What Does Accommodate Mean

What Does Accommodate Mean

What does it mean to adjust?

There must be accommodation or an account of it.

that's it

That person is dying, so we welcome him in the best possible way.

He is a very important guest, welcome.

Who would you welcome to someone who is an owner, a lover of photography and dissatisfied?

Adjust the meaning

Determine accommodation

What does it mean to adjust?

There are 2 addresses available.

(A building or other area) to provide adequate housing or

Example: The cabin can accommodate up to 6 people.

Adjust your desires or needs.

Example: Every language has to adopt a new concept.

What! Hope you got that use! ) ˜

It basically means giving up what you can do differently and taking care of (often your guest) means changing your routine. Basically, you want your guests to feel like royalty.

Note that this is a compliment, and may be.

Example: You own your own business, it would not be comfortable to sit in front of your *** watt television. Offering them drinks, in fact, the more drinks you offer, the more you get.

Example 2: If your guests do not curse, if you use the word F in every sentence, they will feel restless and upset.

Here are some examples ...

Then you want to book as many rooms as you have. They can adjust you. I'm happy to book a room.

If you need to book a table for 20 people in a restaurant and they say yes, they will welcome you.

Adaptation basically means that someone can be exempt from your needs and / or wants.

What Does Accommodate Mean

What Does Accommodate Mean

bs € “verb (used with objects)

1. Be kind or take care of a friend.

2. Provide food properly (usually after): Outshine with friends with money.

3. Borrow money: can you save?

space. Provide space and occasional food.

5. Leave the accommodation.

6. Do you have space or leave: Is there room for 10 people in this elevator?

7. Adopt appropriate or permanent: adapt to the situation.

8. Harmony, Adjustment, Reconciliation: Adopting Differences.

ل € ”verb (employee did not apply)

9. Adjust or customize.

10. Make a deal.

Depending on the circumstances, make it appropriate, appropriate or to your liking.

They follow your advice


Align or coordinate, reconcile, write, resolve, e.g. B. About differences, disputes, etc.


When necessary, make it easy or necessary to have the privilege of hosting friends on loan or with accommodation.


Edit the correspondence to implement it or decide by Ogg to adjust or adjust it, such as: B-Opportunity, Receipt of Reality Statements, etc. Receiving predictions.


Sync, adapt, adapt, adapt, organize

Give someone a room or place to sleep, live or sit

Give SB / sixty and coffee

Helping (officially) SB with what he wants to do

Change your behavior to better deal with new situations.

What Does Accommodate Mean

What Does Accommodate Mean

This means that they have not yet made up their minds.

What Does Accommodate Mean

What Does Accommodate Mean

What does it mean to adjust? ۔

What does it mean to adjust? Explain it. Give examples I don't call. Please help me!

Adaptation must be endorsed or taken into account.

It means

The man is dying, so we welcome him in the best possible way.

You are a very important guest, be sure to welcome your lily.

Who would you welcome who is stale, loves photography and dislikes it?

What Does Accommodate Mean