What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership

What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership

How much does a Diamond Life subscription cost?

By joining the Diamond Signature Club, members have access to all on-site facilities and all Life Time fitness centers across the country. A single Greenway lifetime subscription costs $ 199 per month, while a family subscription can cost up to $ 400 per month.

How much does a subscription to continuing education cost in this sector?


Start-up costs $ 79
Monthly * single club access $ 62
Monthly * access to all locations $ 77
1 year of full payment $ 935
You may also be wondering if LifeTime Fitness is a retail company? They don't negotiate prices or have promotions unless it's a new gym. In this case, they may offer lower entrance fees.

And what are the lifetime membership levels?

Lifetime membership tiers include Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Onyx, Onyx Premier, Onyx Limited, Diamond, Diamond Premier, Diamond Westchester, and Sky. Learn more about the types of members available here.

Is LifeTime Fitness Worth the Price?

Life Time Fitness subscriptions cost more than any other fitness subscription, but Life Time offers a variety of services such as towel service, babysitting service, and indoor and outdoor pools. A lifetime membership can be worth the price, depending on how much you use the gym.

Can you freeze your lifetime membership?

With a 30-day notice, the member can suspend his membership for a continuous period of 12 months for two months, in increments of at least one full month. For more information, contact your Life Time Work service representative.

What is a LifeTime Fitness Diamond subscription?

By joining the Diamond Signature Club, members have access to all on-site facilities and all Life Time fitness centers across the country. A single Greenway lifetime subscription costs $ 199 per month, while a family subscription can cost up to $ 400 per month.

How can I get a free LifeTime Fitness membership?

Free LifeTime Fitness Pass

How much does it cost to block my lifetime membership?

Pause Membership: Stay connected with Life Time via our mobile app and look for special invitations from your club. Suspending your membership can save you the hassle and cost of resuming when you're ready to join the club. There is a $ 10 service charge and a small monthly fee.

What's in the LifeTime Training Plan?

How much does a lifetime membership cost for a fitness student?

Life Time Fitness Student Enrollment Policy

Are there any cancellation fees for Life Time Fitness?

You must submit a separate Lifetime Fitness cancellation form for any course, program or workout you purchase. You will only refund these fees if you receive the report within three business days of purchase.

How do you make money?

How to Earn LT BUCK $

Does LifeTime Fitness offer senior discounts?

Based on our research, LifeTime Fitness does not appear to be offering discounts to seniors at this time. Learn more about the LifeTime Fitness discount rules on the customer service page here.

Does LifeTime Fitness accept silver shoes?

Can you block the 24 hour fitness subscription?

Freeze Fees: Once the approval of the 24/7 subscription is frozen, you will not be charged additional fees for that period and your right to use the facilities 24/7 will be frozen or suspended, leaving you with access to the 24-hour membership in a 24-hour club during such a frost. .

Does LifeTime Fitness offer student discounts?

Yes, LifeTime Fitness offers student discounts. Learn more about LifeTime Fitness's student discount policy on the customer service page here. You can also visit the website to see if LifeTime Fitness has posted more information on student discount rules.

How much does it cost to always keep fit?

Anytime Fitness membership fees and contracts depend on the desired membership type and location, but the average cost is typically $ 30 to $ 36 / month, but in other clubs, membership fees are $ 44 for a single monthly membership and $ 39 for a 12 month subscription.

How do I use my LifeTime guest card?

You can use one guest card per person per month. Monthly guest cards cannot be combined. You can check the status of your guest cards at any time online or via the Life Time mobile app. All guests must present a valid photo ID.

Can you transfer a lifetime membership?

Who Owns Lifetime Fitness?

Leonard Green & Partners

How many members have completed lifelong learning?

What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership

Diamond membership lifetime have access to all on-site facilities as well as all Life Time fitness centers across the country. A single lifetime subscription to Greenway costs $199 per month, while a family subscription can cost up to $400 per month.

:eight_pointed_black_star: What Is Lifetime Fitness?

Lifetime Fitness is among the most premium gyms in the USA. It is famous for its enormous facilities and unique lifetime subscriptions among the wealthy society. The first store of the chain was founded in Minnesota in 1992, then a hub for some famous fitness and bodybuilders.

At spectacular locations around the United States, there are now more than 121 centres in the franchise. All centres, including national holidays, are open 24 hours a day and make it easier to never miss a workout for members. But remember, to use all premium services here, you must have a lifetime fitness membership.

Place Types Gym/Physical Fitness Center
Founder Bahram Akradi
Address Sandy Springs, Georgia 30342
Phone +1 952-380-0303
Established 1990
Rating 5.0 Stars
Number of employees 35,000+

A confident brand in the US market views itself as a promoter of health and well-being, offering customised services through the use of cutting-edge technology. It is open to anyone of any age who want to take shape.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Diamond Level Fitness Club

Houston City Club’s former home in the Greenway Plaza neighborhood has been turned into the city’s first diamond level Life Time gym, courtesy of a $34 million investment by the corporation. The new facility, dubbed Life Time Greenway, debuted to “founding” subscribers on Oct. 25 and to all members on Oct. 28.

Life Time, headquartered in Minnesota, acquired the property at 1 City Club Drive in 2017, following the closing of Houston City Club. It has significantly transformed the space since then.

Life Time also constructed a 54,000-square-foot outdoor pool deck to the building’s roof, with a 75-foot-long entertainment pool and a second 75-foot-long lap pool. The two pools are surrounded by lounge chairs and cabanas, allowing members to relax after a workout.

Level Diamond Card Prices
1st $139.00 / month - $369.00 / month
2nd $230.00 / month - $599.99 / month
3rd $292.00 / month - $699.99 / month
4th $321.00 / month - $799.99 / month

Bushaw said that the company’s equipment mix has shifted in recent years as member preferences have shifted toward “functional” workouts that incorporate rope training, callisthenics, and other muscle exercises.

:white_square_button: Summary

According to Life Time spokesperson Natalie Bushaw, the beach club terrace is the corporation’s first in Houston which is one of the club’s signature facilities. Life Time has placed over 400 exercise machines of various types throughout the 98,000-square-foot facility.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Services And Schedule

The corporation’s key features involve permitting customers to visit the corporation’s brand of premium sporting resorts and health clubs. Fitness centers include clubs, community recreation centers, social clubs, and luxury places. The company supports its customers in obtaining world-class training and nutrition, as well as a holistic approach to health.

:small_red_triangle_down: Lifetime Fitness Hours

Saturday 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Sunday 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Monday 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Tuesday 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Wednesday 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Thursday 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Friday 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM

:eight_pointed_black_star: How Much Does a Membership at Lifetime Fitness Cost?

There are multiple solutions to the question ‘how much is a lifetime membership’, as the fee varies according to the membership choice selected, the type of access desired, and the location of the club. From the following points, you can obtain a sense of the costs associated with various sorts of memberships.

  • For a single adult: Anyone over the age of 18 can join the Lifetime Club on a monthly basis. The price ranges from $79 to $269 a month based on the options, number of clubs, and main club area. Premium services, like personalised training, are extra.

  • For individuals below 26 years of age: Lifetime membership is reduced for those under 26. Many Lifetime centres offer single club memberships. A monthly membership costs $72 to $219.

  • Day pass: These are only good at the selected club with one day. It costs between $10 to $50 depending on the club and access range.

  • For couples: The pair membership begins at $122 a month. If you select for a pair membership, you save around 40% of the membership cost for the additional adult per month.

  • Family membership: This has been the most economical choice for families. If your entire family is prepared to frequently use the club amenities, this is your choice. For two adults and two children it might expense you $144-$400 a month.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Lifetime Fitness Membership: Corporate Wellness Program

If your staff know how their bodies work, they can nurture, move and release their capacity to attain your corporate goals without decreasing the level of production. Companies typically don’t get beyond normal weight loss procedures and treadmills, which is where Lifetime Fitness Membership assists.

Lifetime Fitness, a member of the American Health Club, offers workplace wellness programmes including courses, personalised workshops, recettes and more. Lifetime Corporate Wellness programme benefits include; Benefits

  • No joining fees

  • New-member benefits

  • Attract top talent

  • Reduced dues

  • Lower healthcare costs

  • Subsidy matching

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People ask many questions about diamond lifetime membership. We discussed a few of them below:

:one: Does LifeTime Fitness give a discount for students?

Yes, LifeTime Fitness has student discounts. Your customer service website has further information about LifeTime Fitness discount policies. You can also check LifeTime Fitness’ website for more details on its student discount policy.

:two: How do you become a Lifetime Diamond member?

You must gain Hilton Diamond status for 10 (non-consecutive) years and fulfil 1 additional milestone to be a Lifetime Diamond Member: Full stays for a total of 1,000 compensated and rewarding nights. Gain base points of 2 million.

:three: What does MVP mean for lifetime?

Our objective is to deliver a functional and innovative experience that fits the health and fitness demands of the whole family that is entertaining, educational, friendly and inviting. MPV (Mitglied View Point) Golden Rule.

:four: What is a Lifetime Fitness diamond membership?

The Diamond Signature Club gives members access to all on-site amenities and Life Time fitness centres nationwide. Monthly memberships to Life Time Greenway range from $199 to $400 per person.

:five: How can you cancel your membership in LifeTime?

Lifetime Fitness requires written cancellation notice. A lifetime fitness canceling letter can be obtained by visiting the club and asking one. A certified letter can be submitted to Life Time Workout, 2901 Business Place, Chanhassen, MN 55317.

:closed_book: Conclusion:

Lifetime Fitness prices are more than ordinary gym prices. However, everything that comes with membership clearly makes it worth it. Getting a Lifetime Fitness membership is only recommended if you intend to use the extra rewards. If you’re not and just want basic gym equipment, this isn’t worth it. If you want more than just a gym, check out Lifetime Fitness.

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What is lifetime fitness Diamond Membership?, Lifetime fitness Diamond membership provides full access to all on-site facilities along with all lifetime fitness centers across the Country. A single lifetime subscription to Greenway costs $199 per month, while a family subscription can cost up to $400 per month.

Is Lifetime Athletic the same as Lifetime Fitness?

The 25-year-old organization situated in the Minneapolis region has changed its name from Life Time Fitness Inc. to Life Time Inc. Pushing ahead, practically all of the organization’s wellness habitats will be called Life Time Athletic.

Center Name Lifetime fitness
Founder Bahram Akradi
Phone +1 952-380-0303
Since 1990
Rating 5.0

Participation levels at Life Time incorporate Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Onyx, and Diamond. Lifetime wellness visitor cost is anyplace between $20 to $35. If you will exploit the above-recorded conveniences, classes, and administrations, Life Time’s enrollment expenses might merit the expense.

In any case, in the event that you definitely need a spot to bounce on a treadmill for an hour and afterward head home, a less expensive choice like Planet Fitness is presumably a superior fit for you.

The expense of a month to month membership is $3.99* each month. The expense of a yearly membership is $39.99* each year. (That is a 15% reserve funds!) When you buy a membership by means of our site, you can choose repeating installments on either a month to month or yearly premise.


Diamond membership cost at least 199$ monthly but it provides all the benefits one can acquire. Participation levels at Life Time incorporate Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Onyx, and Diamond. Lifetime wellness visitor cost is anyplace between $20 to $35

Diamond Membership Benefits

The main increase you’ll gain from utilizing lifetime exercise center is to wind up more solid, however there are a few different benefits covered with enrollment:

  • New part direction to office and gear

  • Free association wellness classes

  • Unlimited use at some stage in working hours

  • Get admission to the wellness community and tune

  • Member-best wellbeing centers

  • Get right of section to wellbeing experts to answer to your inquiries

  • Bargain for kneads and various administrations

  • Loose towel and storage and administration

  • Complimentary hurt assessment and treatment suggestions for minor mishaps

Lifetime Fitness Membership Levels

The enrollment levels of “Lifetime wellness” clubs recommend the sorts of administrations you might rely on. So as of astounding to most exceedingly awful, the lifetime participation levels are:

  • Diamond

  • Onyx

  • Platinum

  • Gold

  • Bronze

As an advantage of your participation, you get free visitor spends every month. You can utilize one visitor pass for every individual every month. Month to month individuals don’t take a visitor pass. You can check your visitor pass status on the web or whenever through the Club Mobile application.

Club Mobile App Advantages

The Club App gives direct admittance to the vital elements and advantages of your Lifetime Membership. Application highlights and advantages include:

1. Track club visit

2. Class timetables and booking

3. Search clubs

4. Account subtleties

5. Membership card

6. Life Café Order

7. LifeSpa booking

8. Court booking

9. Lifetime Fitness Online Classes

Few Demand Classes Only For Diamond

Most well known Online classes are presently accessible in video design so you can practice whenever and anyplace. These are a few Classes on Demand

1. Cardio classes

2. Strength classes

3. Yoga classes

4. Cycle classes

5. Family classes

6. Corporate Wellness Program

Lifetime Club offering corporate health programs for workers and companies.This program offering energy, resolve help, lower doctor’s visit expenses, in a word, improvement for every representative and the whole organization.

The club levels of Lifetime Fitness clubs show the kinds of conveniences you can anticipate. Arranged by best to most noticeably terrible, the club levels are: Diamond.

Likewise Know, what is remembered for a lifetime participation? LifeTime Fitness offers individuals a wide exhibit of gathering wellness classes remembered for the participation expense (aside from yoga). A significant number of its enormous very good quality offices work all day, every day and element individual wellness guidance, salons, food courts, huge kid communities, and indoor/open air pools.


What is lifetime fitness Diamond Membership?, Lifetime fitness Diamond membership provides full access to all on-site facilities along with all lifetime fitness centers across the Country.

Are Lifetime Fitness prices negotiable?

Lifetime Fitness never arranges a cost, however you can exploit the offers that come occasionally and get a markdown on its costs. For your benefit, we permit you to drop your Life Time enrollment whenever with a multi day-notice, either face to face, via mail or by calling Member Relations at 1.

Can be on a Couple or Family enrollment. A parent or lawful watchman can add a reliant kid ages 3 months to 22 years of endless supply of relevant extra and administration expenses, notwithstanding month to month contribution for each additional ward.

Life Time Fitness restricts sexual or heartfelt connections between colleagues who possess positions with an immediate revealing relationship. Division head, administrative level or more colleagues are precluded from having a heartfelt connection with a utilized in colleague a similar club.

In any case, because of an insurance of worker security and your right to a private life (in California no one but) they can’t terminate you for having an off-hours relationship with somebody who turns out to be utilized by a similar organization.

Contingent upon your organization’s strategy, fraternization can incorporate heartfelt relations among chiefs and subordinates and connections between associates. You might get terminated if the fraternization meddles with your work or conflicts with organization strategy.

Indeed is the short reply. However, while there is no law against dating your chief, you ought to think about that there is certainly an irreconcilable situation. Many organizations have approaches set up that limit supervisors and chiefs from dating subordinate workers.

Mcdonalds dating strategy. Post nothing dating change any of the takes note. The board representatives are not permitted to date group or hobnob with hourly paid workers.

All things considered, in California, state-level enactment intended to secure representatives’ privileges to protection and a private life outside of work commands that businesses can’t preclude collaborators from dating, or fire you for dating a partner.


This has made the two laborers and managers more wary with regards to sentiment at work. Truth be told, with regards to cherish at work, most dating specialists are clear with regards to what they suggest: Don’t do it.

Lifetime Fitness Focus

Lifetime Fitness is a progression of in excess of 121 focuses all through the United States and Canada. This club gives a sufficient encounter for families with adolescents just as all in their people.They’re based absolutely in Minnesota and were established in 1992.

Their areas are beautiful, genuinely simple, and make you need to get in structure. Their focuses are front line and they might be stayed aware of incessant restorations and revamping most extreme as of late there has been significant safeguarding in September 2013.

Greatest Fitness Centers are situated in the mid-to-huge metropolitan regions on the edge of rural regions, with few areas in the essential city or inward rural region. Lifetime Fitness is an exercise center considered for its broad offices and broad part contributions.

The essential locale of the renowned chain became opened in Minnesota in 1992 that went intended to offer members with each wellbeing transporter that they could require multifunctional areas.

Each of the areas are open 24 hours per day 7 days of the week which incorporates most occasions making it helpful for individuals to practicing each day regardless of their own timetables or presence. Lifetime Fitness Membership: Corporate Wellness Program

If your staff realize how their bodies work, they can support, move and delivery their ability to accomplish your corporate objectives without diminishing the degree of creation. Organizations ordinarily don’t get past typical weight reduction techniques and treadmills, which is the place where Lifetime Fitness Membership helps.

By joining the Diamond Signature Club, individuals approach all on location offices and all Life Time wellness focuses the nation over. A solitary Greenway lifetime membership costs $ 199 every month, while a family membership can cost up to $ 400 every month.

Deep rooted Brand considers itself to be an all encompassing wellbeing and health organization, offering customized and clinical innovation for long haul wellbeing and prosperity.


People of all wellbeing levels can benefit get section to private preparing applications with a non-public educator, wellness focus benefits, and various distinctive practicing applications to assist them with meeting their wellness objectives.

Is Dating your coworker a bad idea?, Be that as it may, dating a colleague is dangerous. At the point when you blend and blend your adoration existence with your expert life, it can cause undesirable and unforeseen show in case it’s not took care of the correct way.

What’s more, maybe it’s even reasonable for say that some office connections are anything but a smart thought by any stretch of the imagination.

Frequently asked questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article what is lifetime diamond membership:

1. Can you negotiate price at Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, you can negotiate they are friendly. Finally, in the event that you have companions who have a place with the exercise center you’d prefer to join, don’t be hesitant to ask them the amount they pay each month and in case they were charged a participation expense.

2. What does a Life Time diamond membership include?

What amount does a Diamond Life membership cost? By joining the Diamond Signature Club, individuals approach all on location offices and all Life Time wellness focuses the nation over. A solitary Greenway lifetime membership costs $ 199 every month, while a family membership can cost up to $ 400 every month.

3. What is Life Time Gold Membership?

As a Lifetime Gold part, you’ll appreciate extraordinary Gold advantages for the remainder of your life – regardless of whether your movement needs change. Assuming you’re now a Gold or Diamond part, you’ll keep your present status and EuroBonus card. You’ll never be minimized from Gold and you’ll get another EuroBonus Gold card each year.

4. Are Lifetime Fitness memberships worth it?

If you can manage the cost of it, a Life Time Fitness enrollment is awesome. It’s costly, yet you’ll approach great gear and you can do an assortment of solidarity and cardio exercises there. It’s additionally a decent spot for families since it has a huge load of exercises for youngsters.

5. What’s included in Lifetime Fitness membership?

Participation incorporates admittance to the club, wellness offices, indoor pools, storage spaces and limitless gathering wellness and yoga classes. If you add a lesser to your participation, you will likewise get as long as 3 hours of free youngster care in the children play region, at material clubs.

6. Can you go to LifeTime without a membership?

Since general admittance to Life Time’s focuses fluctuates by enrollment level or type, you should have the necessary participation and be on favorable terms to be allowed general admittance to a middle.

7. What does MVP mean at Life Time?

Statement of purpose. Our central goal is to give an Entertaining, Educational, Friendly and Inviting, Functional and Innovative experience of solid quality that meets the wellbeing and wellness needs of the whole family. MPV (Member Point of View) Golden Rule. Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.


What is lifetime fitness diamond membership? Lifetime fitness is gym club whose diamond membership provide access to all gym clubs across the country and on site online exercises and other important features.

How much lifetime costs? Lifetime Fitness costs are more than customary exercise center costs. Notwithstanding, all that accompanies enrollment plainly makes it awesome. Getting a Lifetime Fitness participation is possibly prescribed on the off chance that you expect to utilize the additional prizes. Assuming you’re not and absolutely need essential exercise center hardware, this isn’t awesome. Assuming you need something other than an exercise center, look at Lifetime Fitness.

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What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership? A lifetime fitness diamond membership provides you immediate access to our luxurious amenities, skilled teachers, and exclusive gym memberships that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also receive access to Apple Fitness+, at-home routines, simulated coaching, and much more.

What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership?

Members who join the Diamond Signature Club will have access to all on-site amenities and those available at any Life Time fitness club in the country. A single Life Time Greenway membership is $199 per month, while a family membership can cost $400 per Month.

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is a gym that is well-known for its enormous facilities and diverse member offers. The first location of the famous chain debuted in Minnesota in 1992, intending to provide participants with every health carrier that they would require diverse backgrounds.

All of the sites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including most holidays making it convenient for members to exercise every day regardless of their schedules or existence.

Lifelong Brand envisions itself as a holistic health and wellness firm that provides personalized and medical technologies for long-term health and well-being.

Individuals of all fitness levels can benefit from private training programs with a private teacher, fitness center privileges, and a variety of other programs to help them accomplish their fitness objectives.

Lifetime Fitness Memberships

Lifetime Fitness Memberships

The following are some details about Lifetime Membership:

1 - Monthly Membership

  • single
  • Couple
  • Family

2 - Membership with a Monthly Discount

MonthudMonumentr the age of 26

3 - Partner Participation

  • Corporate membership

  • Medicare membership


  • The first visit is free.

  • The day has passed.

Lifetime Membership Costs & Prices

Prices & Costs of a SingMonthmbership

  • $79 Enrollment Fee

  • Access to a Single Club for $62 each Month

  • Per Month Access to All Club Locations $77

  • $935 per year for a single person

  • Day Pass (40$)

Membership Prices & Costs for Twice & Families

  • $79 Enrollment Fee

  • Access to All Club Locations Per Month $121

  • $1499 per year for two people

  • You can also learn everything there is to know about LA Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness Hours

Day Time
Sunday 5:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m
Monday 4:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m
Tuesday 4:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m
Wednesday 4:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m
Thursday 4:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m
Friday 4:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m
Saturday 5:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m


A Life Time Fitness membership is worthwhile if you can afford it. Although it is pricey, you will have access to high-quality equipment and will be able to undertake a range of strength and aerobic training there. It’s also an excellent spot for families because there are so many things to do for kids.

Advantages of Membership

Advantages of Membership

The essential benefit of utilizing lifetime gym is that you will become healthier, but various other benefits come with membership:

  • Orientation of new members to the facility and equipment

  • Fitness classes are provided free of charge by the organization.

  • At some point throughout working hours, you will have unlimited usage.

  • Gain access to the fitness center and tune up

  • Member-favourite health clinics

  • Get access to health professionals who can answer your inquiries.

  • Bargain on massages and other treatments.

  • Towels, lockers, and services are available.

  • For minor accidents, complimentary harm evaluation and treatment advice are provided.

Levels of Lifetime Fitness Membership

The membership tiers of “Lifetime fitness” clubs indicate the types of services you can expect. So, from best to worst, the lifetime membership tiers are as follows:

Online Fitness Classes from Lifetime Fitness

Most popular online programs are now available in video format, allowing you to work out at any time and from any location. These are some classes that are in high demand.

  • Cardio workouts

  • lessons on strength

  • classes in yoga

  • cycling lessons

  • classes for families

Features and Benefits of the Club App

The Club App gives you quick access to the most important features and advantages of your Lifetime Membership. Among the app’s features and benefits are:


Lifetime Club provides workplace wellness programs for employees and businesses. This program provides energy, a rise in morale, fewer medical expenditures, and overall betterment for each individual and the firm.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Most frequent questions about Lifetime Fitness:

1 - Is Lifetime Athletic synonymous with Lifetime Fitness?

Life Time Inc., a 25-year-old Minneapolis-based corporation, has changed its name from Life Time Fitness Inc. to Life Time Inc. Almost all of the company’s fitness centers will be renamed Life Time Athletic in the future.

2 - What is the cost of a lifetime fitness family membership?

This implies that mom or dad will be able to fit in some exercise time. The initiMonth fee for this membership is $79, and a montMonthee of $121 is added for two memberships that give you access to every Club.

3 - How can I acquire a free LifeTime Fitness membership?

It only requires basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number, as well as the location of your local Club. Following that, you should receive an email informing you of your free trial. To redeem this, you must go to the local Club where you have the problem and provide some form of photographic ID.

4 - How much does Lifetime cost per Month?

A monthly subscription costs $3.99 Month. A yearly subscription is $39.99 each year. (That is a 15% discount!) When you purchase a membership through our website, you have the option of making recurring payments on a monthly or annual basis.

5 - Is the pricing at Lifetime Fitness negotiable?

Lifetime Fitness does not negotiate to price, but you can take advantage of special deals from time to time to obtain a discount on its merits.


Lifetime Fitness has relatively inexpensive fees for the facilities and services they provide. It’s a gym that’s famed for its massive offices and a long list of member perks.

With a LifeTime Fitness Diamond Membership, you will have access to every LifeTime Fitness facility in the country and will be able to use all of the amenities. A single membership in LifeTime Fitness’ Diamond will cost $ 199 per month, while a family membership will cost $ 400 per Month.

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3 - What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership

What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership? Lifetime Fitness diamond membership presents complete get entry to all site centers alongside all lifetime health facilities throughout the Country. A single lifetime subscription to Greenway costs $199 according to month, whilst an own rule of relatives subscription can fee up to $four hundred consistent with month. A lifetime health diamond club offers you instantaneously get entry to our expensive amenities, professional teachers, and unique fitness center memberships which you might not discover everywhere else. You’ll additionally obtain get admission to Apple Fitness+, at-home routine coaching, and lots more.

Diamond level fitness club

Houston City Club’s former domestic withinside the Greenway Plaza community has been becoming the city’s first diamond degree Life Time gym, courtesy of a $34 million funding through the corporation.

The new facility, dubbed Life Time Greenway, debuted to “founding” subscribers on Oct. 25 and to all contributors on Oct. 28. Life Time, based in Minnesota, received the assets at 1 City Club Drive in 2017, following the remaining of Houston City Club.

It has substantially converted the distance in view that then. Life Time additionally built a 54,000-square-foot doors pool deck to the building’s roof, with a 75- foot-lengthy amusement pool and a 2d 75- foot-lengthy lap pool.

The swimming pools are surrounded with the aid of using living room chairs and cabanas, permitting participants to loosen up after a workout. Bushaw stated that the businesssystem blend has shifted in the latest years as member possibilities have shifted toward “functional” exercises that contain rope training, calisthenics, and different muscle exercises.


According to Life Time spokesperson Natalie Bushaw, the seaside membership terrace is the corporation’s first in Houston that’s one of the membership’s signature facilities. Life Time has located over four hundred exercising machines of diverse sorts during the 98,000-square-foot facility.

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Levels of Lifetime Fitness club

1 Bronze
2 Gold
3 Platinum
4 Onyx
5 Diamond

What Is Lifetime Fitness?

Lifetime Fitness is many of the maximum top rate gyms withinside the USA. It is well-known for its substantial centers and precise lifetime subscriptions 2 a few of the rich society. The first shop of the chain become based in Minnesota in 1992, then a hub for a few well-known health and bodybuilders.

At superb places across the United States, there at the moment are greater than 121 centers withinside the franchise.

All centers, inclusive of countrywide holidays, are open 24 hours an afternoon and make it simpler to in no way leave out exercising for members. But remember, to apply all premium offerings here, you have to have an entire life health membership.


The corporation’s key functions are to contain allowing clients to go to the corporation’s emblem of top-rate wearing accommodations and fitness clubs. Fitness facilities consist of clubs, network exercise facilities, social clubs, and comfortable places.

The organization helps its clients in acquiring world-magnificence education and nutrition, in addition to a holistic method to fitness.

How Much Does a Membership at Lifetime Fitness Cost?

There are a couple of solutions to the question 'how lots is an entire life membership due to the fact the rate varies in keeping with the membership desire selected, the kind of get right of entry to desired, and the area of the club. From the following points, you can reap a revel in the expenses associated with several varieties of memberships.

For a single adult

Anyone over the age of 18 may be part of the Lifetime Club every month. The price levels are from $79 to $269 a month based completely on the options, huge sort of clubs, and critical club area. Premium services, like personalized training, are extra.

For humans under 26 years of age

Lifetime membership is reduced for those under 26. Many Lifetime centers offer single club memberships. Monthly membership prices are $seventy to $219.

Day pass

These are most effective excellent at the chosen membership with one day. It prices between $10 to $50 relying on the membership and getting entry to range.

For couples

The pair club starts at $122 a month. If you choose for a co couple of clubs, you store around 40% of the club 1 price for the extra grownup in line with the month.

Family club

This has been the maximum budget-friendly preference for families. If your whole own circle of relatives is ready to often use the membership amenities, that is your preference. For adults and kids, it’d fee you $144-$four hundred a month.


A Life Time Fitness club is profitable if you could have the funds for it. Although it’s far pricey, you’ll have to get entry to to the the the exceptional device and can be capable of adopting a number power and cardio education there. It’s additionally a top-notch spot for households due to the fact there are such a lot of activities for kids.

Corporate Wellness Program

If your body of workers realizes how their bodies work, they could nurture, flow, and launch their [abilities to reap your company dreams without reducing the extent of production.

Companies normally do not get past ordinary weight reduction approaches and treadmills, that is wherein Lifetime Fitness Membership assists.

Lifetime Fitness, a member of the American Health Club, gives place of work well-being programs that include courses, personalized workshops, and more.

Diamond Membership Benefits

The important prosperity you will benefit from making use of lifetime workout middle is to land up greater solid, but there is someone of kind advantages protected with enrollment:

• New element path to workplace and gear.

• Free affiliation well-being classes.

• Unlimited use all through running hours.

• Member-excellent health centers.

• Get proper of the segment to health specialists to reply to your inquiries.

•Bargain for kneads and diverse administrations.

•Loose towel and garage and management.

• Complimentary harm evaluation and remedy guidelines for minor mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some relevant questions about Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership are as follows

1. How a great deal does a Diamond Life subscription fee?

By becoming a member of the Diamond Signature Club, individuals have to get entry to all site centers and all Life Time health facilities throughout the country. A single Greenway lifetime subscription costs $ 199 in keeping with the month, even as an own circle of relatives subscription can value up to $ four hundred in line with the month.

2. What is included in a Life Time membership?

Membership consists of getting admission to the club, health facilities, indoor pools, locker rooms, and limitless organization health and yoga classes. If you upload a junior for your membership, you’ll additionally rise to three hours of complimentary infant care withinside the youngster’s play area, at relevant clubs.

3. Can you negotiate Life Time fitness?

Although Life Time does not negotiate fees, it does provide incentives during the year. Finally, when you have buddies who belong to the fitness center you want to join, do not be afraid to invite them how a lot they pay consistent with the month and if they have been charged a club fee.

4. What is a diamond club?

That’s what a Diamond Resorts club delivers. Our destinations, occasions, and reports assist you’re making an addiction to breaking from the routine. With get entry to an entire life of amusement and activities, you and your circle of relatives can experience all that holidays provide time again and again.

5. Can I pause my Life Time club?

You can position your Life Time club on hold, however, the manner is something much less complex than the cancellation one. To pause your club, you want to tell your membership 30 days in advance, and you need to do it in person.

6. Can you visit any Life Time health with a club?

The quantity of golf equipment a member can get entry to is depending on their unique club type. Connect with a club expert to request a listing of all Life Time golf equipment you could get right of entry to together along with your new club.

7. Does Lifetime Fitness waive becoming a member of fees?

Through Blue365deals.com, BCBS participants can join up for Life Time Fitness online without an enrollment fee. From there, you may hit up the state-of-the-artwork exercise equipment, take unfastened exercising lessons, or get recommendations from the top-best private trainers.


Lifetime health is a fitness center membership whose diamond club offers access to all gym clubs equipment throughout U. S. A . and on-site online sports and different vital features.

Lifetime Fitness prices are extra than normal workout middle prices. Notwithstanding, all that accompanies enrollment makes it awesome. Getting a Lifetime Fitness participation is probably prescribed at the off danger which you assume to make use of the extra prizes.

Assuming you are now no longer and sincerely want important workout middle hardware, this is not some. Assuming you want something apart from workout middle, study Lifetime Fitness.

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What is LifeTime Fitness’s Diamond Membership? by lifetime diamond membership you can access all of the gym’s facilities at any of its locations around the country. You can get a LifeTime Fitness Diamond membership for as little as $99/month or as much as $400/month, depending on how many members you have.

What Is Lifetime Fitness Diamond Membership

As a large gym with a wide range of membership options, Lifetime Fitness has earned a solid reputation in the fitness industry. Minnesota was the first state to get a branch of the well-known chain in 1992, to provide participants with a wide range of health insurance options.

:large_blue_diamond: Lifetime Memberships

The following are a few details about Lifetime Membership:

Membership for one month at a time

⦁ Single


⦁ Family

Discounted Monthly Fees for Members

⦁ Student

⦁ the age of 26 and under

Executives in the production

⦁ Involvement of Others

⦁ The corporate membership "

⦁ Inclusion in the Medicare programme


⦁ The first time you come in, there is no charge.

⦁ The day has come to end.

Costs of a Lifetime Membership

⦁ Single-Membership Costs and Prices

⦁ There is an enrollment fee of $79

⦁ Single Club membership is $62 a month.

⦁ Access to All Clubs $77 a month

⦁ $935 for a single individual every year

⦁ Day Pass (40 dollars)

Costs and Fees Associated with Joining Twice or as a Family

⦁ $79 Registration

⦁ Monthly Access to All Clubs $121

⦁ $1,499 a year for a family of two

There’s also a wealth of information on LA Fitness to be found on this site.

:large_blue_diamond: Explanation

At Life Time, we have implemented policies, procedures, rules, and regulations (policies) to ensure that our members and guests have a safe, happy, and healthy experience at our facilities and events.

Please read these policies carefully before using any of Life Time’s facilities or online or mobile offerings or websites. They apply to your behaviour on the premises as well as any usage of Life Time’s online, mobile or interactive offerings or websites.

All of our programmes, services, products, training, and other Life Time-sponsored activities are governed by these policies, as well (“events”). Our members’ and guests’ well-being and security are our top priorities.

Our policies are designed to protect you, but Life Time cannot guarantee or promise that your use of Life Time Premises and Services will not result in you being exposed to, transmitted or infected with any disease or other health hazard; this includes but is not limited to exposure, transmission and infection; illness; sickness; disease; or death.

You may notice a higher level of respiration at our clubs because we provide a wide range of high-intensity workout options. If you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend you avoid it.

Using Life Time’s facilities and services, keep social/physical distance at all times from those with whom you do not have regular contact, and if necessary, use a barrier mask while on our grounds.

If you have any questions about these policies, please feel free to contact us through email or phone. We have the option of enacting restrictions that only apply to one location or event.

When it comes to particular facilities or activities not listed here, state law, order, or guideline can have different restrictions. The more restricted policy takes precedence when it comes into conflict with another one.

Your membership, centre access, or event participation may be stopped or revoked if you break any of these policies. All questions relating to the interpretation or construction of these policies will be decided by us.


:arrow_right: Summary

Some gyms charge more for memberships, but Life Time Fitness offers a wide range of facilities, like towel service and child care. According to what you use the gym for, a Life Time membership could be worth the money.

:small_blue_diamond: Fitness for a Lifetime

Even on holidays, most of the locations are open around the clock so that members may get in a workout at any time, regardless of their schedules or existence. One of the main goals of Lifelong Brand is to deliver long-term health and wellness solutions via the use of tailored and medical technologies.

Individuals of various fitness levels can benefit from several exercise options, including private training sessions with a private instructor, access to a fitness centre, and other perks. Costs at Lifetime Fitness are relatively low, especially when compared to what they provide in terms of amenities and services.

Known for its massive offices and several member perks, this gym is one of the largest in the area. In 1992, the first fitness club of the well-known chain opened in Minnesota, which was meant to provide individuals with all of the health and wellness services they could need in one spot.

All locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including most holidays, making it possible for people to practise whenever they want, regardless of their schedules or lifestyles.
Fitness for a Lifetime Individuals can access all clubs and all support that is advertised at reasonable prices.

:small_blue_diamond: Lifetime Fitness Membership Levels

“Lifetime fitness” clubs categorise their members according to what kinds of services you can expect. There are three different lifetimes membership tiers, starting with the most expensive:






:small_blue_diamond: Guest Pass for Lifetime Fitness

To thank you for joining, you get a free guest pass every month. During the month, you can only use one guest pass for each person. Members who pay every month are not permitted to bring a visitor with them. Guest pass status can be checked online or via the Club Mobile app at any time.

:small_blue_diamond: Club App Features and Benefits

To make the most of your Lifetime Membership, you can make use of the most convenient services available through the Club App.

A few of the app’s advantages and features include:

⦁ Track and field tour

⦁ Class schedules as well as bookings

⦁ Clubs dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge

Password and Username

⦁ a membership card

⦁ Place an order at Life Cafe.

⦁ Reserving a LifeSpa appointment

⦁ Booking an appearance in court

Club App Features and Benefits

:arrow_right: Summary

A wide variety of group fitness classes are included in the membership cost at LifeTime Fitness (except yoga). Personal training, hairdressers, food courts, enormous children’s centres, as well as indoor and outdoor pools are all available at several of the city’s high-end, 24/7 facilities.

:small_blue_diamond: Online Fitness Training Courses / Programs

With so many popular online programmes now available in video format, you may work out whenever and wherever you want. These are some of the most popular classes.

⦁ Cardio workouts

⦁ lessons on strength

⦁ classes in yoga

⦁ cycling lessons

⦁ classes for family organizations

:small_blue_diamond: Initiation of a Corporate Wellness Program

Employees and organisations can benefit from Lifetime Club’s workplace wellness programmes. This programme boosts morale, reduce medical costs and improves the well-being of both the individual and the company.

Days Hours
Sunday 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Monday 4:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Tuesday 4:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Wednesday 4:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Thursday 4:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Friday 4:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Saturday 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

:large_blue_diamond: Clubs’ Locations


5000 E. Dry Creek Rd., Centennial, Colorado 80122


7220 Lee Deforest Dr, Columbia, MD 21046


43219 3900 Easton Station in Columbus, Ohio


At 700 E Swedesford Rd, Wayne, PA 19087


2580 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85016.


There is 110 Healthy Way in Folsom, California 95630


Palm Beach County, FL 33431 - 1499 Yamato Rd.


At 907 W. 5th St. #201, Austin TX 78703


750 Zeckendorf Blvd., Garden City, New York 11530.


8th Street, Ste. 20 Bellevue, WA 98004

:small_blue_diamond: Benefits of Becoming a Member

Following are some benefits of Becoming a Member:

1. Membership at a lifelong gym provides several advantages, including the fact that you’ll get fit.

2. An introduction to the facilities and equipment available for new members.

3. The organisation offers free fitness classes to its members.

4. At some time during the workday, you will be able to use all of your data.

5. Tune in to the health club and get in shape

6. Favourite medical facilities as voted on by the community

7. Get answers to your questions from medical experts.

8. Massages and other therapies can be had at a discount.

9. There are amenities like towels, lockers, and other services.

10. For minor injuries, there is no charge for an evaluation and treatment

Benefits of Becoming a Member

:arrow_right: Summary

You may learn more about the different membership options here.Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Onyx, Onyx Premier, Onyx Limited, Diamond, Diamond Premier, Diamond Westchester, and Sky are all Life Time membership tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Following are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

:one: How much does it cost to be a member of a family fitness centre for the rest of your life?

Mom and dad should be able to get in some workout with this.It costs $79 to join, then $121 a month for two memberships that give you access to all of the clubs.

:two: Is LifeTime fitness open to the general public without a membership?

Life Time facilities have different levels of general access,, therefore, you must have the appropriate membership and be in good standing to gain access.

:three: Is Lifetime Fitness putting itself up for sale to the general public?

Life Time Group Holdings Inc., a fitness and lifestyle franchise based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, became the seventh Minnesota company to go public this year. At $18 a share, Life Time went public today, with 39 million shares being offered for sale. In 2020, as gyms closed across the country due to the epidemic, the company’s finances took a serious hit.

:four: How much does it cost to live a full life each month?

The cost of a monthly subscription is $3.99. It costs $39.99 per year for a one-year subscription.** What a deal! (That’s 15% off!) You can make recurring payments on a monthly or annual basis when you sign up for a subscription on our website.

:five: Lifetime Fitness is open to people of all ages, but may a 16-year-old go there alone?

Junior Members are minors who have been a member of the organisation for at least three months but are under the age of fourteen. There is no age limit on the workout floor or the free weight section for Junior Members aged 12 and 13. A parent or legal guardian must be present when a child under the age of 11 is allowed to use the gym’s fitness area.

:six: Is my LifeTime fitness membership valid at all of the gyms in my area?

Club access is mostly determined by the type of membership one holds. Request a list of all Life Time clubs that you can access with your new membership by contacting a membership representative.

:seven: What does a LifeTime fitness membership include?

Become a Member for Yourself

Beginning Fee: 39 to 79 dollars.

From $60 to $150 a month, single club membership is available.

Access to all locations every month is between $75 and $185.

The annual average is $935.

As a member of two families

Beginning Fee: 39 to 79 dollars.

From $85 to $200 each month, depending on the location.

For two people, the average annual cost is $1499.

:eight: How much money is made at Lifetime Fitness?

It shows the revenue generated by Life Time Fitness, Inc. between 2012 and 2019. The chain of health clubs made roughly $1.9 billion in revenue in 2019 alone. By the end of 2019, the Minnesota-based company has over 944 thousand members in 146 clubs across North America.

:nine: At lifetime fitness, is it possible to bring a guest along?

Each month, as part of your membership, you get a free visitor pass. Every 60 days, one visitor pass may be used per person. Guest passes given to monthly members do not roll over to the following month. The status of your visitor passes can be checked at any time online or via the Life Time mobile app.

:keycap_ten: Can a Life Time Fitness membership be put on hold?

As long as an attending physician provides us with a signed note, we can immediately place the member on a 12-month medical freeze. Medical freezes don’t charge any fees or need any monthly payments. Contact Member Relations at 1-877-583-6818 or drop by a Life Time location.

:green_book: Conclusion

More information about the price of a Lifetime Fitness Membership. Those in markets with diamond class clubs can expect to pay significantly more. As I understand it (thanks to cGott42’s comment below), a diamond level membership costs $160 per month, while a family membership costs $340 per month.

Costs and Possibilities of a Membership for All Time The term “single” refers to an individual who is not Individuals ages 18 and above are eligible for this monthly subscription. Depending on where you live, this plan’s monthly cost ranges from $75 to $199, with an enrollment charge of $29.

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