Definition of Colleague:

  1. A person with whom one works in a profession or business.

  2. A fellow employee in the same profession, business or organization. Also called coworker.

Synonyms of Colleague

Ace, Adjunct, Aide, Ally, Amigo, Assistant, Associate, Bedfellow, Bedmate, Bosom buddy, Brother, Brother-in-arms, Buddy, Bunkie, Bunkmate, Butty, Camarade, Chamberfellow, Chum, Classmate, Co-worker, Coadjutor, Cohort, Comate, Companion, Company, Compatriot, Compeer, Comrade, Confederate, Confrere, Consociate, Consort, Copartner, Crony, Fellow, Fellow member, Fellow student, Girl friend, Gossip, Helper, Mate, Messmate, Old crony, Pal, Pard, Pardner, Partner, Playfellow, Playmate, Roommate, Schoolfellow, Schoolmate, Shipmate, Side partner, Sidekick, Teammate, Workfellow, Yokefellow, Yokemate, Fellow worker, Workmate, Teammate, Co-worker, Associate, Partner, Co-partner, Collaborator, Ally, Comrade, Companion, Confederate

How to use Colleague in a sentence?

  1. Spent part of today writing a couple of spoof company memos for a select group of colleagues.
  2. My colleague asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him so that we could begin to prepare the report that was due on Tuesday morning.
  3. He trusted his colleague with all of his ideas for projects, only to find out that he stole the ideas for his own proposal.
  4. Jim and Dwight worked at Dunder Mifflin for many years as paper salesmen and thus were colleague s in addition to friends.

Meaning of Colleague & Colleague Definition