Definition of Mechanism:

  1. A system of parts working together in a machine; a piece of machinery.

  2. The doctrine that all natural phenomena, including life and thought, allow mechanical explanation by physics and chemistry.

  3. Logical assembly of components, elements, or parts, and the associated energy and information flows, that enables a machine, process, or system to achieve its intended result.

  4. A natural or established process by which something takes place or is brought about.

Synonyms of Mechanism

Procedure, Process, System, Operation, Method, Technique, Workings, Means, Medium, Agency, Channel, Channels, Vehicle, Structure, Apparatus, Machine, Appliance, Tool, Device, Implement, Utensil, Instrument, Contraption, Contrivance, Gadget, Tackle, Structure, System, Charlie McCarthy, Marxism, Action, Agency, Agent, Ancilla, Animalism, Apparatus, Appliance, Approach, Arrangement, Art, Atomism, Automatic switch, Behaviorism, Channel selector, Check valve, Clockworks, Commonsense realism, Contour follower, Contrivance, Control valve, Convenience, Craft, Creature, Device, Dialectical materialism, Drive, Drive train, Dummy, Dupe, Earthliness, Electronic control, Emergency control, Empiricism, Engine, Enginery, Epiphenomenalism, Expedient, Facility, Finder switch, Fixture, Flowmanostat, Gear, Go-between, Going between, Handmaid, Handmaiden, Historical materialism, Hylomorphism, Hylotheism, Hylozoism, Implement, Innards, Instrument, Instrumentality, Interagent, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermediation, Intermedium, Internal selector, Lever, Machine, Machinery, Materialism, Means, Mechanical aid, Mechanical device, Mechanics, Mediation, Mediator, Medium, Method, Midwife, Minion, Monism, Motion, Motive power, Motor, Movement, Movements, Natural realism, Naturalism, New realism, Organ, Organization, Pawn, Physicalism, Physicism, Plaything, Positive philosophy, Positivism, Power plant, Power source, Power train, Pragmaticism, Pragmatism, Procedure, Process, Puppet, Realism, Recourse, Rectifier, Register regulator, Representative realism, Resort, Safety control, Safety fuse, Safety stop, Safety switch, Safety valve, Science, Secularism, Selector switch, Sequence switch, Servant, Service, Servo valve, Servomechanism, Skill, Slave, Stooge, Structure, Substantialism, System, Technic, Technical know-how, Technical knowledge, Technical skill, Technics, Technique, Technology, Temporality, Thermoswitch, Timer, Tool, Toy, Utility, Vehicle, Voltage regulator, Voltage stabilizer, Watchworks, Way, Wheels, Wheels within wheels, Workings, Works, Worldliness

How to use Mechanism in a sentence?

  1. When I bought a Vostok watch from Russia it broke, and I was unable to fix it, because the mechanism was quite complicated.
  2. In a factory you will find many a mechanism that can do complex tasks to create things much faster than a person can.
  3. We have no mechanism for assessing the success of forwarded inquiries.
  4. When trying to find information on the internet, one types a series of words into Google, creating a query, which in turn leads to results via a patented search mechanism .
  5. The gunner injured his arm in the turret mechanism.
  6. Much of this controversy stemmed from the argument of mechanism versus vitalism.

Meaning of Mechanism & Mechanism Definition