Definition of Signature:

  1. The part of a medical prescription that gives instructions about the use of the medicine or drug prescribed.

  2. Short for key signature or time signature.

  3. Emails: Lines of text that identify the sender.

  4. General: Personal name written in ones hand, with the intention of accepting, authenticating, and/or executing a document. In some instances, a mark, seal, stamp, or symbol may also be considered a signature.

  5. A persons name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorizing a check or document or concluding a letter.

  6. Printing: Sheet of printed paper that is folded one or more times to become a single unit of several pages in multiples of 4, such as an 8-page, 12-page, 16-page signature. Signatures are collected in their proper sequence (called gathering), bound or sewn, and trimmed to produce the finished publication. Its name comes from the old practice of placing a mark on the first (top) page to guide the gatherer.

  7. Advertising: (1) Name of the advertiser as it appears (usually) in the bottom part of an ad, (2) Song or music piece associated with a commercial or radio or television program. Also called theme song.

  8. A letter or figure printed at the foot of one or more pages of each sheet of a book as a guide in binding.

Synonyms of Signature

Dedication, Address, Message, ID card, John Hancock, OK, Smyth sewing, X, Accent, Accent mark, Acceptance, Accommodation, Acknowledgment, Acknowledgments, Adjustment, Affirmance, Affirmation, Approbation, Approval, Arrangement, Article, Authentication, Authorization, Autograph, Back, Back matter, Backing, Badge, Banner, Bar, Bastard title, Bibliography, Bibliopegy, Binder board, Binding, Book, Book cloth, Book cover, Book jacket, Bookbinding, Bookcase, By-line, Calligram, Calling card, Cancel, Card, Case, Casemaking, Casing-in, Catch line, Catchword, Certification, Chapter, Character, Characteristic, Christcross, Cipher, Citation, Clause, Closing, Collating, Collating mark, Colophon, Conclusion, Confession, Confirmation, Contents, Contents page, Copyright page, Countermark, Countersign, Countersignature, Counterstamp, Cover, Credentials, Credit line, Cross, Custos, Dedication, Device, Differentia, Direct, Dog tag, Dot, Dust cover, Dust jacket, Earmark, Endleaf, Endorsement, Endpaper, Endsheet, Errata, Expression mark, Fascicle, Fermata, Flyleaf, Folding, Folio, Footband, Fore edge, Foreword, Front matter, Gathering, Gluing-off, Go-ahead, Green light, Half-title page, Hallmark, Hand, Hard binding, Head, Headband, Hold, Identification, Identification badge, Identification tag, Idiosyncrasy, Image, Imprimatur, Imprint, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Initials, Ink, Inscription, Insignia, Introduction, Jacket, Key signature, Keynote, Lead, Leaf, Letter of introduction, Library binding, Ligature, Lining, Lining-up, Makeup, Mark, Mark of signature, Measure, Mechanical binding, Metronomic mark, Monogram, Niggerhead, Nod, Notarization, Notation, Note, Number, Okay, Page, Paragraph, Passage, Pause, Peculiarity, Perfect binding, Permission, Phrase, Picture, Plastic binding, Preface, Preliminaries, Presa, Press card, Property, Ratification, Recto, Reference, Representation, Representative, Reverso, Rounding, Rubber stamp, Running title, Saddle stitching, Sanction, Seal, Sealing, Section, Segno, Sentence, Serial number, Settlement, Sewing, Sheet, Side sewing, Sigil, Sign, Sign manual, Signal, Signet, Signing, Slipcase, Slipcover, Slur, Smashing, Soft binding, Solemnization, Spiral binding, Stamp, Stamp of approval, Stamping, Stapling, Subscribe, Subscription, Subtitle, Sure sign, Swell, Symbol, Symptom, Table of contents, Tail, Tailband, Telltale sign, Tempo mark, Tessera, Text, The nod, Theme song, Tie, Time signature, Tipping, Title, Title page, Trademark, Trait, Tribute, Trim size, Trimming, Type page, Validation, Verse, Verso, Vinculum, Visa, Vise, Visiting card, Warrant, Wire stitching, Wrapper, Signature, Autograph, Cross, X, Scribble, Squiggle, Initials, Imprint, Signature, Initials

How to use Signature in a sentence?

  1. The assistant sometimes had to wait around for several hours until the moment was right to get her bosss signature on an important document.
  2. The signature on the document was clearly legible and was presented to the courts exactly as we received it which worked out great.
  3. A one and a half million signature petition against its proposed closure has been collected in order to bring back the rights to many citizens around the country.
  4. The signature of a senior manager.
  5. Sharps in signatures did not become common until the 17th century.

Meaning of Signature & Signature Definition

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