Definition of Franchise:

  1. Franchising is a type of license obtained by a party (franchisor) in order to gain access to the company's (franchisor's) knowledge, practices and brand so that the party may sell products or provide services within the framework. Company. Family name In return for accepting the franchise, the franchisor usually pays the franchisor an initial and annual licensing fee.

  2. Rights granted or defined by the government, such as the right to vote in local or national elections (exercise of the right to vote).

  3. Trade: (1) Manufacture of goods or services under patent process or trademark or market incentives. (2) Companies that enjoy this honor.

  4. Law: To live as a legal person in a given jurisdiction in a given right by the government and to exercise the power of the company.

  5. If a company wants to increase its market share or expand its geographic reach at a lower cost, it can franchise its products and brands. Franchising is a joint venture between a franchisor and a franchisee. A franchisor is an existing or existing company that sells rights to use its name and idea. A franchisee is a person who starts a business by acquiring the right to sell the franchisor's goods or services according to the current business model and brand.

Synonyms of Franchise

Validate, Australian ballot, Proportional representation, Canvassing, Enfranchise, Certify, Show of hands, Aye, Favor, Suffragism, Entitle, Indulgence, Yes, Poll, Plumper, Authorize, Legitimize, Diplomatic immunity, Ratify, Ballot, Yeas and nays, Nay, Cumulative voting, Immunity, Counting heads, Freedom, Snap vote, Legislative immunity, Exemption, Woman-suffragist, Give official sanction, Warrant, The vote, Single vote, Division, Voting, Privilege, Letters patent, Secret ballot, Polling, Straw vote, Give power, Diploma, Enable, Fagot vote, Liberty, Deciding vote, Sanction, Royal grant, Grant, Voting right, No, Hand vote, Yea, Right to vote, Patent, Preferential voting, Brevet, Suffragist, Record vote, Referendum, Voice vote, Plural vote, Exception, Universal suffrage, Legalize, Voice, Plebiscite, List system, Casting vote, Write-in, Blank check, Transferable vote, Charter, Copyright, Hare system, Plebiscitum, License, Nontransferable vote, Manhood suffrage, Proxy, Affranchise, Household franchise, Graveyard vote, Rising vote, Permission, Representation, Vote, Carte blanche, Release, Concession, Viva voce, Female suffrage, Suffrage, Write-in vote, Special favor, Suffragettism, Canvass, Discharge, Suffragette, Certificate, Dispensation, Empower, Say, Enfranchisement

How to use Franchise in a sentence?

  1. A franchising is a business in which a business person, after paying a fee, is given the right to run a particular business along with his products, brands and knowledge.
  2. A franchisor is a company that licenses several franchises.
  3. While some franchises are established brands with less branded and less credible customer base, others are at risk and may require significant financial outlay from the franchisor.
  4. Franchise agreements are complex and potential franchise costs and liabilities vary from offer to offer.
  5. The McDonald's franchise has grown from a small hamburger stand to hundreds of thousands of locations around the world.
  6. The New England Patriots, an NFL franchise, is by far one of the most successful franchises due to its percentage of profits and annual playoff frequency.
  7. He wanted to start a restaurant franchise, but the initial cost of his blood was too high.

Meaning of Franchise & Franchise Definition