Definition of System:

  1. The current political or social system, especially when perceived as oppressive and complex.

  2. An organized and centralized structure consisting of interconnected and interdependent elements (components, components, factors, members, parts, etc.). These elements constantly (directly or indirectly) influence each other in order to maintain the activities and existence of the system and to achieve the goals of the system.

    All systems have (a) input, output and feedback mechanisms, (b) maintain a stable internal state (called homeostasis) even if the external environment changes, different set sets Displays features (called Emergency Properties), but does not contain them. The boundaries of the individual elements and (d) are usually set by system observers. This system is the basis of all phenomena and they are all part of a larger system. The system stops working when the elements are removed or significantly replaced. Together, they allow the universe to be understood and interpreted as a meta-system of everything that is interconnected and governs our thinking about the world.

    Although different types of systems look very different on the surface, from cells to the human body, from anth colonies to countries, they have a striking resemblance. At the most basic level, systems are divided into two types: (1) closed systems: ideological systems that do not interact and are not affected by their environment. Only system components are required. For example: Closed glass: Nothing enters or leaves the glass, but everything in it can communicate. (2) Open system: The original system, whose boundaries allow the exchange of energy, material and information with the external system of the environment or much larger. For example: A company: Although there are separate departments within an organization, employees exchange data and communicate with each other on a daily basis. Different systems (such as system dynamics and system thinking) classify systems differently.

  3. Grit is a series of sticks in the score.

  4. A series of elements that work together as part of an interconnection or network mechanism.

  5. A detailed set of methods, procedures, and routines designed to complete a specific activity, perform a task, or solve a problem.

  6. A set of principles or methods by which something is to be done, an organized structure or method.

Synonyms of System

Modus, World, Program, Property, Program of action, Intention, Strategy, Framework, Frame of reference, Officialdom, Sight, Enterprise, Process, Schedule, Prearrangement, All being, Method, Line of attack, Nature, Order, Crasis, Suchness, Good condition, The regime, Standpoint, Disposition, Uniformity, Fashion, Technique, Tactical plan, Forethought, Graphing, Wise, Light, Einsteinian universe, Characteristics, Kind, Bureaucracy, Technique, The way of, Conception, Line, Situation, Outlook, Line, Plenum, Streak, Composition, Mode, Working plan, Regularity, Means, Hue, Scheme of arrangement, Temperament, Marshaling, Manner, Form, Methodicalness, Tack, Idea, Angle, Ilk, Attack, Procedure, Line of action, The powers that be, Proceeding, Tranquillity, Peace, Schematization, Guise, Complex, Genius, Expanding universe, Eye, The picture, Position, Arrangement, Tenor, Aggregation, Stamp, Point of view, Type, Orderliness, Creation, Apple-pie order, Concord, Manner, Spirit, Way, Arrangement, Organization, Design, MO, Schematism, Discipline, Strategic plan, Footing, The how, Charting, Proportion, Basis, Group, Ptolemaic universe, Vein, Tone, Humor, Organization, Apparatus, Master plan, Angle of vision, Blueprint, Sum of things, Mesh, Viewpoint, Integral, View, Order, Line of action, Somatotype, Network, Diathesis, Sum, Steady-state universe, Means, Network, Universe, Approach, Pulsating universe, Place, Constitution, Created nature, Disposal, Process, All, Fine fettle, Macrocosmos, Symmetry, Ground plan, Totality of being, Tactics, Framework, Dharma, Quiet, Methodology, Modus operandi, Character, Physique, Planning, Good shape, Respect, Practice, Anschauung, Integrate, Procedure, Anality, The establishment, Frame, Pattern, Mapping, Planning function, Megacosm, Makeup, Schema, Setup, Game, Contrivance, Lines, Complexion, The big picture, Mode of operation, Characteristic, Constituents, Manner of working, Deployment, Cast, Regard, Stripe, Method, Foresight, Figuring, Neatness, Systematicness, Copernican universe, Plan, The drill, Blueprinting, Totality, Set, Operations research, World without end, Newtonian universe, Side, Long-range plan, Cosmos, Stand, Systematization, Trimness, Formation, Modus operandi, Calculation, Way, Course, Body-build, Routine, Algorithm, Habit, Everything that is, All creation, Humors, Tidiness, Combination, Mode, Harmony, Tendency, Guidelines, Layout, Methodology, Grain, Structure, Sort, Ethos, Good trim, Device, Created universe, Entity, Set-up, Wide world, Brand, Scheme, Array, Practice, Allness, Whole wide world, Complex, Style, Quietude, Fiber, Attack, Temper, Mode of procedure, Rationalization, Reference system, Omneity, Mental outlook, Quality, The authorities, Slant, Structure, Lineup, Approach, Macrocosm, Sidereal universe, Metagalaxy, The ruling class, Mold, Envisagement

How to use System in a sentence?

  1. In my opinion, Canada's health program is an ideal system because it is a major concern for Canadians.
  2. The company operates an efficient system where employees look for evidence of travel expenses and are reimbursed the following week.
  3. I have a system of doing things that work great for me and I rarely get away with it, even when my manager wants things to be done differently.
  4. Don't try to ignore the system.
  5. Multilateral system of government.
  6. National railway system.

Meaning of System & System Definition

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