Definition of Group:

  1. Groups of people who communicate regularly and communicate frequently, influence each other, have wisdom and friendship, and who work together to achieve common goals.

  2. Multiple people or objects that are around or seen together or categorized.

  3. Math: Dividing a set.

  4. Collect or keep in one or more groups.

Synonyms of Group

Tabulate, Gradate, Small amount, Bunch, Gather together, Brass choir, Quantity, Trio, Raphaelite, Jug band, Mannerist, Elite, Measure, Detachment, Sept, Subordinate, Corps, Organization, Waits, Collection, Modenese, Dutch, Gang, Junta, Heading, League, Phalanx, Compile, Troop, Colligate, Clan, Join, Woodwind choir, Symphony, Chamber orchestra, Tuft, Community, Type, Phases, Flemish, Pile, Common market, Cobra, Gathering, Cabal, Eclectic, Age group, Quartet, Grouping, Kind, The Ten, Posse, Bolt, Matching pair, Subgroup, Pair, Combo, Cell, Stook, Couple, Guild, Venetian, Jazz band, String orchestra, Bunch, Confederation, Spur, Partner, Church, School, Tussock, Passel, Batch, Bring together, Thicket, Company, Amount, Union, Hunk, Categorize, Species, Assembly, Copse, Codify, Sienese, Mess, Sextet, Machine, Bolognese, Family, Tribe, Battery, Type, Crop, Skiffle band, Consumer cooperative, Digest, Variety, Make up, Divide, Cast, Chain, Accumulation, Cooperative, Pigeonhole, Trust, Steel band, Sect, Label, Knot, Look-alikes, Take up, Gather in, Inner circle, Adjust, Swing band, Section, We-group, Peer group, Tier, Chunk, Range, Batch, Party, Philharmonic, Slew, Coterie, Conglomeration, Ingroup, Fontainebleau, Collect, Brasses, Shock, Milanese, Station, Troupe, Battalion, Title, Economic community, Reflex, Version, Art schools, Axis, Scottish, Conglomerate, Kin, Wisp, Persuasion, Bunch together, French, Assemblage, Roman, Push, Analyze, Aggregation, Assortment, Head, Brigade, Squad, Heap, Ragtime band, Draw together, Elite group, Blood, Regiment, String, Evaluate, Out-group, Position, Drive together, Tuscan, Combine, Outfit, Gob, Ruck, Rock-and-roll group, Clot, Separate, New York, Raise, Gamelan orchestra, Dig up, Round up, Detail, Sectarism, Cohort, Bracket, Congregation, Rating, Amass, Estate, Art Nouveau, Faction, Lot, Count, Congeries, Corral, Get together, Classification, String band, Set, Scrape together, Index, Parcel, Rake up, Affiliation, Set, Enlarge, Assess, Status, Denomination, Salon, Assort, Proportion, Neapolitan, Suprematism, Rally, Twins, Bund, Complement, British, Stable, In-group, Bracket, Communion, Ashcan school, Pool, Crowd, Organize, Offshoot, Series, Amass, Factor, Grouping, Ring, Mass, Rate, Association, Bauhaus, Cadre, Brass section, German band, Place, Desks, Fleet, Collocate, Compare, Subdivide, Hassock, Religious order, Identify, Collate, Sift, Groups, Woodwinds, Parisian, Groupment, Mobilize, Rubric, Strain, Race, Dose, Orchestra, Collect, Washington, Cluster, Gather, Clutch, Stratum, Unit, Put together, Military band, Italian, Genus, Woodwind quartet, Credit union, Camarilla, Lump together, Part, American, Segment, Deal, Classify, College, Dixieland band, Combination, Alphabetize, Category, List, Junto, Assemble, Bloc, Cluster, Strings, Predicament, Appraise, Thrash out, Size, Gauge, Political machine, Woodwind, Alliance, Closed circle, Club, Restany, Muster, Band, Variety, Subdivision, Ration, Crew, Match, Rochdale cooperative, Weigh, Pre-Raphaelite, Order, Street band, Schism, Breed, Gather together, Riddle, Platoon, Contingent, Number, Body, Set apart, Graduate, Suite, Agglomerate, Aggregate, Level, Array, Dredge up, Coalition, Arrange, Cooperative society, String quartet, Council, Plein-air, Concert band, Confederacy, Category, File, Ensemble, Pack, Style, Juxtapose, Bevy, Bulk, Suborder, Class, Team, Sort, Assemble, Clump, Clique, Brass, Quintet, String choir, Portion, Barbizon, Break down, Get in, Division, Rank, Catalog, Agglomeration, Federation, Movement, Catalogue, Accumulate, Mass, Budget, Bundle, Caste, Free trade area, Large amount, Symphony orchestra, Callithumpian band, Class, Brass quintet, Brass band, Branch, Sort out, Customs union, Winnow, Grade, Partnership, Bunch up, Fellowship, Cartel, Clump, Grove, Paduan, Momentum, Big band, Umbrian, Cumulate, Wing, Charmed circle, Screen, Circle, Lot, Society, Mob, Sort, Whip in, Dispose, Sum, Covey, Aggroup, Sieve

How to use Group in a sentence?

  1. Our favorite cinema has a huge group of people watching a new Steven Spielberg movie.
  2. Everyone in the office works in a group to achieve business goals in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. There were three wooden chairs around the dining table.
  4. These organs are divided into four different groups.
  5. When working in groups, make sure everyone's voices and opinions are heard.

Meaning of Group & Group Definition

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The health insurance agreement covers several people, usually a group of workers.

Meanings of Group

  1. Find them or put them in one or more groups.

  2. Multiple people or nearby objects either seen or arranged together.

Sentences of Group

  1. These bodies are divided into four different groups


How Do You Define Group?

  1. Many people come under a health insurance agreement, usually a group of workers.

Meanings of Group

  1. A series of people or things that are located, grouped together or grouped together.

  2. A series of elements that occupy a periodic table column and, due to their similar electronic structure, have very similar characteristics.

  3. A combination of elements with associative binary operations in which each element and the identifying element are reversed.

  4. (In systematic grammar) The structural level between sentences and words that is almost identical to other grammar sentences.

  5. Put in one or more groups.

Sentences of Group

  1. A group of boys is approaching.

  2. Three chairs were gathered around the table.

Synonyms of Group

flock, line up, grading, marshal


Group means,

  1. Many people come under a health insurance contract, usually a group of workers.

Meanings of Group

  1. Multiple people or things that are located, grouped, or classified together.

  2. A series of elements occupying a column in a periodic table and, due to their identical electronic structure, have very similar properties.

  3. A set of elements with associative binary operations in which each element and identification element is reversed.

Sentences of Group

  1. There were three chairs around the table.