Definition of Ordinary:

  1. Normal, usual, or occurring in the everyday course of events.

  2. Another term for penny-farthing.

  3. A person, especially a judge, exercising authority by virtue of office and not by delegation.

  4. With no special or distinctive features; normal.

  5. (especially of a judge or bishop) exercising authority by virtue of office and not by delegation.

  6. Those parts of a Roman Catholic service, especially the Mass, which do not vary from day to day.

  7. Any of the simplest principal charges used in coats of arms (especially chief, pale, bend, fess, bar, chevron, and saltire).

  8. What is commonplace or standard.

  9. A meal provided at a fixed time and price at an inn.

Synonyms of Ordinary

American plan, Attic, Babbittish, European plan, JA, Philistine, A la carte, Accepted, Accustomed, Achievement, Alerion, Amicus curiae, Animal charge, Annulet, Argent, Armorial bearings, Armory, Arms, Assessor, Average, Azure, Banal, Bandeau, Bar, Bar sinister, Barmaster, Baseborn, Baton, Bearings, Below the salt, Bend, Bend sinister, Besetting, Billet, Bizarre, Blazon, Blazonry, Boardinghouse, Bordure, Bourgeois, Broad arrow, Cadency mark, Campy, Canton, Central, Chancellor, Chaplet, Charge, Chaste, Chevron, Chief, Circuit judge, Classic, Classical, Coat of arms, Cockatrice, Cockney, Common, Commonplace, Conformable, Consuetudinary, Convention, Conventional, Coronet, Couvert, Cover, Cover charge, Crescent, Crest, Cross, Cross moline, Crown, Curious, Current, Customary, Demeaning, Device, Difference, Differencing, Different, Disadvantaged, Dominant, Dorm, Dormitory, Doss house, Dull, Eagle, Eccentric, Epidemic, Ermine, Ermines, Erminites, Erminois, Escutcheon, Established, Everyday, Exceptional, Expected, Extraordinary, Fair, Falcon, Familiar, Fess, Fess point, Field, File, Flanch, Flat, Fleabag, Fleur-de-lis, Flophouse, Frequent, Frequentative, Fret, Fur, Fusil, Garden, Garden variety, Garden-variety, Garland, General, Generally accepted, Griffin, Guest house, Gules, Gyron, Habitual, Hatchment, Helmet, Heraldic device, High-camp, Homely, Homespun, Honor point, Hospice, Hostel, Hostelry, Hotel, Household, Humble, Humdrum, Impalement, Impaling, In the shade, Inescutcheon, Inferior, Infra dig, Inn, Insipid, Intermediary, Intermediate, Judge advocate, Judge ordinary, Junior, Jurat, Justice in eyre, Justice of assize, Kitschy, Label, Lay judge, Legal assessor, Less, Lesser, Lion, Lodging house, Low, Low-camp, Lowborn, Lowbred, Lower, Lowly, Lozenge, Mantling, Many, Many times, Marshaling, Martlet, Mascle, Master, Matter-of-fact, Mean, Medial, Median, Mediocre, Medium, Metal, Middle-class, Middle-of-the-road, Middling, Military judge, Minor, Moderate, Modest, Motto, Mullet, Mundane, Natural, No great shakes, Nombril point, Nonclerical, Nondescript, Norm, Normal, Normative, Not rare, Obtaining, Octofoil, Odd, Of common occurrence, Offbeat, Oft-repeated, Oftentime, Ombudsman, Or, Original, Orle, Outlandish, Pale, Paly, Pandemic, Passable, Pean, Peasant, Peculiar, Pedestrian, Pension, Pheon, Picturesque, Plain, Plastic, Plebeian, Poetryless, Police judge, Pop, Popular, Posada, Predominant, Predominating, Prescribed, Prescriptive, Presiding judge, Prevailing, Prevalent, Probate judge, Prosaic, Prosing, Prosy, Provincial, Pub, Public, Public house, Puisne judge, Pure, Pure and simple, Purpure, Quaint, Quarter, Quartering, Quotidian, Rampant, Rare, Received, Recorder, Recurrent, Regnant, Regular, Regulation, Reigning, Rife, Roadhouse, Rooming house, Rose, Routine, Rude, Ruling, Run-of-mine, Run-of-the-mill, Running, Sable, Saltire, Scutcheon, Second rank, Second string, Secondary, Self-service, Service, Servile, Set, Shabby-genteel, Shield, Simple, Singular, So so, Spread eagle, Standard, Status quo, Stereotyped, Stock, Strange, Striking, Sub, Subaltern, Subject, Subordinary, Subordinate, Subservient, Suburban, Tavern, Tenne, The common, The commonplace, The normal, The ordinary, The usual, Thick-coming, Third rank, Third string, Third-estate, Time-honored, Tincture, Tiresome, Torse, Traditional, Tressure, Typical, Uncommon, Unconventional, Underprivileged, Undistinguished, Unembellished, Uneventful, Unexceptional, Unexpected, Unfamiliar, Ungenteel, Unicorn, Unidealistic, Unimaginative, Unimpassioned, Uninspired, Unique, Universal, Unnoteworthy, Unpoetic, Unpretentious, Unrefined, Unremarkable, Unromantic, Unspectacular, Unusual, Usual, Vair, Vapid, Vernacular, Vert, Vice-chancellor, Vulgar, Weird, Widespread, Wonted, Workaday, Workday, Wreath, Yale, Usual, Normal, Standard, Typical, Stock, Common, Customary, Habitual, Accustomed, Expected, Wonted, Everyday, Regular, Routine, Day-to-day, Daily, Established, Settled, Set, Fixed, Traditional, Quotidian, Prevailing

How to use Ordinary in a sentence?

  1. Their clich├ęs were vested with enough emotion to elevate them above the ordinary.
  2. He sets out to depict ordinary people.
  3. Should this be the case, an ordinary judge is not allowed to disregard the national legislation but is bound to refer it to the Constitutional Court.

Meaning of Ordinary & Ordinary Definition