upgrades to Microsoft Edge. Is it possible that one of these modifications is the shadow, which boosts the display’s depth effect? The alternatives are then sorted into categories on Microsoft Edge, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

Not only that, but you can now control whether or not a video plays automatically by adjusting the auto-play media. When reading PDFs in Edge Browser, you may now make notes and annotations.

If you wanted to take particular notes while reading an eBook, this could be handy. The current Learning Tools with Text Options, which can be modified in terms of design and colour, will appear when you open the reading view. Line Focus, on the other hand, allows you to focus the text on one, three, or five lines, based on your choices.

:star: 7. Power Usage in Task Manager

New functionality has been added. The most recent version of the operating system is Windows 12. The next update to the Task Manager will be the addition of data on Power Usage. Power Usage and Power Usage Trend have been added to make power usage monitoring on Windows 12 easier.

Both of these programmes can be used to monitor any application that shifts from high to low power consumption. As a consequence, you’ll get a list of programmes that fast deplete the laptop battery.

:star: 8. HDR Support

The next major feature is support for HDR on laptops running the latest version of Windows 12. Of course, if you like to work with a large-screen monitor, such as a 4K monitor with HDR support, this will be useful.

In Windows 12 Update, Settings> Display> Windows HD Color now has more options for enabling HDR. This option will display the screen on which HDR support is enabled for video streaming, gaming, and apps.

:star: 9. Windows Security

With the release of Windows 12 Update, the name of Windows Defender was changed to Windows Security. A number of new security features have been added to this Windows antivirus.

For example, Controlled Folder Access is an anti-ransomware tool that allows you to simply set any application that has access to that folder. Naturally, this makes it simple to protect your data from ransomware while still enabling access to specific applications.

:star: 10. START SCREEN

All prior operating systems used the start screen option to launch applications, but according to sources, Microsoft has gone back to basics or, to put it another way, has reintroduced the conventional start menu. In comparison to the start screen option, this is more user-friendly.

:star: 11. CORTANA 2.0

We live in a sluggish world where no one wants to move their finger, thus Microsoft has introduced Cortana 2.0 virtual assistant to help you, which is an advanced version of Cortana. Windows Phone 8.1 was the first to feature it. A person can operate without raising a finger with the help of Cortana. Cortana outperforms both Siri and Google in terms of performance.

:star: 12. CONTINUUM

Windows 12 is a great mix of features that will work on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices. The Windows 13 continuum feature will allow users to work in both desktop and mobile mode, as well as on tablets and smartphones.

In tablet mode, the start menu will function similarly to the desktop mode and will fill the entire screen. In the activity center, there will be a button to turn on or off the tablet mode feature.

:star: 13. XBOX

The Xbox version x app will be included in Windows 12 as a standard feature. The Xbox app will show you all of your Xbox live friends’ activities as well as your activity feed. On the left side of the programme, you’ll find options to chat with your Xbox Live friends as well as share and view footage from their games, while on the right, you’ll find buddy lists.


To secure your computer, Microsoft has included the finest possible protection in Windows 12, which includes Windows Defender by default. This has simply altered the definition of security and taken it to the next level. For the security of your machine, Window Defender will have antivirus protection.


This element of the operating system is utilized both professionally and personally. Notifications are highly vital for every business and also for personal use. This is referred to as a basecamp of beneficial information because it stores all of your reminders and assists you in remembering them.


Window 12 is the new version having many outstanding features such as security improvements, HDR support, dark mode explorer, and many more features.

:arrow_right: Facts about Window 12:

:dizzy: Windows 12 New Operating System

According to current information, the new operating system will be able to update users seamlessly, meaning that all updates will load in the background and then take effect quietly without the need to reboot or exit the system.

Because it does not require spending money, this will substantially simplify the process of installing updates. This will, without a doubt, gratify all users because it will allow them to improve their user experience.

Furthermore, the updated installation mechanism in Windows 12 will be as dependable as possible, so if something breaks partially or entirely, the user will be able to restore everything in a few clicks after spending 5 minutes within a few weeks.

The new operating system will prove to be the most dependable of all of Microsoft’s previous offerings, and it will have native support for Android cellphones, as well as full synchronization with them.

According to current information, the presentation of Windows 12 will take place in the first quarter of 2021, from January to March inclusive, and this platform will then be available for installation on all computers and other devices owned by users.

It is planned to be released in its final stable version in the third quarter, which means that it will be available for download in September. A licence will cost $ 200 (13,000 rubles), the same as the licenced edition of the current cheapest Windows 10 build. It’s still up for discussion.


Window 12 has a feature of operating which means that it can update the users seamlessly means all the updates will be ongoing in the background and there will be no need to exit and reboot again and again.

:dizzy: How to Manually Update Windows 12

  1. From the bottom-left corner, select the Start (Windows) button.

  2. Go to the settings menu (gear icon).

  3. Select the Update and Security icon from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the sidebar, select the Windows Update tab (Circular arrows)

  5. Choose Check for Updates from the drop-down menu. If an update is available, it will start downloading automatically.

:dizzy: What You Can Expect From Windows 12 iso

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft will give any user who upgrades to Windows 12 a free virtual reality headset. Microsoft will produce VR headsets with HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and Dell. Redmond wants to make virtual reality (VR) accessible and affordable to the general population.

To wrap off this surprise revelation, we’d like to remind you that the exact date of its release is yet unknown. Microsoft is working hard to make virtual reality more accessible and inexpensive to the general public, but we have no idea what features Windows 12 light will include — or if Windows 12 OS will at all. Microsoft has declared that Windows 10 is the final version and that it will be upgraded in the future. In other words, Windows 11 and 12 would not exist.

:dizzy: Windows 12 Lite is awesome

On February 11th, 2020, Windows 12 Lite will be released! At first sight, it appears that a new edition of the Windows operating system has been released. Is it terrifying that people who don’t comprehend the circumstance believe it to be true?

In actuality, this name is not at all what you might expect. Because this isn’t a Windows-based system, you’ll have to think a little ■■■■■■. Windows 10 features a flat wallpaper and icon pack, which is based on Linux Lite 4.8 of the Linux operating system.

According to the website description, Windows 12 Lite “completely addresses all the difficulties in poor Windows 10,” “is a wonderful operating system,” “the desktop is better than Windows 10 in all respects,” “can perfectly replace Windows 10,” and “it can also startup.”

Several satires on Windows 10 were also included in the Windows 12 Lite tagline. I’m not sure what Microsoft thinks, and it’s not uncommon for them to dismiss these satires:

• There are no unwelcome update patches, upgrade difficulties, or demands to buy more versions.

• Natural immunity, no virus or extortion software • -Dual-boot operation with Windows 7/10, free file copying and editing

• Starts up to three times faster than Windows 10 and takes roughly ten seconds to complete.

• Comes with a lot of the top software; the software manager has over 80,000 models to choose from.

• Excellent support for Steam / NVIDIA graphics cards while still allowing you to play games.

• There is no need for authorization or activation, and data will not be taken by Microsoft.

• There is no Microsoft advertising. Get more information about the Windows 12 Lite download. In terms of the moniker Windows 12 Lite, I believe it is a bit of a rumor, and Microsoft was taken aback. For more details, go to Windows 12 Lite.

:dizzy: Windows 12 Iso Release date 2020

The public unveiling of Windows 12 is expected to take place in November-December this year, which means it will be a few months before Microsoft makes it public. Following that, testing will commence as part of the Windows Insider Early Access Program, which anyone can join without restriction a few days later.

This will take at least 3-5 months from the time of the announcement, therefore the new platform is expected to be released in its final stable version on June 29, 2020. More specific dates will be revealed during the announcement, which will take place soon.

:dizzy: Similarities and Differences between Window 12 and Window 10:

Microsoft’s Windows 12 is an attempt to synchronize all types of devices running the same operating system. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox game consoles are all included.

Windows 10 is, on the other hand, a PC and laptop-only operating system. With that in mind, the “top ten” has a lot of what the “seven” does not, but there is also a lot in common.

• The design is, of course, the most significant difference. Windows 12 is designed to work well with a monitor and a touchscreen. Windows 10 features a Start menu and is only meant to use with a computer mouse. The Start menu is back in Windows 12, but it’s now coupled with a collection of tiles, making the new OS more accessible to users on any device.

• The search function is another difference between Windows 12 and Windows 10. You may use Search in Windows 10 to look for files and applications on your local machine. The area of search in Windows 12 is expanding.

The user may now search the Internet and the Windows Store app store directly from the desktop. In addition, the new system has a voice search, which is powered by Microsoft’s Cortana assistant.

• The notification system is a significant distinction between the two systems. Each application in Windows 10 displays its pop-ups on the screen, and there is a notification box in the lower right corner. In turn, all system and application notifications are collected in one tape and ranked by time in the “top ten.”

• In comparison to Windows 10, a significant advancement is made in terms of workspace management. Virtual desktops, which are familiar to Android users and Mac OS and Linux users, are finally available in Windows 12. They are not yet available in Windows 10, even though multi-monitor capability is now available.

• Computer gaming fans are raving about Windows 10. Windows 12 wants to take over the palm of your hand. The system includes DirectX 12, which improves gaming performance significantly, as well as extensive interaction with Xbox via an integrated program with Xbox Live access.

:dizzy: Windows 12 Iso requirements

Windows 12 requires the following hardware to run:

• A 32-bit or 64-bit computer architecture

• A CPU with a minimum speed of 1 GHz

• Minimum RAM of 1 GB or 2 GB

• A computer graphics card

• DirectX9 graphics hardware with WDDN 1.0 driver support

• Optical drive (DVD-R/RW)

• Hard drive capacity of 16–20 Gigabytes

• Touchscreen monitor (optional)

:dizzy: Windows 12 editions

Windows 12 comes in six different editions, each one upgrading or adapting the application to new needs sequentially and progressively. These are the editions:

:star: Starter

It was the first edition, with limited capabilities. It had an incomplete version of the UI, limited customization options, and was thus the lightest, making it suitable for netbooks or low-performance personal computers.

:star: Home Basic

This edition for home computers includes more networking and customization functions than the starting edition, even though the interface is still incomplete.

:star: Premium Home.

It’s a more advanced version of Home Basic, with more customization and interface options, as well as Windows Media Center and several codecs for multimedia playback.

:star: Professional.

Equivalent to Vista Business, which is a business or work computer version that has all of the features of Home Premium plus data backup, online security, and file encryption to ensure the privacy of the data handled.

:star: Enterprise.

The Professional edition includes a multi-language package as well as a complicated set of internet defense and data security software, making it appropriate for computers and networked enterprises. It was only sold through a business arrangement.

:star: Ultimate.

The final version of the operating system, which includes all of the operating system’s features and is available for purchase by the general public.

:dizzy: Windows 12 pro advantages

The following is a list of advantages Windows 12 has over prior versions of the program:

• It has a higher level of synchronization between the user and the computer, thanks to tools like touch screens and voice recognition.

• It takes up less space and uses less kernel.

• Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported.

• It saves energy by reducing the use of machine components.

:dizzy: Disadvantages of Windows 12

Similarly, as compared to prior versions of Windows, this version has some disadvantages:

• It lacks support or compatibility with “obsolete” drivers and technologies, indicating a before and after;

• Users of previous versions must perform a new and fresh installation of the operating system.

• It is pricier than the past editions.

• Movie Maker, Live Essentials, and other popular Windows utilities have been eliminated.

• When it comes to Windows updates and remote management by the corporation, the user has less control.

:dizzy: Windows 12 Iso Misconception

Some predicted that there would be no numbers 11, 12, 13, and so on. Major discharges, on the other hand, occur in the spring and fall. The May 2019 upgrade is the most recent significant release. It’s rumored that the next one will take place in October of this year.

This is Microsoft’s way of messing with your mind. They’re fed up with people whining about how difficult it is to upgrade to version 11, 12, 13, and so on. Microsoft has no plans to release another version of Windows at this time.

It’ll be Windows 10 path 293482349, or just Windows patch 10239128… To rename Windows, they could just remove the number ‘10’. Similar to Office Pack 365, there will be only one Office version.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will be the final version, with only fresh updates and improvements being deployed. MS has decided to cease numbering and simply update. With codenames like Fusion and others, there have been some wild theories and suggestions about Windows 12.


Window 12 has many new outstanding features having advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that it takes less space and also uses less energy. It also uses less kernel. The disadvantage is that it is pricier than the last editions.

:arrow_right: Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Will Windows 12 be a free update?

Windows 12 is being delivered for free to anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 10, even if they have a pirated copy of the operating system, as part of a new company strategy. If you haven’t received the new Windows yet, it’s only a matter of time - you may force Windows 12 to install by following the instructions here.

2: Is there any window 13?

There will be no Windows 13 version, according to numerous claims and data, but the Windows 10 concept is still widely available. According to the allegation, Microsoft refused to design and create a new version of Windows.

3: Is Windows 12 better than Windows 10?

Linux-based Windows 12 Lite is “three times faster than Windows 10” and “anti-ransomware”… This operating system, according to the accompanying information, promises seamless upgrades that won’t interrupt your work, is virus and ransomware-free, and can run alongside Windows 7 or 10.

4: Is Windows 12 Lite real?

Windows 12 Lite is a Linux distro based on LiteOS with a Windows 10 wallpaper that has not been formally mentioned anywhere. The current Windows 10 operating system is based on Microsoft’s own Windows NT kernel.

5: What will be new in Windows 12?

Features that are new Windows 12 is the latest version of the operating system. Snip & Sketch is the next update. This tool allows you to write or edit the screenshot you just took. Cropping, Marking, Scribbling, and even drawing with the crossbar and bow are some of the activities available.

6: Is there a Microsoft Windows 12?

Windows 12 is currently a web legend. Not all information found on the internet is accurate, and this one is unquestionably false. With two feature upgrades every year, Microsoft is focusing on improving Windows 10 as the most recent version of Windows.

7: How do I get Windows Media Player 12?

Press Win+R on your keyboard, or right-click the Start menu and select Run to start Windows Media Player 12. Type optional features in the Run command box and hit OK. This will bring up the Windows feature settings menu, where you can turn on or off certain Windows functions.

8: What is Windows Media Player 12?

Many major audio and video formats are supported by Windows Media Player 12. Sync music, films, and photographs to your devices, or stream media to them, so you can enjoy your library wherever you are, at home or on the go. Select the Windows Media Player check box under Media Features. After that, click OK and restart your computer.

9: What happened to my Windows Media Player?

This update, dubbed FeatureOnDemandMediaPlayer, eliminates Windows Media Player from the OS but does not completely disable access to it. If you want to reinstall the media player, use the Add a Feature option. Go to Settings, then Apps > Apps & Features, Manage optional features.

10: Does Windows 10 have a media player?

For Windows-based devices, Windows Media Player is available. It’s an optional feature in select editions of Windows 10 that you can enable. To do so, go to Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Manage optional features > Add a feature > Windows Media Player, and then choose Install.


Window 12 is a new version by Microsoft having many great features. It has the feature of security improvements, dark mode explorer, HDR support, and many more features. It has a system of new operating means it will update users seamlessly. It also has many advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that it takes less space and also uses less kernel. Besides all the facts, it is costlier than the last editions.

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