Definition of Group:

  1. A collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of camaraderie, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals.

  2. A number of people or things that are located close together or are considered or classed together.

  3. Mathematics: A subdivision of a set.

  4. Put together or place in a group or groups.

Synonyms of Group

Assemble, Collect, Gather together, Mass, Amass, Cluster, Clump, Bunch, American, Art Nouveau, Ashcan school, Barbizon, Bauhaus, Bolognese, British, Bund, Cobra, Dutch, Flemish, Fontainebleau, French, German band, Italian, Mannerist, Milanese, Modenese, Momentum, Neapolitan, New York, Paduan, Parisian, Phases, Philharmonic, Pre-Raphaelite, Raphaelite, Reflex, Restany, Rochdale cooperative, Roman, Scottish, Sienese, Spur, Suprematism, The Ten, Tuscan, Umbrian, Venetian, Washington, Accumulate, Accumulation, Adjust, Affiliation, Age group, Agglomerate, Agglomeration, Aggregate, Aggregation, Aggroup, Alliance, Alphabetize, Amass, Amount, Analyze, Appraise, Arrange, Array, Art schools, Assemblage, Assemble, Assembly, Assess, Association, Assort, Assortment, Axis, Band, Batch, Battalion, Battery, Bevy, Big band, Bloc, Blood, Body, Bolt, Bracket, Branch, Brass, Brass band, Brass choir, Brass quintet, Brass section, Brasses, Break down, Brigade, Bring together, Budget, Bulk, Bunch, Bunch together, Bunch up, Bundle, Cabal, Cadre, Callithumpian band, Camarilla, Cartel, Cast, Caste, Catalog, Catalogue, Categorize, Category, Cell, Chain, Chamber orchestra, Charmed circle, Chunk, Church, Circle, Clan, Class, Classify, Clique, Closed circle, Clot, Club, Clump, Cluster, Clutch, Coalition, Codify, Cohort, Collate, Collect, Collection, College, Colligate, Collocate, Combination, Combine, Combo, Common market, Communion, Community, Company, Compare, Compile, Complement, Concert band, Confederacy, Confederation, Congeries, Conglomerate, Conglomeration, Congregation, Consumer cooperative, Contingent, Cooperative, Cooperative society, Copse, Corps, Corral, Coterie, Council, Count, Couple, Covey, Credit union, Crew, Crop, Crowd, Cumulate, Customs union, Deal, Denomination, Desks, Detachment, Detail, Dig up, Digest, Dispose, Divide, Division, Dixieland band, Dose, Draw together, Dredge up, Drive together, Eclectic, Economic community, Elite, Elite group, Enlarge, Ensemble, Estate, Evaluate, Faction, Factor, Federation, Fellowship, File, Fleet, Free trade area, Gamelan orchestra, Gang, Gather, Gather in, Gather together, Gathering, Gauge, Get in, Get together, Gob, Gradate, Grade, Graduate, Grouping, Groupment, Groups, Grove, Guild, Hassock, Head, Heading, Heap, Hunk, Identify, In-group, Index, Ingroup, Inner circle, Jazz band, Join, Jug band, Junta, Junto, Juxtapose, Kin, Knot, Label, Large amount, League, Level, List, Look-alikes, Lot, Lump together, Machine, Make up, Mass, Match, Matching pair, Measure, Mess, Military band, Mob, Mobilize, Movement, Muster, Number, Offshoot, Orchestra, Order, Organization, Organize, Out-group, Outfit, Pack, Pair, Parcel, Part, Partner, Partnership, Party, Passel, Peer group, Persuasion, Phalanx, Pigeonhole, Pile, Place, Platoon, Plein-air, Political machine, Pool, Portion, Position, Posse, Predicament, Proportion, Push, Put together, Quantity, Quartet, Quintet, Race, Ragtime band, Raise, Rake up, Rally, Range, Rank, Rate, Rating, Ration, Regiment, Religious order, Riddle, Ring, Rock-and-roll group, Round up, Rubric, Ruck, Salon, Schism, School, Scrape together, Screen, Sect, Sectarism, Section, Segment, Separate, Sept, Series, Set, Set apart, Sextet, Shock, Sieve, Sift, Size, Skiffle band, Slew, Small amount, Society, Sort, Sort out, Squad, Stable, Station, Status, Steel band, Stook, Strain, Stratum, Street band, String, String band, String choir, String orchestra, String quartet, Strings, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subgroup, Suborder, Subordinate, Suite, Sum, Swing band, Symphony, Symphony orchestra, Tabulate, Take up, Team, Thicket, Thrash out, Tier, Title, Tribe, Trio, Troop, Troupe, Trust, Tuft, Tussock, Twins, Type, Union, Unit, Variety, Version, Waits, We-group, Weigh, Whip in, Wing, Winnow, Wisp, Woodwind, Woodwind choir, Woodwind quartet, Woodwinds, Category, Class, Classification, Grouping, Set, Lot, Batch, Bracket, Type, Sort, Kind, Variety, Family, Species, Genus, Breed, Style

How to use Group in a sentence?

  1. There is a large GROUP of people going to see the new Steven Spielberg movie at our favorite movie theater.
  2. Every single person in the office worked together as a group to reach the companys goal in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Three wooden chairs were grouped around a dining table.
  4. These bodies fall into four distinct groups.
  5. When you are working in a group it is best to make sure that everyones voice and opinion is heard by all.

Meaning of Group & Group Definition