Definition of Assume:

  1. To take for yourself.

  2. Take or begin to have (power or responsibility).

  3. Take on (a specified quality, appearance, or extent).

  4. To suppose, to believe something to be true.

  5. Suppose to be the case, without proof.

Synonyms of Assume

Accept, Account as, Accroach, Acquire, Act, Act a part, Act like, Admit, Adopt, Affect, Affirm, Allegorize, Allow, Allude to, Appropriate, Arrogate, Assert, Assume, Assume command, Attack, Attempt, Aver, Be afraid, Believe, Bluff, Borrow, Bring, Bring to mind, Buckle to, Call for, Camouflage, Change, Chorus, Cloak, Colonize, Come by, Come in for, Commandeer, Comprise, Conceal, Concede, Conceive, Conclude, Connote, Conquer, Consider, Contain, Copy, Counterfeit, Cover up, Crib, Dare, Daresay, Deduce, Deem, Derive, Derive from, Disguise, Dissemble, Dissimulate, Ditto, Divine, Do, Do a bit, Do like, Don, Drag down, Dramatize, Draw, Draw from, Draw on, Dream, Dress in, Echo, Embark in, Embark upon, Employ, Encroach, Endeavor, Engage in, Enslave, Entail, Enter on, Enter upon, Esteem, Estimate, Expect, Fake, Fall into, Fall to, Fancy, Feel, Feign, Forge, Four-flush, Gain, Gammon, Gather, Get, Get into, Get on, Get under way, Go about, Go at, Go in for, Go into, Go like, Go upon, Grab, Grant, Guess, Have, Have a hunch, Have an idea, Have an impression, Have an inkling, Have at, Have coming in, Have the idea, Hazard, Hide, Hint, Histrionize, Hog, Hoke, Hoke up, Hold, Hold as, Imagine, Imitate, Implicate, Imply, Import, Indent, Infer, Infringe, Insinuate, Intimate, Invade, Involve, Judge, Jump a claim, Launch forth, Launch into, Lay about, Lead to, Let, Let be, Let on, Let on like, Look upon as, Maintain, Make a pretense, Make as if, Make believe, Make bold, Make free, Make free with, Make like, Make out like, Make use of, Mask, Mean, Mean to say, Mirror, Mock, Monopolize, Mount the throne, Move into, Obtain, Occupy, Opine, Overact, Overrun, Pirate, Pitch into, Plagiarize, Play, Play God, Play a part, Play a scene, Play possum, Playact, Plunge into, Point indirectly to, Posit, Postulate, Predicate, Preempt, Prefigure, Premise, Preoccupy, Prepossess, Presume, Presuppose, Presurmise, Pretend, Pretend to, Proceed to, Profess, Provisionally accept, Pull, Pull down, Put on, Put on airs, Receive, Reckon, Reecho, Reflect, Regard, Repeat, Repute, Require, Requisition, Say, Secure, Seize, Seize power, Seize the throne, Set about, Set at, Set down as, Set forward, Set going, Set to, Sham, Simulate, Sit on, Slip on, Snatch, Squat on, Steal, Strike, Subjugate, Subsume, Suggest, Suppose, Surmise, Suspect, Tackle, Take, Take all of, Take charge, Take command, Take for, Take for granted, Take in, Take it, Take it all, Take on, Take over, Take possession, Take possession of, Take the helm, Take the lead, Take the liberty, Take to be, Take up, Think, Throw, Trespass, Trow, Tug the heartstrings, Turn to, Understand, Undertake, Use, Usurp, Venture, Venture upon, View as, Wear, Ween, Acquire, Take on, Adopt, Come to have, Accept, Shoulder, Bear, Undertake, Take on, Take up, Take on oneself, Manage, Handle, Deal with, Get to grips with, Turn ones hand to, Presume, Suppose, Take it, Take for granted, Take as read, Take it as given, Presuppose, Conjecture, Surmise, Conclude, Come to the conclusion, Deduce, Infer, Draw the inference, Reckon, Reason, Guess, Imagine, Think, Fancy, Suspect, Expect, Accept, Believe, Be of the opinion, Understand, Be given to understand, Gather, Glean

How to use Assume in a sentence?

  1. It is generally better to not assume anything in the business world, you should always try to rely on hard facts and data.
  2. It is better to not assume anything in todays business world, instead you should take a more analytical approach to things.
  3. It is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects.
  4. He assumed full responsibility for all organizational work.
  5. Militant activity had assumed epidemic proportions.
  6. Do not ever assume something from what someone else has said or done because it will make you look very ignorant.

Meaning of Assume & Assume Definition

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What is The Definition of Assume?

(1) Rehabilitation of risks of other or insurance companies, in whole or in part. (2) Risk management techniques including risk management (e.g., self-insurance).

Meanings of Assume

  1. Suppose this is a case for which there is no evidence.

  2. Take over or initiate (power or responsibility)

  3. Take (a certain quality, appearance or status)

Sentences of Assume

  1. It can be assumed that such changes will have significant social implications.

  2. Accept full responsibility for all the work of the organization.

  3. Militant activity has reached epidemic proportions

Synonyms of Assume

gather , deduce , infer , consider , conjecture , hypothesize , fall for , turn one's hand to, understand , presuppose , deem , expect , postulate , fancy , suppose , ascertain , get the idea , speculate , be inclined to think , accept


Assume Definition:

  1. Assume means: (1) Reinsure the risks of other insurers in full or in part. (2) Risk management techniques that involve risk management (such as self-insurance)

Meanings of Assume

  1. Let's just say without any proof.

  2. Assume or start (power or responsibility).

  3. Begins to happen (a certain standard, a certain aspect or a certain limit).

Sentences of Assume

  1. Topics that require detailed information about local events.

  2. Take full responsibility for all the work of the organization.


How Do You Define Assume?

(1) Reinsure the risks of other insurers in whole or in part. (2) Risk management techniques that involve risk management (e.g., self-insurance).

Meanings of Assume

  1. Come on, without any proof.

  2. Assume or begin to hold (power or responsibility).

  3. Beginning (a certain quality, a certain appearance or a certain degree).