Cheri Oteri It's Mine Now

Cheri Oteri It's Mine Now

Does anyone remember a woman's CHT live parody putting toys on her porch? 3

It was an old incident where if the ball was thrown or the Frisbee landed on the porch of the lady and now she says it is mine or I will take it. Do you know the actress or do you have any link to this sketch clip? ?


Thank you for your reply. Where did you find them all? I couldn't find it anywhere, I even consulted the SNL Maple website! you are so sweet!

The actress is Cherry Ottery. Your character is Rita Dello. I couldn't find any video (SNL is stingy about copyrights), but this is a copy of one of those pieces.

I got the answer Season 21 Episode 3 David Schumer st 10/21/95

Her name is Rita DelVo, pla de Cheri Oteri.

Contents: Italian mom Rita del Vue (Cherry Ottery) asks for toys from neighbors like her on the porch.

Recurring character: Rita Dello.

Hint: When Rita puts a net on her dress, Cherry Ottery mutters by mistake: Look at her.

Rita Delvo Snl

Cheri Oteri It's Mine Now