Definition of Chance:

  1. Unexpected, unplanned, unpredictable event that occurs without observable cause or human intention, and is not explainable by the known laws of science or statistics.

  2. Do something by accident or without design.

  3. The occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design.

  4. Fortuitous; accidental.

  5. Do (something) despite its being dangerous or of uncertain outcome.

  6. A possibility of something happening.

Synonyms of Chance

Possibility, Prospect, Probability, Odds, Likelihood, Likeliness, Expectation, Anticipation, Conceivability, Feasibility, Plausibility, A leg up, Accidental, Accidentally, Advantage, Adventitious, Adventure, Aleatoric, Aleatory, Amorphous, Appear, Approach, Aptitude, Aptness, Arise, Assay, Attempt, Bare possibility, Bechance, Befall, Bet, Betide, Blind bargain, Blobby, Blurred, Blurry, Borderline case, Bout, Brave, Break, Broad, Bump, By chance, Calculated risk, Capriciousness, Careless, Casual, Causeless, Certainty, Chance it, Chances, Chanciness, Chancy, Changeableness, Chaotic, Clear stage, Come, Come about, Come along, Come forth, Come into being, Come into existence, Come on, Come to pass, Conceivability, Conceivableness, Conceivably, Confused, Contingency, Contingent, Court destruction, Crop up, Dare, Defy danger, Destinal, Dicey, Disordered, Double contingency, Draw on, Endanger, Engage, Erraticism, Erraticness, Essay, Even chance, Eventuality, Expectation, Face up to, Fair expectation, Fair field, Fair game, Fall out, Fatal, Fate, Fatidic, Favorable prospect, Fickleness, Flier, Fluke, Fluky, Foggy, Forget the odds, Fortuitous, Fortuity, Fortune, Fuzzy, Gamble, Gamble on, General, Go, Good chance, Good possibility, Guess, Hap, Happen, Happen along, Happen by chance, Hazard, Hazy, Heedless, Hesitancy, Hesitation, Hit, Hit-or-miss, Hope, Iffy, Ill-defined, Imperil, Imprecise, Inaccurate, Inadvertent, Inadvertently, Incalculability, Incertitude, Inchoate, Incidental, Incoherent, Indecision, Indecisive, Indecisiveness, Indefinable, Indefinite, Indemonstrability, Indeterminable, Indeterminacy, Indeterminate, Indetermination, Indeterminism, Indistinct, Inexact, Inning, Innings, Irresolution, Jeopardize, Lax, Liability, Liableness, Liberty, Lift a finger, Light, Likelihood, Likeliness, Look-in, Loose, Lot, Luck, Make an attempt, Make an effort, Materialize, Maybe, Meet, Nonspecific, Obligation, Obscure, Occasion, Occur, Odd, Odds, Off chance, Offer, Open question, Opening, Opportunism, Opportunity, Orderless, Outlook, Outside chance, Outside hope, Perhaps, Piece of guesswork, Place, Play, Play with fire, Plunge, Pop up, Possibility, Possibleness, Possibly, Potential, Potentiality, Predictability, Present itself, Presumption, Presumptive evidence, Probabilism, Probability, Proneness, Prospect, Question, Random, Randomness, Reasonable ground, Reasonable hope, Relief, Rely on fortune, Remote possibility, Risk, Risky, Room, Round, Run a chance, Run the chance, Run the risk, Say, Scope, Set at hazard, Shadowed forth, Shadowy, Shapeless, Shot, Show, Show up, Sight-unseen transaction, Small hope, Speculation, Spell, Spring up, Squeak, Stake, Stepping-stone, Stochastic, Stumble, Suspense, Suspensefulness, Sweeping, Take a chance, Take a flier, Take chances, Take place, Tempt Providence, Tempt fortune, Tendency, The attainable, The feasible, The possible, Thinkability, Thinkableness, Time, Time at bat, Toss-up, Touch and go, Transpire, Trust to chance, Try, Try the chance, Tumble, Turn, Turn up, Unaccountability, Uncaused, Uncertainness, Uncertainty, Uncertainty principle, Unclear, Undecided issue, Undecidedness, Undefined, Undertake, Undestined, Undetermined, Undeterminedness, Unexpected, Unforeseeable, Unforeseeableness, Unforeseen, Unintentional, Unintentionally, Unlooked-for, Unplain, Unplanned, Unpredictability, Unpredictable, Unpremeditated, Unprovability, Unspecified, Unsureness, Unverifiability, Vacillation, Vague, Veiled, Venture, Venture on, Venture upon, Verisimilitude, Virtuality, Wager, Weakness, Well-grounded hope, Whack, What is possible, What may be, What might be, Whimsicality, Accident, Coincidence, Serendipity, Fate, A twist of fate, Destiny, Fortuity, Fortune, Providence, Freak, Hazard, Happen, Risk, Hazard, Venture, Try, Try ones luck with

How to use Chance in a sentence?

  1. A chance meeting.
  2. There is little chance of his finding a job.
  3. He met his brother by chance.
  4. If they chanced to meet.

Meaning of Chance & Chance Definition

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