Instagram Stories: Features You Must Use
With the growth of Instagram over the past few years, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the platform to market their products and services. Due to its growth, Instagram is regularly releasing new features to keep users interested in the platform and give them something new to try.
One such feature of Instagram is Instagram Stories that can [Buy Instagram followers Canada]( and drive business growth through the numerous possibilities it offers.
With over 800 million people viewing Instagram Stories daily, you are greatly mistaken if you are not already using Instagram Stories for your business. The ability of fun, compelling and engaging Instagram Stories can expand your interactions with your Instagram followers and enable you to get more traffic to your posts.
Here’s a breakdown of Instagram Stories features that you could include in your Instagram marketing strategy to get more Instagram likes and promote business growth.
Create a method and customize

Instagram Create Mode lets you share created content without posting any photos or videos. You can post text-based content for your brand and get a little help from adding stickers, GIFs, polls and emoji slides. You can also include a countdown of events and ask questions from your Instagram followers to boost engagement on the platform. Questions can be used for a “Ask me anything” interview style or even invite Instagram fans to share their thoughts on your latest offer.
With site stickers, you get to add a site to your story, making it possible to link to Instagram’s own site story. This way, you can reach a wider audience and end up exploring user feeds. The same is true of hashtag stickers added to Stories.
The wider access that can be made to such features means you have the opportunity to see a growth in the number of Instagram followers you have. You can add even more sparkle and personality to your Instagram Stories by using GIFs.
Another great addition is polls through which you can gather relevant information about your real Instagram followers that may be useful in making business decisions. The Create mode feature has also been upgraded with the addition of an “On This Day” button that you can use for your brand to create “throw-back” posts for previous events and milestones.
You can even customize your Instagram Stories with drawing and writing features and add a unique color to the background of your Stories to reflect your brand identity. Additionally, a peek-a-boo effect can be created for your Instagram followers through a strong background and the eraser tool.

Subscription button

With the growth in the number of socially and environmentally conscious customers, the Instagram Subscription button serves as a perfect addition to their Stories, enabling fundraising efforts to be made by transferring direct funds into NGO accounts. Instagram even covers the credit card and processing fees for it.
If you’re an NGO or want to donate to an NGO, you can take advantage of the Instagram Donate button in Your Stories to drive fundraising efforts and promote brand image. In addition, influencer marketing can help you raise more funds from your Instagram followers and generate more Instagram likes for your brand content through enhanced brand image.

Close friends list

With a close friends list, feel free to add close friends to your list, and Stories will only appear for those on the list. These Stories are available for 24 hours but are usually visible at the start of the Stories queue with a green circle around them.
You can use Instagram’s Friends Close List to connect with VIP customers or even brand ambassadors to offer them exclusive content such as sneak peeks, behind the scenes, special discounts, exclusive interviews, and product updates.
Using the Best Friends List, you can list those attending physical events for your business and share content before or even during the event. Also, provide locally relevant content to your Instagram followers of a specific geographic area or gather feedback via questions, polls, or emoji slides from your true Instagram followers by creating a Close Friends List of your key customers.
You can also boost business growth by creating a separate list of collaborators/influencers with whom you can share details about other upcoming products, campaigns, or promotions that you would like to do.

Musical stickers

The music feature on Instagram Stories is the latest addition to growing in terms of its use across different regions. With Instagram music stickers, you can add music to the background of your Instagram Stories and boost engagement with your Instagram followers.
Select the song section you want to play on your Story and even post the lyrics for the selected post with the new music feature for Instagram Stories. While this may not directly contribute to higher conversion rates, it is helpful to connect your Instagram followers with you more easily and engage with your content, which can boost growth in the long run. .
On top of this, the Instagram Stories music feature is very helpful in running a play on words, making your brand’s message clearer. Remember to choose songs that your target audience is likely to rely on.

Different video styles

You can use a variety of video styles in your Instagram Stories to post content and boost contact with your Instagram followers.
Normal - can be used to build a standard image or video
Boomerang - a moving image is created by the explosion of a photo taken.
Hands-free - with the hands-free video style, you don’t have to hold the record button, especially crucial if you want to post tutorials for a makeover, or are demonstrating an exercise or sign language that requires the use of your hands.
Superzoom - zoom in on a focal point for content and create a funny dramatic effect through the use of accompaniment music.
Rewind - you can play your uploaded video in reverse.
Stop motion - plays a sequence of images and creates video through