Definition of Colleague:

  1. Someone is going to work in a job or company.

  2. Colleagues in the same profession, company or organization. Also called colleagues.

Synonyms of Colleague

Co-partner, Ally, Teammate, Helper, Girl friend, Chum, Yokemate, Butty, Brother, Coadjutor, Bedmate, Pardner, Classmate, Chamberfellow, Company, Bunkmate, Yokefellow, Playfellow, Ally, Associate, Aide, Companion, Workmate, Side partner, Collaborator, Pard, Bunkie, Bosom buddy, Compatriot, Shipmate, Comrade, Comate, Gossip, Confederate, Brother-in-arms, Fellow student, Compeer, Co-worker, Fellow member, Roommate, Fellow worker, Schoolfellow, Consort, Bedfellow, Workfellow, Fellow, Camarade, Confrere, Comrade, Amigo, Co-worker, Partner, Buddy, Teammate, Old crony, Ace, Mate, Crony, Partner, Confederate, Adjunct, Cohort, Messmate, Assistant, Companion, Copartner, Pal, Associate, Sidekick, Schoolmate, Playmate, Consociate

How to use Colleague in a sentence?

  1. I spent part of that day writing notes for several companies for a small group of co-workers.
  2. My colleague asked if I would like to have lunch with him to present the report on Tuesday morning.
  3. He handed over all the ideas for his project to his colleagues and found out that he had stolen the idea of ​​his proposal.
  4. Jim and Dwight worked for years as paper sellers for Dunder Mifflin, so they were friends and colleagues.

Meaning of Colleague & Colleague Definition