How to introduce yourself in group discussion

What Is the Group Discuss

A group discussion is just a way instrumental in judging the union, leadership qualities, out of the box thinking, and other managerial qualities in a private.

During a layman’s language, a group discussion may be a discussion involving a group of around seven to eight participants.

Introduce yourself in group discussion

We’re going to have to introduce yourself to a group of people might be a networking event might be a seminar or class. You’re attending but you have to remember that people are going to make judgments on you based on how you present yourself and remember it’s not just what you say but, how you say it.

So, here are some things to keep in mind the next time you have to introduce yourself in front of a group.

01: Make Sure That Everyone Can See Your Face.

Make sure that everyone can see your face this might seem like common sense but if you’re in the middle of the room and you just stand up.

Then introduce yourself half the room is looking at the back of your head if that’s the case just step to the side of the room and turn around and make sure that everybody can see your face.

02: Be Alert Always.

A participant usually gets around quarter-hour to believe the subject. You would like to think fast and canopy the maximum amount as you’ll .Always lookout of your words. The content has got to be sensible, crisp and well supported with examples or real world situations. Don’t adopt a laidback attitude or yawn in between group discussions.

03: Speak Loudly Enough

To keep in mind is that you want to speak loudly enough that the entire room can hear you again. Its common sense but you have to project you have to fill the entire room not just by the way loudly enough that they can hear, you but also loudly enough that they can understand you.

04: Stand Tall & Smile

Keep in mind is that you want to stand tall and smile you want to project confidence and one of the best ways of doing that is make sure that you have great posture you’re standing up tall and you’re smiling you had an open smile on your face.

If you keep these things in mind the next time you are introducing yourself.

05: Take care of your dressing as well.

Don’t wear flashy clothes while going for a group discussion or interview. Female candidates should also avoid cake makeup or flaunt heavy jewelry. The clattering sounds of bangles sometimes act as a disturbing element in formal discussions. Be in professional attire and avoid loud colors.

We can start the group discussion with a question,fact or a quote that is new to the audience.We should be pertinent to the topic strictly and don’t let the audience to be distracted.
Present your point of view in a loud and clear voice and don’t let them wander off the topic.

People having a group discussion

What is group discussion purpose?

The purpose of a discussion is to help a participant to study and analyze or become familiar with a topic so that they can be able to present their own point of view in front of others.

To further analyze the importance of a group discussion,see importance of group discussion.

What are important group discussion skills?

  • Speaking
    To be a good speaker.

  • Time Management
    To be able to distribute the time duration equally among all the participants.

  • Presentation
    To be able to present your take clearly.

  • Paraphrasing
    To explain topic by paraphrasing or summarizing.

  • Creativity
    To introduce new topics for discussion.

  • Listening
    To be patient to listen with an open mind to participant’s ideas and thoughts.

  • Proactive
    To not only take part actively but also motivate others to do the same.

For more tips on an effective start to a group discussion,visit how to introduce yourself in group discussion.

A person addressing a group

What are the best topics to discuss in the class?

Following topics and other topics similar to them can help to start an interesting discussion in a group.

Everyone wants to talk about their hobbies.

You can talk on how elder people value time as compared to younger ones.

Discussion on how much sleep is necessary for a normal person can also be done.

Which type of music is popular among new generation nowadays can also be an effective topic.

First Date
You can also talk regarding what you should notice about someone on your first date?

Talk on what type of work can be boring or tiresome also proves to be a good topic.

Individuals can share their opinions on the risks that must be taken in life.

Which type of food is more beneficial for health,fast food or home-made traditional food,this can also be an interesting topic.

What makes a good persuasive speech topic?

These are good topics to discuss generally:

  • Health:Is health really important than wealth?

  • Religion:Is religion really a personal thing?

  • Environment:How can we keep our environment clean?

  • Sports:Which type of sports are popular these days?

  • Technology:Does technology make our lives comfortable or mechanical?

  • Consider All The Angles:Can we consider anyone innocent if he’s not proven guilty?

  • Know Your Audience:For starting a discussion,is it necessary to have complete information about your audience?

To get good tips on presenting a topic efficiently in a group discussion,see how to discuss a topic in a group

How do you start a discussion?

There are seven ways to start a discussion or conversation so it can go according to your wish.

  • Start with a common topic like weather or sport.

  • Give compliments to others.

  • Talk about venue.

  • Ask a favour from others.

  • Open the discussion with a funny quote or a joke.

  • Present arguments without any strong feeling or offence.

  • Start with a question that is clearly related to your topic.

Before this to get started first,visit how to write a discussion.

What are the types of group discussion?

Case study topics:In the case study,we discuss a real life situation.

Controversial topics:Having discussion on the topics on which people have tendency to show agreement or disagreement.

Abstract topics: To talk about topics that are not corporeal or material but they can be the part of everyone’s life.

What are the group discussion methods?

  • Chose subject of common knowledge like current affairs or fashion trends.

  • Subject or topics could be possibly used to create positive or negative arguments.

  • Points should be clear to understanding.

For more tips on how to do a successful group discussion,see successful group discussion techniques.

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How to introduce yourself in the group discussion. Group discussion is an important tool to learn and gain knowledge about current issues. In group discussion people talk about current situations and they convey their point of views. The discussion become fruitful for the knowledge seekers. They get different point of views over a point.

Group Discussion:

Group discussion is a crucial round in any interview process whether you are applying for your dream job or trying to get into the top tier colleges group discussion is undoubtedly one of the eliminating rounds that you need to face many candidates panic about group discussions but not to worry as we have a few important tips to help you crack your good thoughts.

Aim of Group Discussion:

The main aim of group discussion is to bring your confidence in front of you so that you can face and sit between groups and speak confidently. In short group discussion is a phenomena where a group of people sit together. They discuss about different points and aspects of a single topic. One who love to listen to both side of the coin it is a best way to learn.

Sense of Speak:

During the discussion you can observe that you have knowledge about the given point and have your own point of view. This sense of knowledge force you to speak over it. You get different points and you are now able to conduct a result and conclusion over the topic. This may lead you in the time where you need that guidance.

Benefits of Group Discussion:

You can set a criteria of thoughts. Group discussions are so helpful because it increases your thinking ability and you learn that how to respect the words of other people. In a group discussion the interviewer want to see the mindset of a person and they evaluates the level of leadership skills.

Listening Skills:

The most important thing before learning the way of discussion is to listen. The term listen represents the way through you can respect others. When you listen to others then other are also like to talk to you. They tried to reach you to convey their point of views with you. It increases the knowledge because it is not necessary that at every time you are on right. Sometimes the person next to you can be right. So it is important to listen to others.

Confidence and teamwork:

Listening skills make you confident and it teaches you teamwork. These qualities comes through a group discussion. Group discussion teaches you the way to represent you. You can present your point of view with logics. This shows that how gracefully you can define your personalities in a group.

Tips for Group Discussion:

In group discussion you can see how people think or tackle with different situations. There are top 8 tips and that will help you in offering your best personality in group discussions. It is not necessary that you have all the knowledge. The knowledge comes from others. If you go out and see other people then you can get different perspective.

Healthy Topics to discuss Controversial Topics to discuss
Education Politics
Current affairs Terrorism
Sports Alcohol consumption
Business Smoking
Social Media Video games

Discussion topics:

There are a few general good topics that you could research on a few such topics are:

  • Women make better Managers agree or disagree social media is a boon or a bane for the society.

  • Your views on bitcoin and cryptocurrency given the current scenario.

  • You can also prepare on topics around covid19 topics like coronavirus impact on global Economy.

  • How effective virtual learning is and is social distancing the new norm to name.


A few different topics can be given to you starting from general topics to Controversial to case studies before stepping into the good research on a few topics that are frequently asked. You don’t need to carry out a detailed study on these topics. It is enough if you have a rough idea about it.

Tips for Good Discussion:

  • You are not judged on your knowledge but on how wisely you present your answers.

  • You should initiate a group discussion many of you might think if you speak first.

How to Catch Attention:

You can grab the attention well yes you definitely can. However it can also backfire on you our tip to you is that speak first only if you have meaningful information on the topic. You could start the discussion with a relevant quote story or fact if you are confused about the topic and unsure how to start. It is fine to wait and listen to the others and then rephrase your answer three once the group discussion is in full swing.

Respect others views:

Be careful about how you speak there will be many candidates with different views. You need to respect that and assertively put across your view but not aggressively at no point should you shout and get angry. There are a few phrases that can help you respectfully communicate your opinions firstly.

Controversial Discussion:

  • If you disagree with someone be graceful and control your emotions. You can use phrases like I beg to differ or I do not support your point of view. I have a different opinion.

  • So on in situations where you agree with someone use phrases like I second you or I have the same opinion.

  • Apart from this there will be scenarios where you might partially agree with someone at that time. It’s best to say you are right however I don’t fully endorse your statement.

  • At some point if you are required to interrupt someone think before you do that and say sorry I wish to interrupt you there lastly.

  • If you would like to add a few Pointers you can start the conversation by saying in addition to that you must use the right words and phrases through the course of your good.

  • Listen carefully and then reply give others a chance to talk. Make eye contact or give attention by nodding your Head. This shows your active participant in the discussion.

Healthy Discussion:

This shows you respect the other person and your flexibility in accepting others points of view while sticking to your own remember. You have a positive attitude throughout the discussion. It is important to carry out a healthy Discussion group discussion is not a process to judge your current affairs knowledge but evaluate your interpersonal skills and behavior.

Share your Opinion:

Using the previously mentioned phrases allow you to speak. Hence it would be best if you spoke with clarity and put across your opinions communicate confidently. Have a good command over English and speak comfortably. Take a pause and think of what to talk. Do not try to be dominant while speaking.

Things to Remember:

Finally everything boils down to how you present your opinion and how well you can convince the rest of the candidates and leave a positive impact on them through your speech. Remember to talk well and catch the attention of the panel.

  • Another point to remember is not sitting back after talking once.

  • Try to have more than one entry five our next tip to you is to listen.

  • Carefully not just hear but listen a vital skill and the panel judges you.

Body Language in Group Discussion:

Body language also plays a prime role in a representing you. Notice the way you sit and react body language speaks volumes about you. Hence sit straight, avoid constant impatient or tensed movements stay calm and maintain eye contact. You should also remember to dress professionally and be presentable.

Leadership Skills:

Do not deviate from the topic focus on the content rather than the length of your speech group discussions also provide you with an opportunity to display your leadership skills. Suppose the group is drifting away from the given topic. Take an interest in helping the group stay on topic and head in a positive direction having said that it is not your role to be the Interviewer.

Conclude the discussion:

However make a conscious effort to have the group stick to the topic. Summarizing or stating your conclusion gives a good chance to grab the panel’s attention our tip is that you summarize the entire Discussion and highlight the key points try to find the middle ground and do not have a one-sided summary keep the summary short and relevant so those were our top 8 tips to master


Listening is a sign of respect do listen to understand your teammates and not just to reply to them this may sound easy but it is one of the most challenging tasks to carry out in a group discussion.


People often asks these Questions:

1. How to lead a group discussion?

You can lead to group discussion by listening to each member of the group. It gives them chance to share their views with others. If they are wrong about anything then this discussion may teach them the right way to speak.

2. How to facilitate a healthy group discussion?

You can conduct some mock group discussion which may increase the communication skills and may make you confident.

3. How to finish the group discussion?

To finish the group discussion you have to conduct the point of views of each person in the group and then you have to summarize them with good and healthy ideas.

4. What are the benefits of Group discussion?

The major role of group discussion is in the improvement of communication skills. It also make you a good listener and talker. You can learn from each members.


In the group discussions you have to make sure that you follow these tips and also act upon them. You can also do many researches before discussion. You have to be aware of current situations. Not only current time you should know about the history of that situation. Researches on different topics can improve your communication and language skills. You will have a good experience and it will make you more confident and comfortable in group discussion.

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“Group Discussion”, or GD, is a discussion in which participants exchange ideas or participate in activities in a group. A single fundamental concept unites individuals participating in the group conversation. Each member of the group reflects their perspective is based on that concept. A conversation group is a collection of individuals who often share a common interest and meet either formal or informal to exchange ideas, solve issues, or make observations. Meeting in person, having teleconferences, texting, or communicating via a site such as an Online forum are all standard methods of communication.

Group Discussion Explanation:

  • GD is a conversation format that assesses a candidate’s abilities in leadership, communication, social skills and behavior, civility, teamwork, listening capacity, fundamental understanding, trust, and problem-solving skills, among others.

  • The Discussion Group is typically the following step after passing the admission exam for a professional degree program.

  • Group Discussions can be used at the beginning or conclusion of the recruitment process, depending on the company or organization.

  • It is not required that group discussions take place around a table. Individuals may sit in any configuration, and everyone should be ready to see each other’s faces.

  • It is not simply a typical dialogue but also one based on information and facts. MBA courses, for example, have an average duration of roughly 15 minutes for most group discussions.

  • Typically, the panel will consist of three or four members who monitor various aspects of the participants’ content and delivery.

  • Please make a note that judges have the option of concluding the Group Discussion or extending it indefinitely.

  • That is not the participant’s responsibility to keep track of time or be concerned about the Group.

A team meeting is a kind of conference, although it differs in several respects from official meetings:

  • It may or may not have a clear objective — many group meetings are simply that: a group bouncing ideas around on a particular subject. That may eventually result in a goal…or it may not.

  • It is less formal and may not be constrained by time limits, structured order, or a plan. It is typically less directive in nature than a meeting.

  • It places a premium on the process (examination of concepts) over the outcome (particular tasks to be done within the meeting’s bounds).

  • Leading a group discussion is distinct from leading a meeting. It’s significantly closer to serving as a mediator but not identical.

A successful group discussion often consists of the following elements:

  • Each member of the group has an opportunity to speak, freely express their thoughts and feelings, and pursue and complete their studies.

  • Members of the group can freely try out concepts that are not fully formed. Members of a group can receive and reply to constructive yet courteous critiques.

  • Feedback may be positive or negative, or it may simply serve to clarify or correct factual inaccuracies or errors, but it is always offered respectfully.

  • Numerous perspectives are advanced and addressed. A particular individual does not control the debate.


The official meaning of a group conversation is self-explanatory: it is a critical dialogue about a particular topic, or maybe a range of subjects, done in a company of sufficient size to allow for full involvement by all participants. While a group of 2 or 3 does not typically require a leader to conduct a productive discussion, if the group exceeds 5 or 6, a lead or facilitator can frequently be beneficial.

Importance of Group Discussion:

Group Discussions are critical for testing candidates in organizations, the recruitments, and so on. It also contributes significantly to a candidate’s skill development. Therefore, let us discuss the value of group discussion.

Confidence is increased:

  • The GD enables members to speak publicly, which boosts their confidence to talk freely.

Concentrates on in-depth thinking:

  • It assesses a candidate’s knowledge. The participants are given only just a few moments (three to five minutes) to prepare.

  • They must prepare a list of points to address in such a short period.

  • Members in a company attend to and understand one another’s points of view, which forces them to think thoroughly about the subject.

Enhances Communication Ability:

  • GD enables pupils to articulate their viewpoints and pose pertinent questions. It boosts not only a candidate’s confidence but also their communication skills.

Eliminates the fear of speaking:

  • Specific candidates frequently experience anxiety when speaking in public. Such candidates may first have difficulties communicating.

  • However, it increases following 2 or 3 Group Discussions. Group Discussion enables such candidates to talk loudly and clearly about the subject. Additionally, it eliminates their hesitation to communicate.


  • Discussion is also a collaborative effort. It is critical in a business to work collaboratively on allocated projects.

  • As a result, the Group Discussion evaluates the effectiveness of team members’ collaboration. Additionally, the panelist considers the group’s cooperation.

  • It enables people to give their perspectives to the rest of the group.


  • It is beneficial to learn the candidates’ attitudes and behavior toward other group members.

Listening Abilities:

  • GD helps applicants enhance their listening. For instance, the panelist may request a summary of the discussion from any candidate in the group.

  • A candidate can summarise only if they have strong listening abilities. As a result, each candidate who participates in the conversation pays close attention.

  • It also helps candidates enhance their listening abilities.

Diverse Thoughts:

  • The Group Discussion entails exchanging thoughts with the other group members. Each person contributes their opinions to the group, resulting in the diversity of ideas.


  • Group discussion is a technique that is frequently utilized in the recruitment process.

  • It assists panelists in narrowing the field of applicants to a few.

  • Additionally, it helps them in determining whether the prospect is a good fit for the firm.


It enhances your ability to think, listen, and speak. Additionally, it boosts your confidence. It is a highly successful tool for problem-solving, decision-making, and personality evaluation.GD abilities can help students achieve academic success, popularity, and a favorable entrance or employment offer.

Group Discussions Come in a Variety of Forms:

There are primarily two types of group discussions that are frequently conducted: [topic-based group](https://topic-based group) discussions and case-study-based group discussions.

Group Discussions on Specific Subjects:

Each group consists of a few candidates, and each group is assigned a different topic. The members of the group discuss the subject, which is referred to as a Group Discussion.

Further classifications for the particular matter Group Discussion include the following:

  • Suggestions for Controversial Topics

  • Subjects that require knowledge

  • Abstract Subjects

  • Thematic concepts

Controversial Subjects:

  • The discussion of contentious subjects devolves into a debate. These subjects are chosen to assess the participants’ tempers and maintain their composure during the conversation.

  • It demonstrates how a candidate can articulate their position without engaging in debate with other participants. Examples of contentious issues include the Reservation System, religious equality, and so on.

Topics that require knowledge:

  • Before beginning a discussion, members should have a firm grasp of the subject. The information should persuade the panelists.

  • The critical factor is to maintain confidence. If you are unfamiliar with the subject, do not commence the debate.

Abstract Subjects:

  • Abstract themes assess a candidate’s originality and critical thinking. Additionally, it assesses communication abilities.

  • A topic for an abstract could be ‘A stroll to recall.’

Conceptual topics:

  • Companies today make extensive use of abstract concepts. It assesses a candidate’s knowledge, reasoning, and aptitude abilities.

  • The conversation topic is chosen at random, providing judges with an opportunity to evaluate participants’ innovative thinking and aptitude to handle a problem.

Scenario-Based Group Discussion:

  • Scenario-based group discussions are commonly used in MBA programs at institutions such as IIM.

  • In this type of debate, an issue is presented, and participants are tasked with resolving it. Additionally, preparation time is longer than for other kinds of discussions.

  • The judges assess the participants’ ability to work in teams and make sound judgments. The participants must be engaged and aware of their surroundings.

  • Additionally, it assesses the participants’ capacity for observation. 'Discussion among supervisor and management is an example of a case study-based topic.

Mistakes to avoid in Group Discussion:

  • The number of candidates inside a Discussion is unaware of some errors. Minor errors can have a detrimental effect on our perception of the judges, as noted below:

  • Avoid taking the lead if you are unfamiliar with the subject: We should avoid taking the information inside a Group Conversation if we are unfamiliar with the issue.

  • Whether we are confident about the subject, we can start the group’s conversation.

  • Alternatively, wait for someone else to begin. Being 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the group enables you to understand the subject by listening to the other candidates completely.

  • Do not be afraid to start the conversation: if you are knowledgeable and confident about the subject, attempt to take the initiative.

  • Although this is not a simple task, it may be gratifying.

  • A very healthy group discussion can work as a catalyst for actions and long-term community transformation. While speaking, avoid making visual contact with other participants:

  • When you initiate a debate, keep in mind it is a dialogue between numerous people. That is, you were not just conversing with them but also engaging in discussions or arguments with people.

  • Preventing eye contact is regarded as a sign of disdain and insecurity.

TOP 5 Countries based on Group Discussions:

Currency Rank
Canada 1
Japan 2
Germany 3
Switzerland 4
Australia 5

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

People ask many questions about Fitness. We discussed a few of them below.

1. What do you imply when you refer to a group discussion?

  • It is a debate in which a group of persons is brought together by a joint activity, purpose, or characteristic.

2. What is a group conversation, and how critical is it?

  • Group conversation is a critical part of academic, commercial, and governmental activities. It is an interactive ■■■■ procedure that is organized and purposeful.

3. What do you learn from group work?

  • When group projects are appropriately designed, they can reinforce abilities that apply to the team and independent assignments, such as breaking complex activities down into manageable sections and processes.

  • Schedule and manage your time. Enhance comprehension by interaction and discussion.

4. What are the group discussion’s objectives?

  • The purpose of a group conversation is to examine specific characteristics of a candidate that would be complicated or time expensive to discover in any other way.

  • In a group discussion, panelists or evaluators will search for communication abilities.

5. What are the main benefits of group work?

  • Compose difficult jobs into manageable components and steps.

  • Schedule and manage your time.

  • Enhance comprehension by discussion and explanation.

  • Provide and receive performance feedback.

  • Contest presumptions.

  • Enhance your communication abilities.


Group conversations are prevalent in modern society and serve several functions, ranging from organizing an action or project to cooperating and resolving a local issue. A successful group leader must be attentive to the discussion’s method and topic and the group’s members. She must prepare this same space and set to the best of her ability; assist the group in establishing basic rules which will maintain the communication open and comfortable; provide any materials required; become acquainted with the subject, and ensure that any which was before measurements or coursework are distributed to attendees in enough time. It is a difficult task, but one that may be incredibly gratifying. A well-facilitated group conversation can serve as a springboard for action and lasting community transformation.

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How to introduce yourself in group discussion? To introduce yourself in the group discussion, your introduction is the first step. The introduction is about yourself. It must be simple and in clear words. The Discussion can be happening in two or more people. If there are more than three people then we call it a group of people.

Introducing Yourself:

  • Confidence is the key factor to introduce yourself in the Group Discussion. After that, you have to be very clear in the explanation which is given in the discussion. Before starting the discussion, you have to think about yourself and the topic to explain.

  • Practice is the essential part for any speech to be given one-to-one or in a group so that the audience can hear and understand clearly what you are trying to say.

We can see some examples of introducing yourself are shown below:

1. Hello everyone, my name is Ayaz, and I will take the opportunity to introduce myself here.

2. Hello everyone, my name is Ayaz, and for today’s group discussion, we will discuss the topic “How to introduce yourself in the group discussion

Video Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines which you can follow to make a good group discussion

The Introduction must be interesting:

  • Make the discussion interactive and interesting. Explain the relevant quote or a fact with a full grip on saying and authentication of the fact or quote.

  • The flow on the topic will come only after extensive preparation. You need to increase your knowledge through TV, Online magazines, Debates, Internet, and others.

Time Management:

  • Prepare your introduction with time in consideration.

  • Don’t try to make the introduction lengthy because it’s the only introduction, and you will get a chance to speak later in a group discussion.

Group Discussion Tips:

There are some tips to start the conversation in a group discussion:

1. Take the initiative: Start the discussion by taking initiative and don’t wait for the others to start. Do it confidently.

2. Never be rigid: Don’t try to be rigid and listen to what others are saying and then only respond. Just simply concluding is not an option as there is always room for discussions.

3. Take care of your dressing and posture: Try to be professional and avoid dark colors. Sit straight and be confident while going for Group Discussions.

4. Understand the motive behind GD: group Discussion is for bringing out managerial skills. Nobody will appreciate you if you shout or fight in group discussions.

5. Approach it with confidence: One of the best ways to present oneself in a GD is to express yourself with confidence.

6. Read a lot: Always try to read the newspaper and increase your knowledge about your environment. An individual must be aware of the current happenings to be successful in a group discussion.

The following table is showing the topics which should and should not be discussed:

Healthy Topics Controversial Topics
Education Politics
Current affairs Terrorism
Sports Alcohol consumption
Business Smoking
Social Media Video games

What are the reasons people fail to perform well in GD?

In today’s scenario most of the people fail to perform well in a group discussion because of the below three reasons:

1. Because of the fear of speaking in public.

2. Lack of knowledge on the topic.

3. No proper command of language.

Before going for Group Discussion one needs to keep in mind a few points.

  • Get the latest information such as news and trending topics in the market.

  • Read newspapers, books, and magazines to get the information.

  • Watch videos to remember the content for a longer period

  • Select a topic and speak in front of the mirror.

  • Get Knowledge of different topics such as sports, political news, technology news, economics, etc.


To be the best in group discussions, one must follow the Do’s and Don’ts which are discussed in the reply. After following the tips one can introduce him/her in group discussion very well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People ask many questions about: ‘how to introduce yourself in group discussion?’. We discussed a few of them below:

1) How to introduce yourself in a group?

  • Write a greeting.

  • Start with a sentence on why you’re writing.

  • Present the full name of the person you’re introducing.

  • Explain their role and why it is relevant to the reader.

  • Provide information on how they might work together or be helpful for each other.

2) How can I introduce myself in English?

  • My name is Ayaz Khan, and I am 35 years old.

  • I live with my family in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • My father is a bank employee, and my mother is a doctor.

  • I have achieved My MCS degree and have 20 years of experience in IT.

3) How do I talk about myself?

  • Talk about the things you find most interesting about yourself.

  • Approach a friend or loved one if you feel like you don’t know what these are.

4) How to write an introduction about yourself

  • Summarize your professional standing. First, you have to include your name and job title or experience.

  • Explain your experiences and achievements.

  • Conclude the topic of the GD in the next part of the conversation.


If you are thinking about how to introduce yourself in a group discussion? it is better if you think of this as a first chance to impress your future employer or panelists. The introduction prepares you for future job interviews if you are attending GD at school. Preparing introduction and practicing with friends or by yourself will help in boosting confidence for face-to-face interviews and overall communication skills

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