Tax Avoidance

Tax Avoidance,

How Do You Define Tax Avoidance?

Tax avoidance is the use of legal means to minimize the amount of income tax received by an individual or legal entity. This is usually achieved by maximizing deductions and claiming credit. This can also be done by prioritizing investment with tax benefits, such as buying municipal bonds.

  • Anyone who invests in retirement funds, takes advantage of a mortgage reduction or takes advantage of child support is evading taxes.
  • These are some of the legal tax incentives offered to encourage legal treatment, such as: saving for retirement or buying a home.
  • At 2,600 pages, US tax law contains many tax exemptions, but they usually require a professional tax advisor to understand them.

The law means paying maximum taxes through bonuses and rebates.

Use the legal tax strategy to reduce the tax burden.

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Literal Meanings of Tax Avoidance


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Tax (on something else)

  2. High demands (power or resources)

  3. Confront a crime or offense (from someone).

  4. Investigation and evaluation (file fee)

  5. Mandatory government income tax, which is levied by the government on employees' income and company profits, or is included in the price of certain goods, services and transactions.

  6. One type or more demand.

Sentences of Tax
  1. Hardware and software are taxed at 7.5%

  2. He knew that the next test would test his full strength.

  3. Why are you blaming me for these baseless allegations?

  4. The clerk collects the bill

  5. Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending

  6. Readers pay more attention

Synonyms of Tax

denounce, demand a tax on, exact a tax on, put a strain on, excise, fee, accuse, imposition, assessment, encumbrance, pressure, stress, levy, levy a tax on, tithe, demand, call to account, impose a toll on, toll, tribute


Meanings of Avoidance:
  1. Run away or do nothing

  2. The process of preventing something from happening.

  3. Revoking, revoking or revoking a decision or agreement.

Sentences of Avoidance
  1. All four of the art dealers pleaded guilty to sales tax evasion.

  2. The principles associated with classicism include order, proportion, balance, harmony, politeness, and avoidance of abuse.

  3. This film is strict about avoiding scenes of violence or oppression.

  4. These efforts alone cannot escape the history of the music industry.

  5. Pest control will be very important for the ecosystem under certain conditions.

  6. One of the reasons for the film's authenticity is that it completely avoids recognizable actors.

  7. It doesn't make sense when critics complain that the film avoids racial issues.

  8. The goal of architects is to avoid wastage.

  9. The only cure is to abstain from food products.

  10. He is a writer who avoids the publicity that has become a legend.