Definition of Population:

  1. All residents of a specific city, region, or country.

  2. All elements, individuals or units that met the selection criteria of the study group and from which the representative sample was taken for detailed examination. The sum of all populations is called the universe.

Synonyms of Population

Citizenry, Dwarf star, NGC, Star cluster, Double star, Society, Natives, Peopling, Inhabitants, Spectrum-luminosity diagram, White dwarf star, Gravity star, World, Mooring, Fixation, People, Stellar magnitude, Everybody, Pleiades, Inauguration, Inhabiting, Public, Star chart, Star catalog, People in general, Globular cluster, Occupiers, Absolute magnitude, Settling, Red giant star, Lodgment, Variable star, Residents, Installment, Binary star, Installation, Initiation, Main sequence star, General public, Estate, Everyman, Peoplement, Gentry, Neutron star, Citizenry, Nationality, Everywoman, Quasi-stellar radio source, Star, Colonization, Supernova, Foundation, Messier catalog, Empeoplement, John Doe, You and me, Sky atlas, Cepheid variable, Magnitude, State, Citizens, Mass-luminosity law, Settlement, Community at large, Nation, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, Open cluster, Inhabitants, Body politic, Hyades, Polity, Beehive, Pulsar, Fixed star, Populace, Populace, Everyone, Public, Radio star, Citizens, Populations, Community, Establishment, People, Anchorage, Star cloud, Society, Common man, Persons, Folks, Black hole, Giant star, Nova, Investiture, Quasar, Occupants, Public, Relative magnitude, Plantation, Community, Men, Everyman, Seven Sisters, Commonwealth, Folk

How to use Population in a sentence?

  1. In science, only horses with long and curly mane have been examined.
  2. The total population of the island is about 78,000.
  3. When researchers try to predict the outcome of a presidential election, they tend to look at a sample of 1,000 to 2,000 people and try to gauge the behavior of all the voters in that sample.
  4. In the last 300 years, the population has grown rapidly in almost every major region of the world, so in some places the couple has been encouraged to agree to be born less.

Meaning of Population & Population Definition

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