Definition of Edition:

  1. A particular version or instance of a regular program or broadcast.

  2. A particular form or version of a published text.

  3. The total number of copies of a book, newspaper, or other published material issued at one time.

  4. All copies of a publication published in one or more impressions but in one format, from the same typeset master, bound and issued at the same time or at several intervals. The first new version of a first edition containing corrections and/or some new material is called a revised edition. A new edition, by tradition, must have 10 percent of new material. Subsequent revisions or editions are numbered sequentially as second, third, fourth, and so on.

Synonyms of Edition

Arrangement, Back number, Collection, Composite reading, Conflation, Copy, Critical edition, Diplomatic text, Draft, Edited text, Hymnal, Hymnbook, Impression, Instrumental score, Issue, Lection, Library, Library edition, Libretto, Lute tablature, Music, Music paper, Music roll, Musical notation, Musical score, Normalized text, Notation, Number, Opera, Opera score, Orchestral score, Part, Piano score, Printing, Reading, Reissue, Rendering, Rendition, Reprinting, Scholarly edition, School edition, Score, Series, Set, Sheet music, Short score, Songbook, Songster, Tablature, Text, Trade book, Trade edition, Transcript, Transcription, Variant, Version, Vocal score, Volume, Written music, Edition, Issue, Copy, Version, Edition, Issue, Model, Mark, Draft, Form, Impression, Publication

How to use Edition in a sentence?

  1. The Monday edition will be repeated on Wednesday afternoons.
  2. A paperback edition.
  3. Variations occurred after some of the edition had already been published.

Meaning of Edition & Edition Definition

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