Importance of group discussion

Group Discussion

Group discussion (GD), by virtue of the term, means exchange of views by participants on a given subject. The entire idea is to compile a group of individuals on a standard platform to share their ideas, thereby giving a chance to exhibit not only their knowledge, but also to know and enhance their learning by absorbing the thoughts of people.

a simple way for you let us consider there are a number of people seated around a table who are continuously speaking about a particular topic one after the other then it is called a group discussion group.

How to do Group Discussion

Group discussion group discussion is shortly called as GD. Group discussion should start with least three individuals and the number may go on but it might not include more than 10 or 15 individuals.

Group discussion may include topics such as business, economy technology, current affairs, social issues, politics sports and etc. as in the game of football where you play like a team passing the ball to each team member and-

Aim for a common goal in a similar way. Group discussion is also based on teamwork incorporating the views of different individuals in sharing the information about the topic. The average duration of most group discussions is 15 minutes in some exceptional cases the group discussion may continue for up to 45 minutes but one must remember that there is no specific time duration for group discussion.

Why Group Discussion?

Group discussion helps in choosing the socially suitable candidates among the academically superior is also one of the best tools to study the behavioral and attitudinal responses of the participant.

There might be a formal group discussion or an informal group discussion both of them experienced communication exchange between the individuals participating in group discussion. Every one of us while graduating is being tall that group discussion is one of the most important Criteria in any interview process in order to understand.

Why group discussion plays such a huge role we have to know the importance of group discussion. It is essential for us to understand it from the perspective of an interviewer and also.

How is it useful for you as an individual?

A group discussion round is ideally connected in order to understand the candidates interpretation of skills interaction with unknown individuals. that is interaction skills conveying their points and are able to lead the discussion.

There are other things which you are judged upon are however you can work in a team or lead them it also polarized to the interviewer aside of your attitude which you might probably display in your workplace and the important skills. you are going to improve by involving yourself in good discussions during your education are good. Listening speaking confidently and it also helps you more your attitude according to different groups of people taking part in group discussion also improves your ability to think critically and helps in problem-solving.

How Improve Those Skills?

How to improve those skills in order to these girls all you need to do is practice and participate. Attend as many seminars and tutorials as possible and also observe various aspects such as how the participants make critical.

Advantages of Group Discussions

Understanding any Object:

GD offers an excellent opportunity to the discussants to require a deep dive into the topic, and know it profoundly. It expands the horizon of data and learning. Additionally, it extends an opportunity to the participants to enhance their abilities to think critically and develop their analytical skills.

Solve any Problem:

Since GD brings together a group of individuals holding diverse opinions, it also perceived together of the wanted ways to reach solutions to problems.
due to the very fact that folks usher in a good range of insights, GDs help in changing the thought process from a narrow to a wider view, thereby paving the thanks to solutions

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A group discussion is the easier way to implement an idea and the execution of it .A group includes a number of people , all of them may relate to different ethical backgrounds and may have different identities.All of the people work towards a certain goal or an achievement

The importance of group discussion is described in the following points:

  1. Mental Association among each other
    A fruitful group discussion creates a sense of mental association among each other, it also builds other qualities such as cooperation , unity and creates a sense of brotherhood among each other.

2)Different set of ideas
A group discussion consists of different people, all the people have different ideas and this is how one idea is selected among so many different ideas.All the people cooperate with each other and work towards a specific objective in order to devote themselves to higher and nobler pursuits.

3)Different perspectives
Different people have different perspectives.Each and every person sees the project by a different perspective.All the perspectives are combined together and then everyone’s looks at one perspective and makes possible efforts to achieve the goal or an objective.

4)Helping each other
A group discussion also builds good habits in the individuals such as helping each other and promoting each other so that work can be done together.

5)Time interval
With so many people in a group discussion, time isn’t consumed much , time is saved and everyone in the group is determined to work towards the same goal and objective.

6)Knowing each other
A group discussion is also important as you get to know different people and you get an idea on how cooperation is the key towards the group discussion.You get to know different people and their interesting perspectives on world makes it more knowledgeable and fun.

7)**Stimulation of thinking **
A group discussion creates new ways on how to interact with different people by stimulating thinking and ideas into new ways and everyone works together in a way that ideas are brought in the reality.

8)Expansion of knowledge
Expansion of knowledge takes place while a group discussion and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are acknowledged.

9)Communication skills
A group discussion improves communication skills and instills academic knowledge and also creates leadership in people.


Group discussion.
when two or more individual team up to think , reflect, create or resolve something is called group discussion. It has immense advantages. Group discussion plays gigantic role in decision making and problem solving but during this discussion you must be careful of do’s and don’t.
Do’s of group discussion.
Listen to others so you can answer of reflect correctly
Pen down your points on paper so you can’t miss any point.
Always use facts and figures to support your view.
Put smile on your face.
Appear neatly in formal dressing.
Speak in polite and pleasant way.
Be confident.
Give a chance to speak others.
Agree with them when they are right.
Acknowledge others.
Respect and recognize the contribution of there members of group.
stick to the aim of discussion avoid irrelevant talks.
Follow etiquettes while speaking.
Some of the don’t are listed below about which you have to careful while presenting yourself in front of others.
Don’t of group discussion.
Don’t argue with others its a discussion not a fight.
Dont lose your temperament or show anger during discussion.
Don’t speak too much let everyone speak equally.
Don’t show silly behavior like making face, yawning or sleeping.
Don’t use harsh or ill words when you are disagree with others.
Don’t leave the discussion before achieving goal.
Don’t interrupt others while speaking others.
Don’t dominate the discussion let others contribute equally.
Always use a moderate tone and a medium pitch while speaking.
Don’t embarrass other making fun of their views.
don’t show any negative gesture like knocking on table , touching hairs etc.
Don’t be over confident or nervous both situations are not appropriate.
Don’t wear fancy and funny dress you should be comfortable while interacting with group members .
The main and core idea of group discussion is to avoid conflict which leads to arguments its a best approach to resolve matters by sharing views.

Normally group discussions take place between eight to twelve members, who express their views in a friendly manner. The time limit usually taken in a group discussion is twenty to thirty minutes. Group discussion is mostly unstructured.
group discussion
Group discussions are the most important form of group communication. Group discussions are dynamic and creative which encourage reflective thinking among the members. Group can be defined as an activity in which a small number of people meet face to face and share and exchange ideas freely or tackle to reach a decision on a familiar issue.

Group discussions are less and unstructured formal compared to conferences or meetings where definite roles are assigned to the participants. An individual thought process is motivated by the opinion and views of the other members.

It also depends on which and on where the direction the mood of the discussion moves. Each participant is free to speak his views, in a group discussion. A successful discussion involves both speaking and listening.

Pros of group discussion as a teaching method

Many people support this habit as a whole group discussion provides a larger discussion that usually provides good interaction between students and a teacher.

Despite the lack of traditional lectures, It gives you an amazing amount of flexibility in the classroom.

Instruction gives up the pattern of dictating instead and lecture control what is being taught by steering the discussion.

Here are other few good outcomes from this teaching technique.

Audible learners find them engaging and appealing to their learning behavior.

What students are cherishing through their questions posed, teachers can also check.

It is comfortable for many teachers because the whole group discussion is a modified form of the lecture.

Students can stay more focused on the lesson because they might be called on to answer questions.

Students may feel more relaxed, easy, and comfortable asking questions during the whole group discussion.

Cons of whole group discussion as a teaching method

It requires enforcing and setting up ground rules for students, so sometimes it can be unsettling for some teachers.

There is a possibility that the discussion could quickly go off-topic if these rules are not enforced.

It can be challenging for inexperienced teachers, as it requires strong classroom management.

Some students can have trouble understanding what they should remember from group discussions as they are weak in note-taking skills.

Some students cannot feel enjoyable, easy, and comfortable by being put in the situation during a whole group discussion.

Why group discussion?

We have seen group discussion, but each group discussion and important criteria or wise group discussion. Yes, group discussion lies in all these criteria.

Group discussion helps in choosing the socially suitable candidates among the academically superior archivers. It is also one of the best tools to study the behavior and attitudinal responses of the participants.

There might be two types of group discussion, formal group discussion, or an informal group discussion. Both of them experienced the communication exchange between the individual participants.

In a group discussion, every one of us while graduating is telling that group discussion is one of the most important criteria in any interview process.

In order to understand why group discussion plays such a huge role. We have to know the importance of group discussion.

It is essential for us to understand it from the perspective of an interviewer and also how it is useful for you as an individual.

A group discussion round is ideally connected in order to understand the interpretations of skills.

How to improve these skills?

How to improve those skills in order to improve. All you need to do is practice and participate.

Attend as many seminars and tutorials as possible.

Also, observe various aspects such as how to participate. Make critical comments also and ask questions and so on.

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Today won’t find a single person who doesn’t know about group discussions. In this technical era everyone knows about group discussions but there are 2 types of group discussions 1st is informal group discussion and 2nd is formal group discussion.

Informal Group Discussions:

Informal group discussion are those in with we gather either with a family or a group of friends, where we can discuss normal life matters or to feel more social or sometimes it is to enjoy one another’s company after a long day to relieve our work related stress, joining such family gatherings to discuss random stuff about our life or our daily routine makes us more lively where you can tell someone how was your day or discuss a random issue you had at work or anywhere else, it’s not only for enjoyment or having a good time, it is also good when a group of family or friends faces any kind of problem so that particular group fights that problem together in a way no one will feel alone in their bad times.

Formal Group Discussions:

Formal group discussion is that particular discussion where a group of people more than 3 gather together to discuss any kind of matter whether it is politics, sports, anyone’s official meeting or anything else. For example if we talk about sales marketing they also do such discussions in their private meeting for their launching of new products or whether it is to think about how to increase their sales. Sometimes human brain stuck with a single thought and cannot proceed with new ideas thats where group discussions helps a lot because when a group of people sits together and start working on a project and with the help of different people they will hear different perspectives according to each one of their thinking and that’s how one will be able to pick the most accurate solution to their problem.


It’s not only helpful in problem solving matters sometimes it is better for counseling a person who is depressed or unmotivated, such type of group can help a person who lost hope regarding any personnel matter and helps him to deal with it more bravely or confidently because sometimes a person just needs a push to restart where he lost hope, people should be supportive to the those who needs their kind comforting words it just encourage that person and fill them up with light of hope. Here I would love to give an example of any team losing a match in sports sometimes their group discussions lead them to glorious victories and turned to be the game changing discussions.


I have just mentioned a few things but group discussions are helpful in different aspects of life where different brilliant minds came up with vast collections of new creative ideas, human brain is just unpredictable sometimes one can think so deep that no one in that particular time frame can’t even thought about it but when you sit alone and think about anything you can only see one side of the matter it’s like seeing a 3d image’s 2 dimensions only, that you can’t think of the 3rd dimension. Such discussions can make you see the 3rd dimension of that image and helps in various ways, people can get to know each other well, it improves communication skills and more

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